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Welcome to Day 3 of  the 5th Annual April Write 2012 – the Poets Olympiad.

I hope that you have enjoyed yourself so far, both reading and in taking part.

In case you did not know, during the course of the April Write, we often have Guest Hosts who lead us off for the day using either a poem or other choice of inspirational medium.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to our first Guest Host, a very talented photographer, known as… Miguel.

Today is a visual day. Watch the video below, and as the music plays, please view Miguel’s chosen photograph and let it guide your write.

Your topic and title for Day 3 is… ‘THE BEAUTY OF NATURE’

When you have your finished piece, please come back to the group and post your response as a comment below.

Don’t forget to share the video link too!

Let’s see what you come up with!




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  1. Gay Reiser Cannon (FB Group Member)

    Ode to a Cool Flying Dude

    Your yellow jacket blazes bright;
    while your designer shades make red seem cool.
    Yes you can fly with wings swept light,
    not quite so free as birds; your queen still rules.
    Do faeries wish to love you in the night?
    Are you the fiercest guy in flying school?

    I fear you keep your stinger sharp as steel
    and should I cross your path, your wrath I’d feel!

    (c) 3rd April 2012 Gay Reiser Cannon

  2. Lauren E Delp (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature

    In the eye of The Beholder
    there are sunsets
    and sequoia trees
    slugs and tsunamis

    and it’s all good.

    In the eye of The Beholder
    it’s the ephemeral
    that make her weep
    or dance or recoil

    and it’s all good.

    In the eye of The Beholder
    we are all ephemeral
    today sun-warmed wingspans
    tomorrow earthworms’ compost

    and it’s all good.

    (c)3rd April 2012 Lauren E Delp

  3. Alicia Bunn (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature

    How clear the sound of waves crashing down
    How strong the breeze is as my hair whips round
    How loud the seagulls are as they call
    But here I think of nothing at all

    How soft the sand is under my feet
    How green the grass is under my seat
    How strong the ocean crashes against the wall
    But still I can think of nothing at all

    How rich the sun is shining down here on me
    How beautiful the water is as clear as could be
    How excited children play, no matter how small
    But still i can think of nothing, nothing at all.

    (c)3rd April 2012 Alicia Burn

  4. Adam Rowland (fb group member)

    The beauty of nature

    An unlikely union contrives a zygote, which cleaves aberrantly along natural lines;
    rapidly dividing yet growing.
    The inherent contradiction almost impossible to fix in the mind’s eye;
    improbable, yet inexorable.

    This glint comes to reside superficially.
    When eventually re-incarcerated, the obvious question: why?
    It was not inherent.
    It was the repugnance of nurture.

    (c)3rd April 2012 Adam Rowland

  5. Eugena Jenkins Brooks (fb group member)

    I went a roving in a meadow
    Early one bright spring morn
    And there I found a buxom maid
    Whose dress she soon did shorn.

    We tumbled there amongst the grass
    Our lust free to abound
    And when I finished with her front
    I flipped her arse around.

    This we did all afternoon
    Until the dusk did call
    We tried to tame our lustful ways
    By time when night would fall.

    I walked her home and we kissed
    To end the night for then
    But on the morrow did we meet
    To start it all again.

    (c)3rd April 2012 Eugena Jenkins Brooks

  6. Clouds (The Eyes Above) by Vernon J. Davis Jr. (fb group member)

    They are watching us!

    They’re All Across

    The Sky

    Like Eyes

    On A Canopy Of Blue

    Looking At Us, Looking At You

    Watching Our Every Move

    Our Every Made-up Truth

    Swirling Over Our Heads

    Sprinkling Special Reminders

    On Our Uncomfortable Souls

    Billowing Wisdom We Ignore


    We Are Unwise

    We Are Guilty

    We Are Alone Within Our Boastful Egoes

    Our Own Thoughts Of Personal Glory

    So Watchfully And Wispily




    Seen Through Apt Eyes

    ***WE, US, YOU,***

    As Puppets Of Pride

    Marionettes Of Mischief

    People Of Purposelessness–Direction

    The Clouds

    They Watch Us With Shapeshifting Eyes

    They Watch Us…

    As Eyes Of God

    (c)3rd April 2012 Vernon J Davis Jr

  7. Katie Rendon (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature

    Nature, such a complex seductress.
    The way she smiles like sunshine
    And blows kisses in the wind.

