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Welcome to Day 4 of the 5th Annual April Write 2012 – the Poets Olympiad.

Every new poem I see shared as a response to our daily topic, really takes my breath away. It is this, which keeps me motivated to continue bringing you exciting and interesting things to challenge and inspire you to write about, to help you grow and of course to enjoy yourself as you do.

Your topic and title for Day 4 is… ‘EVERY POET MATTERS’

Please watch the video first
Then, when you have your finished piece, please come back and post your response below.


Don’t forget to share the video link too!

I wonder how you will respond to this….





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  1. Katie Rendon (fb group member)

    My truest Advisers
    Maya Angelou knows why the caged bird sings
    And I needed to break the silence.
    Frost took the road less travelled
    And assured me it made all the difference.
    Shakespeare never came out and said
    Whether I should be or not, he left that up to me.
    Dylan Thomas would not let me give up, screaming
    “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
    Even Anne Frank knew that people were
    Generally good at heart.
    If she could forgive, then so could I.

    (C)4th April 2012 Katie Rendon

  2. Katie Rendon (fb group member)

    What Poets Do

    My grandmother cupped my chin with paper hands
    And told me I could be anything or anyone I wanted.
    She said that in her time women weren’t as fortunate.
    I saw a bitterness I couldn’t comprehend at seven.

    She asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.
    I wanted to write.
    With a knowing smirk she sighed, “Oh Love,
    That is who you are. I asked, what do you want to do?”

    I carried the question in my heart like a riddle.
    That was all I did, what did she mean?
    I wrote to tell the secrets I was keeping.
    I wrote to heal my wounds. I wrote to understand.

    The truth always came out on paper.
    I wrote to inspire. I wrote to vent.
    It was my therapy, my dream, my future, my past.
    And when the Summer of 96’ came, it was all I had.

    I broke the silence after 5 years of molestation and rape,
    My brother died, mom hit the bottle and sent me away.
    I lived with my father 3 days when the house burned down,
    Leaving us homeless.

    We sat in his 68’ Buick in complete silence.
    “You know Katie, this was our calling, our destiny.
    We are poets, dreamers, thinkers…
    We have enough material now to last us a lifetime.”

    So that’s what poets do,
    We weave our pain into beauty.
    We search for silver linings and share
    Them with the world, making it richer.

    (C)4th April 2012 Katie Rendon

  3. Gay Reiser Cannon (fb group member)


    Every poet
    has eyes that see in a unique color singular in the rainbow spectrum
    paints a world unique to experience as the sphere spins a personal
    trail of truth stretching that history starpoint through lightyear

    Every poet
    has ears where rhythms of life spin the sounds of a private world
    into a singular song composed of the beats of words strung along
    a staff of life where cups clink glasses, where birds sing trees

    Every poet
    can touch a personal nerve, a thread of holiday joys and morning
    heartaches, lonely nights, and haunted writes. Feels the break in
    other lives, knows the cast of a cold sunbeam on an empty bed

    Every poet
    reaches for the sublime, for the eternal, connects the veins of leaves to the arteries of the human heart; bleeds the colors of autumn where stains are left printed on the snow, rained away by spring, summer baked

    Every poet
    finds the minutiae of everyday and examines it with art’s magnifying glass – knows truth is found by degree, nobility learned by example,
    true love — forgiving and unconditional

    Every poet
    a rare spirit who shares

    (C)4th April 2012 Gay Reiser Cannon

  4. Lauren E Delp (fb group member)

    Every Poet Matters…

    Your hands were sweating
    fingers trembled
    the heart in your breast
    raced like a hummingbird’s

    I loved you just then
    above all the others
    Oh how I loved you!

    Above the manly ones
    the smooth-talking ones
    the cocky ones
    the practiced ones

    It was your first time
    and you were scared.

