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Welcome to Day 2 of  the 5th Annual April Write 2012 – the Poets Olympiad.

Continuing our TRAINING phase, your topic and title of the day is: “Autism”

Today, we talk about it and try to educate ourselves on 2nd April 2012,

The 5th Annual World Autism Awareness Day.

Please follow the link above to watch the day 2 video.

When you have, please come back here and post your poetic reply below.

Feel free to share the video link too!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with on this interesting and poetically unexplored subject.





10 responses »

  1. By Katie Rendon (Fb Group Member)
    Learning Disability
    I never could get through to you.
    I tried to teach you things
    The way I had learned them
    But you didn’t “get it”
    I would get frustrated and angry
    And said things I regretted immediately
    I tried new ways, new styles, new methods
    When what you really needed was a routine.
    I was stern when you needed kind
    And soft when you needed stable.
    I was unprepared, it wasn’t your fault.
    When I read to you in clear print,
    Black and white
    You exploded in rainbows
    Showing me spectrums
    When I was color blind.
    I tried to teach you to write neatly
    And color inside the lines.
    You showed me that those lines were too narrow
    And drew new ones.
    I told you to use your inside voice
    You exploded in symphonies
    And made my world sing.
    Your teacher asks me
    “ Have you had him tested?”
    I tell her “there is no need, I know he is brilliant.

    (C) 2nd April 2012 Katie Rendon

  2. By Neapolean Smith (Fb Group Member)
    I don’t see the world like you do
    My world is perfect
    No lies,completely true
    I may not understand the rules you make apply
    I really do make an effort
    But I can’t see your side
    Especially with my eyes
    Cause my world is pure and not jaded
    My memories are fresh
    The particulars
    Because I don’t see things like you do
    I stick to my reality
    Because it makes me happy
    Seeing my world in a way you could never
    Knowing you have no clue

    (C)2nd April 2012 Neapolean Smith

  3. Autism by Lauren E Delp (Fb Group Member)

    I don’t think we
    see each other’s colors
    I don’t think we
    hear each other’s songs
    But I do know when I see
    love on your face
    joy in your smile
    freedom in your eyes.
    And your heart’s laughter
    always always
    makes me want to dance.

    (C)2nd April 2012 Lauren E Delp


    He looks like
    Your boy
    He smiles, speaks, talks, walks and runs
    He looks like
    All boys
    Most times
    He loves pizza, puzzles thinks they’re fun
    But sometimes
    He’s awkward, and walks around and around
    He picks up objects, then he drops them
    Searching for answers that can’t seem to be found
    He looks like a lost boy
    His eyes unfocused and sad
    He wants to remember
    And when he doesn’t
    He thinks that he’s been bad
    He looks like
    Your boy
    But he’s different
    He lives life like movies
    In his head.

    (C)2nd April 2012 Gay Reiser Cannon

  5. Autism,
    It’s only been 3 years
    since I first encountered you
    You were unexpected,
    I hadn’t planned to know you
    In fact,
    if someone hadn’t told me about you
    I would have probably overlooked you altogether
    You really don’t get enough press…
    More people should encounter you,
    get to know you,
    interact with you
    not be afraid
    You really are your own perspective on things
    And I’m so glad I have entered your world,
    even just a little
    So I can catch a glimpse
    of the deeper mysteries of life
    Rainbows, water, butterflies…
    It does feel as if you are exceptionally deep,
    differently sensitive
    One of those things that,
    as you learn about them
    You discover
    there is so much more to understand
    You constantly refuse to fit
    in those hideous boxes they want to label you with
    You just don’t fit do you
    You are one of our newest mysteries
    And everytime you share with me
    just a little more of you
    I am blessed
    I often wonder
    how the smiles I have seen through you
    seem to carry such infectious light
    So freely given, so honest, so beautiful
    The truth is, despite your presence,
    you never manage to upstage personality, or character
    do you have some secrets
    regarding supernatural strength?
    (C)2nd April 2012 Karen Stally aka Zuma

  6. Autism by Eugena Jenkins Brooks (Fb Group Member)

    Brilliant imagination fueled by quiet determination
    Misfiring synapse blocking expression imprisoning the mind
    Rocking alone banging in rhythm an undecipherable code
    Realization of freedom completely unknown.

    (c)2nd April 2012 Eugena Jenkins Brooks

  7. Bayley Marina (fb group member)

    They say you have no theory of mind
    To be your just simply one of a kind
    I’m told that you fail to see things the way I see
    And I realise that their thinking was all about me
    From the day you were born, your body was so warm
    I yearn for that touch as I love you so much
    But my touch seems to burn; send a shock though your soul
    Bringing you back to my world that’s seems so cold
    I wish that we were two of a kind
    Communicate and be the person that I see
    See what you see
    When you stare into space instead of looking at me
    I sit there wondering what on your mind
    And try not to make your way of life
    All about me
    As I realise that you life is simple
    uncomplicated by the ‘noms’ of society
    and I just have to let you be all that you can be
    seeing the beauty in everything that we meet

    (c)3rd April 2012 Marina Bayley

  8. “AUTISM”

    I never knew what it was like
    Until I met you
    I had to adapt myself so you would understand me
    And I would not confuse you
    I had to be clear and concise
    I had to realise that fixed routine, timetables and clarity
    Help you to maintain order
    And keep your anxiety levels down
    Talking with you
    Learning about you
    Showed me how best to communicate with you
    It also made me appreciate things I have often taken for granted
    Things like, reading body language and facial expressions
    Things like this, you might not be able to read as well as others can
    I learned you liked to do things in a set way
    And need a little more support and extra encouragement
    To see you reach your full potential
    Though I was your teacher
    You taught me and opened my eyes.
    © 2nd April 2012 Angela Edgar

  9. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    Differently abled
    Not unable
    Different way of learning
    Not unlearned
    Different way of thinking
    Not incapable of thought

    Each of us is different, unique
    Don’t label another dumb or freak
    Don’t make a judgement about another’s ability
    See both their outer and inner beauty
    Accept them as they are, don’t try to change
    You can’t take another’s mind to rearrange

    Different way of thinking
    Different way of learning
    Differently abled
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  10. Chelle Lee “AUTISM”

    No disease would be his crutch—
    It was insulting to deny
    His potential even amid
    An uneventful turn of events.
    His mother spent countless hours
    With consultants and physicians
    Wishing the suffering was over
    Hovering over him like a warden
    Guarding invisible fortresses
    And forcing an early dependence on her.
    He had to move forward.

    So often, she mentioned his affliction
    Insistent upon blaming his failures
    On its existence, but he was committed
    To excellence rather than
    The acceptance of just “being different”.
    In essence?
    He was brilliant!
    But, she refuted his resilience.
    He was equipped with gifts
    Beyond comprehension because
    God had anointed him.

    A musical genius—
    His dreams meant rebellion
    But, when she fell on hard times
    The benefits of his grind
    Were suddenly welcomed
    And as much as she dwelled on
    The negative—-
    It continued to compel him
    Towards awesome accomplishments
    Setting trends by beating the odds
    A compliment of self through God.

    “The Missing Ink”
    All Rights Reserved ® 2012


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