    Luring me out to be with her,
    By flaunting her warm demeanor,
    Enticing me with ample curves.

    She is the sand I walk across barefoot,
    The sweet fruit I pick from my garden.
    The warmth of my skin.

    Alas, I cannot claim her as my own.
    She is my mistress. I can only savor
    Her as all her lovers do.

    Nature, my poor sweet love
    Aches like the rest of us,
    When her heart is broken.

    I hear her thunderous sobbing
    And reach my arms out wide,
    Catching her tears as they fall.

    And like any woman scorned,
    Once she has had enough,
    She sometimes erupts.

    In the wake of her anger,
    She always opens her heart again
    And smiles like sunshine.

    (c)3rd April 2012 Katie Rendon

  8. Mark Paleologo (fb group member)

    beauty of nature

    you see me as
    little leaf
    flower buzzing
    a target
    for the back
    of your hand
    your curses
    but these colors
    they make me strong
    yellow and black
    real old school
    thousands of us
    one of you
    i’m talking to

    (c)3rd April 2012 Mark Paleologo

  9. I cant stop thanking you Angee for this opportunity. I think the way you selflessly use your time and efforts to bring people together like this simply shows that you’re beauityful inside out. I would also like to thank all the poets for their amazing poems, some of them made me laugh.

  10. Justice Clarke (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature by Flowetic Justice

    There is a beauty in nature
    that calls yet again me in the waking hours of the dawn
    I hear the chirping of the birds
    as the sun begins to rise as the poet opens his eyes
    as he sits whimsically before the blank scroll
    I see the leaves that have fallen from the trees
    as they dance in a myriad of colors
    held in the kaleidoscope of the dreaming eye
    as the light dances in the feathered sky
    I inhale the breeze of the summer
    as I behold nature in all it wonder
    the pairing of the animals
    as the next generation is conceived before me
    the neverending story that is written each day
    and I am humbled in its display
    walking in the files of my mind
    as I view myself as an intricate part of this wondrous scheme
    the painting of the beautiful scene
    that is the nature of the created land
    the mesmerizing diagram
    that leaves the blueprint of the echoes of life
    held firm in the poets writes
    my sorrow is like the rain the falls from the clouds
    when the darkness surrounds my heart
    and douses me in my conception
    yet leaves no moisture on my mental spark
    for the water soothes my grieving heaving heart
    the stars that twilnkle in the nightly plain
    are the words the trickle hot in the poets brain
    the rushing flow of what I already know
    the seed planted in my own core so long ago
    I am connected in so many numerous ways
    to the essence of the self in me
    that skips free on this revolving planet called Earth
    and it’s the endless worth
    for I am but a fleeting speck lifted in the winds
    that blow over the sands of time
    seeking to find my way and leave some sort of mark
    that I was here
    and was held so very dear
    in the magic of the Lords hands
    before I become the restless dust of man
    the poet fondly recalled who died with pen in hand
    for it is my grand design to write
    to behold the lovely light of life
    the darkness and the delight
    of the beauty of this thing called nature

    (c)Thoughts of a Single Man 2012tm

  11. Halim A Flowers (incarcerated)

    The Beauty of Nature

    So this is what Stevie Wonder sees
    When we think he cannot see
    The beauty of a bee
    When we believe it could never be

    So this is what our eyes have blinded us from
    This is what kept our senses numb
    Now I see
    Because I cannot see
    What the entire world can see but me
    What Ray Charles saw so vividly
    The color of lovers making love naturally

    Who’d ever knew that all I had to do
    To finally have the pleasure of truly seeing you
    Was to close my eyes to a false world that I was taught to be true
    Eyes wide shut to myths and now so close to you
    Finally my vision is on cue
    On you
    The beauty of nature…………
    (c)3rd April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  12. Justice Chikandamina (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature…

    The Beauty of Nature
    Is me and you on a wing
    singing love songs
    under doubles rainbows
    sheds of all types of greens
    birthing tropical forests
    enchanted territories
    in which lovers glide
    more nesting for the birds
    let the lil one chirp all the way
    Nature sings of gold
    blues and rhythms
    making cicadas shrill
    as water cascades
    the flow is on
    nature is alive
    with beauty!

