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  1. Gay Reiser Cannon (fb group member)


    Found him on the corner of Bourbon and Royal
    He was a great big black Texas boozer
    I knew he had a place for me to spoil.

    We traveled everywhere ‘round these parts
    Me waitin’ on the back cold stones
    Him playin’ that flat box and tearin’ out hearts.

    He called me Tatters. He left barbecue on the bones,
    And let me slop the beer up after we left the joints’.
    We slept in flophouses and he wrote hundreds of songs.

    Once we went all the way to see a Dallas man
    Took us most near a week ridin’ them slow freight trains—
    Hitched in from Ft. Worth and walked over hot bricks and sand.

    He was worn out from the travel and he needed a job
    Stoppin’ on that city street called Ellum
    He talked to someone but they called him a slob.

    He took up fightin’ then and knocked that man to the ground.
    I was runnin’ full out when I caught him up, ‘bout two blocks down.
    A sassy woman said, “C’mon I’ll give you some if ya come around.”

    We was mellow when the evenin’ came and rain started to fall
    Lickin’ his hand I was tryin’ to tell him it’d all be fine,
    When a blind man that everybody knew wandered into the hall.

    Blind Lemon, Blind Lemon sing us that old blues again!
    Sing it with this big bad blues man come here from Nah‘leans.
    Leadbelly, this be Blind Lemon—finest livin’ black blues man.

    I heard them two rounders holler, and strum into the night
    Singin’ out their souls; makin’ music with great might.
    Never will forget in all my wandrin’ years
    Down in Deep Ellum— such joy and sadness in my ears.

  2. Katie Rendon (fb group member)

    Things I Tell My Children

    I tell my son,
    Women are fragile
    So be careful
    with delicate things.

    I tell him to win more battles
    With his wits than fists
    Because love is always
    The more powerful weapon.

    I tell him that this world
    Has plenty of strong men
    That the goods ones
    Don’t need to prove it.

    They just wrap those big,
    Strong arms around the ones
    they love. Then I ask him,
    “What kind of man will you be?”

    I tell him these things
    So that he never hurts
    Someone, the way
    That I’ve been hurt.

    I sometimes forget
    That he is still a child
    And his shoulders
    Not wide enough to carry the world.

    I forget to tell him
    that it’s ok to cry.
    Being a man doesn’t mean
    he doesn’t have a heart.

    His anatomy doesn’t
    Make him evil.
    Though that’s what mothers like me
    Will tell their daughters.

    I just tell him that being kind
    Doesn’t mean getting walked on
    That way he never gets hurt
    By someone like me.

    I tell my daughter, “expect more.”
    There is something to be said
    of seeing the good in people
    But you shouldn’t have to look too deep.

    I tell her good men are hard to find
    But worth the wait.
    And so is she.
    He’ll be the one that:

    Makes her laugh more than cry,
    Treats her like a goddess,
    Hangs off of her words,
    And is too shy to approach her.

    I tell her these things,
    The things all mothers tell their daughters
    While praying they don’t
    Make the same mistakes.

    I haven’t told her yet,
    How thick a woman’s skin can be,
    Of all the struggles she’ll overcome.
    That her heart will break. Then heal.

    I don’t know how to tell her
    That not all boys
    Are taught to be kind
    So, don’t provoke them.

    Instead, I hide her skin
    And watch her close.
    That way she never
    Get’s hurt. Like me.

    © April 5, 2012 Katie Rendon

  3. Halim A Flowers (incarcerated)

    I almost met him one day
    Wish I could have spoken to him
    If I could have just been still
    Maybe he wouldn’t have kept slipping through my grasp
    Funny because
    He is the most important person in my life
    But damn!!!!!!
    How could I have not spoken to him yet
    Maybe because I was not a great listener
    Or I have been just listening to respond
    Instead of listening to understand him
    How could he go misunderstood by me
    For so long
    Sad that we have been together all of these years
    All of my life it seems
    Yet I cannot reach him
    Cannot see him
    Maybe its because I’m blinded by what everyone else told me
    Everything that they said he is supposed to be
    It would just be great for one moment in my life
    If I could just still my thoughts
    Remove my insecurities and close the blinders of fear
    Shut down the ego and lust
    And have a really great face to face conversation with him
    In his true form
    A talk with the real

    (c)5th April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  4. Conversations never had…

    “All The Things I Want To Say”

    All the things I want to say
    I want to guide you
    I want to lead you
    In the right way
    I want to tell you
    About all what could come
    I want to tell you about
    The pleasure I get from being your Mum

    But, it’s hard when you never got to that age
    Where you felt you could no longer confide
    All you wanted to do was to rave and party
    Or listen to music, do homework in your room and hide

    It’s so hard to tell you
    What I want to say
    It is so much harder
    That I had to tell you in this way

    You were taken too soon
    A driver drunk on the road
    So all I can do now is sit by your graveside
    Telling you all I want to this afternoon.
    ©5th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  5. Lauren E Delp (fb group member)


    Words have power, you know.
    Today I asked you
    what you would dream.

    You weren’t there.
    So I dreamed it for you.

    I gathered up
    all the spilled beads
    tossed them all together

    a rainbow of colors
    a world of shapes and sizes
    word by powerful word I
    strung your dream.

    But when I think
    to plan to tell you

    I find myself with a handful of beads
    and no words.
    (C)5th April 2012 Lauren E Delp

  6. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    Finally plucked up the courage to have that conversation
    But you were waiting for the appropriate situation
    All prepared to tell him last night
    It felt like the time was right
    ‘There’s something I have to tell you darling’
    Only to hear the dulcet tones of his snoring
    If you didn’t tell him now it would be too late
    But in the morning he was running around in a state
    In a panic, couldn’t find his ticket anywhere
    You couldn’t tell him now, not here
    Conversation you should have had a week ago
    But you were afraid to let him know
    In case he thought you’d done it to keep him here
    He said he’d be gone for ‘just’ a year
    But perhaps a year would turn in to forever
    And you’d never again be together
    As you waved goodbye as he stepped into his taxi
    You wondered if your unborn child would ever know his daddy
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  7. Bayley Marina

    I no longer want to rage
    I no longer want to take my pain out on the page
    I want you to listen to me
    I want to talk to you
    And not just to me
    As I really need to set myself free
    Now in setting the stage
    Do you realise that I can no longer play
    I have heard what you said
    And where you want to be
    But where does this leave me
    Joined together by fate and destiny
    Inside outside, outside in
    Were you end I begin
    We need to be one
    No longer scared to be
    The person I am
    The person you see
    When 2 become one
    We will be able to carve
    Our own destiny
    So listen to me
    You’re ok as you are because you are me.
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley


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