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Welcome to Day 7 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Some of you may have found our Day 6 topic on injustice and racism, hard to write on or it’s taking longer than you thought to complete. You might have chosen not to share what you had penned, or found yourself hard pressed for time.

I understand that you will get too busy sometimes, so you can always catch up on days that you have missed at any time during the month of April.

Your title and topic for Day 7 of the April Write is “READING”

Please watch the video below.

(As you should be doing every day…)

Then come back to the group and share with us why you read or why you might encourage others to do so.





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  1. Adam Rowland (fb group member)


    At the confluence of the rivers Kennet and Thames, lies Reading.
    Autumnal leaves remind me of this place.
    They blow across my face.
    Please take care to insert here another word that ends in ‘…ace’.

    Personally, I feel very important when I can comprehend an other’s carefully constructed prose.
    I like to talk about it.
    I like to talk about me.

    Your words are very important.
    ‘Important’ is such an important word.

    I would float down the Kennet, but it is oh so cold, and oh so slow.
    I would get to Reading.
    But I do not care to.

    I honestly don’t.
    (c)7th April 2012 Adam Rowland

  2. Gay Reiser Cannon (fb group member)

    Why Lie-Lee Yields Poetry

    They’re sprung from the trunks of trees
    Stripped of bark and set with marks
    Writ to last– past seasons, beyond the breeze
    Books conceived, delivered, make us free

    The roots of each are in the ground
    Given to man at his birth
    The rights to know, to learn are found
    Tucked in the leaves once earthbound

    The roots of words Latinate
    the lee LY and the Li LIE
    libri – the book that forms a fate
    liber – the freedom that comes from that

    Take up freedom from your library
    Learn to read, read to know
    Those who can’t know poverty
    Those who can hear poetry
    (c)7th April 2012 Gay Reiser Cannon

    And I might add statistically succeed.

  3. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    Some read so they might be well read
    Some read to unwind when it’s time for bed
    Some read to escape life’s daily pressure
    Some read to pass their time of leisure
    Some read to learn and spread the word
    Some read on recommendations they’ve heard
    Some read to know the daily news
    Some read to know another’s views
    Some read to gain an education
    Some read to enjoy another’s creation
    I read to learn & read to know
    I read to develop & read to grow
    I read to smile & read to cry
    I’ll read until the day I die.

    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  4. Charity Katotobwe (fb group member)

    “ Reading ”
    I read for leisure
    I read for pleasure
    I read to acquire knowledge
    I read to understand life through another person’s experience
    I read to broaden my thinking
    I read material that is edifying
    That moves me beyond understanding
    I read for to enjoy
    And to feel joy
    I read to experience different emotions
    To feel alternate conditions
    © Charity Katotobwe 7th April Write 2012


    When you pick up a book
    You prepare to be taken
    To a different world

    What we call non-fiction or fact
    Are all the things
    Both the wonderfully good and horrifically bad
    And everything in between
    That can happen in our or someone else’s life
    These things then become
    A kind of history
    A legacy of our past

    What we call fiction or fantasy
    Are the all the things
    That we could ever dream of
    When we close our eyes at night
    All the fantastically impossible things we imagine
    The different places that we’ll never visit
    The journeys that we’ll never physically take
    Except in our head

    Are you ready to read?
    Then open the pages of a book
    Because the worlds within deserve a look.

    ©7th April 2012 Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved (April Write day 7)

  6. Lauren E Delp


    You take me to another world
    One I never knew
    Or one I knew but didn’t get
    You take me to another world
    You show me places I never saw
    Long ago and far away
    Or hidden places deep within
    You show me places I never saw
    You teach me of the others’ worlds
    Of their sacred cows
    And loves and hates and fears
    You teach me of the others’ worlds
    You are my guide and mentor
    My mapmaker and pilot
    You make me stretch my boundaries
    You are my guide and mentor
    You are 52 years of reading

    (C)9th April 2012 Lauren E Delp

  7. Justice Chikandamina (fb group member)

    Poems and books I have read
    some thrillers and dark ones
    my wish is to read minds

    (c)April 2012

  8. Justice Chikandamina

    Poems and books I have read
    some thrillers and dark ones
    my wish is to read minds

    (c)April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  9. Mark Paleologo


    the young man
    apple tree perched
    escapes from concrete
    leaf hidden and
    balances the universe
    on his lap
    the broken spine
    brittle page tome
    where the surveyor
    finds himself adrift
    in the moat of a town
    surrounding the castle
    the cultured canopy
    fractures sunbeams
    ripping through
    time and space
    franz climbs half way up
    handing him lunch
    telling him
    this is where
    it starts to get

    (c)April 2012 Mark Paleologo

  10. Bayley Marina2:46pm Apr 13
    I have to confess,
    Get this secret, off my chest,
    I like the mystery, the play-ment with words
    The worlds that unfold
    The story which are told
    The characters I met
    The mystical beast, I greet
    It started when a friend and I parted
    Given a book and just had to take a look
    Tatter and torn, pages unworn
    My hand traced the first page, it had been an age
    Wondering if it was just like the others
    The one told to me by my sister and mother
    Two snakes entwined, in a battle of kinds
    Eating each other’s heads, why had neither been fed
    Text of red and green, engaged the scene
    A boy, a book, a raining night
    Thunder and lightning gave him a fright
    His world the story world joins as one
    But wait a minute they was a third,
    I saw the rain, heard the thunder
    Felt his pain
    Sebastian just call her name
    So this story can begin again
    Yes I have a secret which has to be told
    I have sailed the seven seas,
    Fought mystical breast
    And climbed talking trees
    I have saved cities and lands
    Walked, rode and run across field of gold
    Urged my friends on, fought many a foe
    Woken in a field with a purple glow
    Felt my toes and my nose grow cold
    Looked for the island which held the clue
    If only you knew I have a secret that must be told
    I read books that were written for the young
    And it is not because I am growing old
    That I believe that these story must continue to be told
    (C)April 2012 Marina Bayley


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