    I held your face in my palms
    breathed order into
    your stammering thoughts
    kissed your furled forehead

    … Shh, little one,
    tonight you are Mine
    tonight we won’t fail
    every poet matters
    every poet has a Muse,
    Tonight you have Me…

    (c)4th April 2012 Lauren E Delp

  5. Halim A Flowers (incarcerated)

    What is a poet
    but the hidden voice of the People

    From where does the poet grabs his thoughts
    Her words
    But from the ideas
    Buried alive
    Inside the hearts of humanity

    Where does the poet aim
    But at the pain that everyone feels
    Within their souls

    How does the poet touch
    Without using their hands
    The minds of mankind
    And healing the wounds
    Of others from emotions that were left open
    From hurts their were left unexpressed….
    Every poet matters!!!!!!!!

    (c)4th April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  6. Justice Chikandamina (fb group member)


    Penning thoughts in vibes
    the poet grabs the quill
    dots of he
    become dots on she
    another canvas caressed
    slides become pages
    fusion of thoughts
    in 3D cinematic moves
    played in slo mo
    the poet lives in all
    Langston Hughes
    Whispering to Maya
    About Elizabeth Bishop
    It may have been
    Literary showdown
    Talking to MacNiece
    Listening to Uncle Satchmo
    Birds would be needing to be free
    just like poets
    Let there be more ink
    I know why the caged bird
    Longs to be free
    all that is nature must be inked
    with the birds chirping
    on birches
    they sing the song

    (c) 4th April 2012 Justice Chikandamina


    Every poet matters
    Because we do
    We put our heart and soul
    Into what we write
    What we express
    That comes from deep within
    From the joy and pain
    The love and laughter
    The hurt and anguish
    The fun and connections
    That create the writing inspirations we call life
    Every poet matters
    Because you do…

    Every poet matters
    Because we do
    Whether you’re new to the game
    Or an old hat at it for years
    Whether you wrote one word or a verse
    Or your own version of the Odyssey
    Every poet matters
    Because you do…

    Every poet matters
    Because we do
    We take the time to connect the dots
    To tell a story
    To share a heartache
    To relive a joy
    To cry cleansing tears
    We are who we are
    We are who we write
    Every poet matters
    Because you do…

    ©4th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  8. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    Utter your deepest thoughts you dare not share
    Your anguish and sorrow too hard to bear
    Your greatest desires and deepest dreams
    Thoughts and feelings bursting at the seams

    Put into words your hopes, your fears
    Fill you with laughter, dry your tears
    Heal your pain, give you hope
    Give you a method to cope

    Document history, herstory, your story
    Take you on a magical journey
    Capture a moment in time
    Take you to a place that’s divine

    Lift you up, bring you down to earth
    Help you recognise your worth
    Every poet matters
    Because every poet cures
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  9. Bayley Marina

    I used to wonder if all poets had torture souls
    I used to wonder if they had split personalities
    I used to wonder if they wore a mask
    That only though their words you would see
    I used to wonder if the world they see was different to you and me
    I used to wonder how they know my thoughts and pains
    I used to wonder how they knew what would drive me insane
    I used to wonder how they made me smile, laugh and cry
    And they are a few that I could not read as flushes of blushes
    Just come over me.
    I used to wonder if I would be able to join in,
    If my words on a page would really actually engage
    If my word made sense, to anyone but me
    If my point was right, correct or true
    If you were really hearing the words that I write
    If you looked at my thoughts and said oh my
    At least she gave it a good try
    And I kinda understand what she meant
    Even though her words are a little bent
    Now as I put pen to page I no longer care
    Although the nerves still engage
    As I have learnt
    Something I never really knew
    My words matter because I do

    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  10. Chelle Lee “EVERY POET MATTERS”

    I chose to approach this
    From a different perspective
    By electing to credit
    Each effort invested
    In this epic challenge.
    Our talents are separate
    But, equally balanced
    —-no one is just average—-

    We are ALL lyrically connected
    And deeply affected
    By our poetic creativity—-
    The ability to wield
    Nouns and verbs
    Into skillful words
    —no “versus“—
    Just verses.

    We each are a catalyst
    So passionate ‘bout
    This craft in us
    With the chance to just
    Display our artistry
    Before the masses
    Without patterns of division—-
    Best part about it?
    This isn’t a competition.

    “The Missing Ink”
    All Rights Reserved ® 2012


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