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2012 Testimonials

April Write 2012 ~ The Poets Jubilee Olympiad

Guest Host – Miguel

“I was initially honored when asked by Angela Edgar to submit a photo for the April Write but I wasn’t aware that she would got to the extent of constructing a video with voice over and music and so on. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and glad to see some of the poems inspired by my photo. The joys of networking, thank you Angela.”

Guest Host –
Mark Paleologo

“The good thing about writing to a topic is that it forces us to think creatively. Oversimplified? Not really. What matters in any art form is the artist’s perspective.
All of the words have been strung together, all of the notes sung, all of the colours mixed…. What makes a work special is the bit of the artist that no one else could ever reproduce.”


Guest Host –
Marina Bayley

“I was very honoured to Guest Host this year. My paintings are an extension of what I see, feel, hear and am – but I realise that what’s in me, is in everyone – and when I read all the response pieces on this page, I see me. I see my thoughts and fears, my joys and my tears as each piece touches me in a different way and becomes part of me and the world I see.”

Guest Host – Zita Holbourne
“Thanks Angee for the book and
all your hard work to make the
April Write happen.
I enjoyed participating and still need some time to read through all the other poems.
It was an uplifting experience and took me back to my early days as a poet where I was in a Collective that performed at themed events so we were constantly writing to deadlines. It makes you think and write differently and is a good challenge.  I look forward to the E book. Peace, blessings and BIG respect to you SisStar Angela xx”


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    The April Writes has been such a wonderful experience. I can’t thank the group enough for their encouragement, support, feedback and friendships. Every single writer brought their own flavor and style. A special thanks to Angela Edgar whose dedication to the group and the art form has made The April Write something to be anticipated all year long. In my experience here, Angela has been incredibly helpful, sharing her knowledge and experience with me to help me reach my personal goals. If you are looking for a fun group that will listen intently, inspire you daily and help you rejoice in your triumphs, there is no need to look any further! Welcome to the April Writes!


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