    (C)3rd April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  13. The Beauty of Nature “By LJ”
    (The April Write 2012~ Poets Olympiad)
    Nature’s beauty stands at attention.
    All of God’s creature’s serves a purpose;
    there’s wonderment in discovering what He has destined us to be.
    Will we as humans reach our fullest potential?
    Will we stay true in honoring our God given call?
    Will we seek to produce sweet good seeds?
    Will we remain open-minded in order to learn and grow from all experiences?
    Will we shine like the bumblebee, while pressing forward to achieve our destiny?
    Will we give homage and respect to all of God’s creatures?
    As we move about each day, enjoying the beauty of nature,
    will we remember that this too is one of His divine gifts?
    Will we realize that we are His chosen beings here in the universe…
    Before we transition beyond space and time?
    will we just be like nature…
    while being humble here in earth?
    Copyright © 2012 LJ

  14. RoseApple Apples (fb group member)

    The Beauty of Nature
    Is u and I
    Holding hands
    Walking side by side
    Creating this perfect union
    Trying to live our life
    In accordance to what our creator
    Saw in our future
    Our maker
    Nature’s creator
    The almighty father
    Created us
    We are living our life, according to his will
    Just Trying to spread our wings
    In addition, hopping to fly
    We are truly blessed beyond measure
    With wisdom and insight
    We got the power and knowledge
    To understand who and what we are
    Our soul, our spirit – will touch many across the globe
    We are Nature’s creation
    We are the seed of Nature
    We are simply
    “The Beauty of Nature”
    Written by the one and only…RoseApple. ©4th April 2012

  15. “The Beauty of Nature”

    Patiently waiting
    And anticipating
    As I decide
    What I will do next
    Flicking my spindly legs
    I tenderly grasp the edge of the dewy leaf
    My wings flutter gently
    And I am still for a second…
    But I gotta go!
    I’ve got pollen to catch
    And maybe some people to sting!
    © 3rd April 2012 Angela Edgar

  16. Bayley Marina (fb group member)

    They said that the whole is more than the sum of its part
    But what do you really see when you take a walk in the park?
    The gentle breeze that whispers though the leaves in the trees?
    The damp of the grass or are you moving too fast
    Each blade gives way to the pressure of toes
    No two alike, a million different shades
    Just take a minute and stop and graze
    Though my eyes, a new world unfold
    A billion micro creatures you breathe
    A million insects you fail to see
    and all you do is run when you see me
    A king in a grown of black and gold
    Standing in great majesty
    as he surveys my land do you really see me
    In a battle to save his land
    To feed his people, no wand in his hand
    I’ll strike you with my sword of steel
    My life I give, as we all will
    Surveying my kingdom
    To keep peace and calm
    You not need to be alarmed
    I don’t really mean to cause alarm
    But if you take a minute to see it is you
    Who always invades me?
    To worship the sun or run and play
    (c)3rd April 2012 Marina Bayley

  17. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    Often taken for granted or ignored
    Constantly criticised when she’s flawed
    Sometimes deemed a natural disaster
    By those too fast to condemn her

    Always with us every day
    Constant and confident come what may
    Sometimes deafening, sometimes silent
    Proudly determined and resilient

    If we took the time to greet her each day
    Listen and let her have her say
    We’d learn to appreciate her beauty
    And realise she’s carrying out her duty

    As mother to her children on earth
    Learn to appreciate her true worth
    And instead of harming and ruining
    Act responsibly as Nature’s kin

    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  18. Chelle Lee “THE BEAUTY OF NATURE”

    Each morning….
    I marvel over a
    Mere glimpse of sunlight.
    An oak tree’s pirouette
    As blue birds nestle playfully
    Within its branches.
    Or a few droplets upon
    Freshly bloomed petals.

    I gaze in wonderment
    At such a vivid horizon…
    What serenity it exudes
    And tranquility I encompass.
    Even the sediment of a pebble
    Is captivating and laudable.
    The Creator’s skillfulness
    Is uncanny and uncompromising.

    A butterfly kissed my shoulder
    And brought to remembrance
    How precious life truly is.
    It constantly evolves
    And manifests itself
    In breathtaking forms.
    The beauty of nature
    Is mankind’s ultimate escape.

    “The Missing Ink”
    All Rights Reserved ® 2012


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