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Welcome to Day 10 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

Today, I would like to introduce your Guest Host, for Day 10, Kamran Assadi, Freelance Writer, Performance Poet and Poetry Editor amongst many other things.

Your topic and title for Day 10 as chosen by Kamran, is ‘Loss’

 Please watch the video to read his poem which is called…

 ‘You Lost One, A Loved One’

Some of you may find this a difficult, quite personal subject to write on, so I understand if you chose not to share/post your write for today.





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  1. Gay Reiser Cannon (fb group member)

    The Ghazal of the Bells

    You turned and walked away through cherry blossom rain
    As sixteen men struck the temple bell, twilight fell

    I sailed across the sea walking stones by stone wall
    Ta Chung words wrote your loss, I read as twilight fell

    I followed flowered trails of loss into Beijing
    The size of its bell crushed my heart as twilight fell

    I fled from beauty and sailed beyond Indochine
    A shipmate told of the Ming Bell as twilight fell

    My ears ring and bells everywhere proclaim your loss
    For us the ship rang eight bells end as twilight fell

    A Russian sailor remembered his land of bells
    Fields and valleys echoed, he said, as twilight fell

    I sailed through the Suez as far as Isles of Bells
    Through shire and county bells chimed as twilight fell

    Life’s journey will never let me slip love’s cincture
    As I rattle my hollow bells and twilight falls
    (c)10th April 2012 Gay Reiser Cannon

  2. Katie Rendon (fb group member)

    Strong One

    I went to bed that night
    Expecting you to wake me
    Too early the next morning.
    But it wasn’t your silhouette
    That lingered in my doorway,
    The hall light casting an ominous shadow
    Preceding those dreadful words:
    “He’s gone.”

    I was asked what shirt I’d like
    And how to part your hair.
    Although every wish was granted
    You looked nothing like yourself.
    I tried to breathe life into you
    And thought I saw your chest rise.
    I took your hand between mine,
    And told Mom, “he’s cold.”

    I recited you a poem,
    And hundreds of glossy eyes
    Watched as I trembled
    My last goodbye.
    People kissed my forehead
    And promised they’d be near
    If I needed someone to talk to
    But no one ever was.

    I don’t remember whose car
    Escorted me across town.
    It felt empty except for wispers
    “She’s being so strong.”
    A hand on my knee,
    A kiss on the cheek
    That like your hand,
    Turned cold too quickly.

    Visitors came, with food
    And prayers, and promises.
    They all told me “you’re so strong”
    But each day, fewer came
    And left earlier each night
    Until I had to except
    You were gone
    And I was alone.

    Through blurry, teary eyes
    Your picture would come to life
    And we would share a laugh.
    The wood grains in the paneling
    Shape shifting into crude figures,
    Taunting me. “You’re the strong one,
    You don’t need anybody.”
    Your picture grew still.

    So now, when shadows are unfriendly
    And the whispers are about me,
    When only photos make me smile,
    And I can’t breathe life into my relationships
    I find myself staring into the mirror
    Waiting for the walls to shift
    And I tell myself
    “I am the strong one, I don’t need anybody.”
    (c)10th April 2012 Katie Rendon

  3. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    It’s said you can’t lose what you never had
    When it’s gone it’s gone, too bad
    How do you explain the loss when it was never real
    The loss of something you couldn’t see, smell or feel
    How can you seek out something impossible to find
    How can you justify the pain of losing your mind
    (C)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  4. Halim Flowers (incarcerated poet, washington dc usa)

    I remember the first moment I lost him
    Or somewhere in between
    Either way
    It was a GREAT loss
    Somewhere around the time he popped his first cherry
    Or took his first lick
    He was different before that
    Very much changed forever thereafter
    Such a BIG loss
    Before he started selling poison to his own village
    And exchanging crack for sex from his classmates mothers
    There was once a time before his hands were covered in blood
    Before he became a cannibal
    Before he started to eat his own people
    He was so beautiful back then
    So handsome
    Because in his brown eyes you could see a bright sparkle
    Of innocence untouched
    Before it all was gone
    Such a great loss
    Before he became consciously unconscious
    When he was unlearned and pure
    The moments in time before he became a brand worshipper
    When his mother could dress him in anything
    And he know relationship with his ego
    He was special back then
    Harmless in a sense
    He could love without expecting anything in return
    Before he grew cold and too calloused to forgive
    He was forbearing
    Now its all a GIGANTIC loss
    I wish you could have met me before this loss……..
    (c) April 2012 Halim Flowers

  5. “Losing Myself”

    I’m feeling detached
    A sense of limbo surrounds me
    Blissful and frightening limbo
    I move from moment to moment
    In one, I let it all go and move on
    In the other I try to hold it together
    I feel like I am disintegrating
    Being eroded like the cliffs of Dover
    Every time the water touches my heights
    I lose a piece of myself on the outgoing low
    For every step I take forward
    A piece of my positive is stripped away
    I try to leave the negative right where it belongs
    Far away from me
    Out of my touch, my reach, my thoughts…
    But there will be only so much I can take
    Before there is nothing of me left to rebuild.
    ©10th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  6. Mark Paleologo egg salad my dear

    it has been a generation

    hoping dreaming wanting

    all sun bleached photographs

    taped above a register

    spotted with water and salt

    that song that wonderful song

    we would try to dance

    but collapse into the other



    i bought you a gift

    an inexpensive necklace

    i could not afford


    i woke from deep slumber

    chest heaving panic

    fearing that i

    should have told you

    how much i adored you

    one more time

    then i remembered

    i did


    i always hated

    your salamander shoulder

    but always loved you


    i stared past the twin red stars

    so unseemly morning

    an untimely run

    in the stocking of night

    in an hour conceived

    for imperfection


    i need a valet

    and a vacation this year

    ah, barcelona
    (c)April 2012 Mark Paleologo

  7. Adam Rowland3:11pm Apr 13
    Betwixt the event horizon and reality.
    Dearth of certainty.
    Paucity of abundance.
    A tautological red shift.
    My mind wanders.
    Incomprehensible quanta of arrears.
    Eruption of ambivalence.
    Surgical hesitance.
    A rhetorical rearrangement.
    I should have bet on black.

    (C)April 2012 Adam Rowland

  8. Chelle Lee “SUICIDE NOTE”

    Stare in the mirror and view my self-portrait

    The image is a bit distorted

    A smile so crooked

    When I look at it

    I get disgusted!

    Analytical of my current self

    Wounds inflicted by misguided steps

    I flee my own help!

    To the point of intensifying

    The incredible pressure I’ve always felt

    To never want to be a disappointment

    Wear my sadness as an ointment.

    —and yet…I am still God’s anointed—

    You see…

    People have hurt me in ways

    One can’t imagine

    I often don a guilty display

    For allowing it to happen!

    —typical reaction—

    Figure this…

    If I never expressed my pain

    What room have I to complain?

    Just smiled and laughed

    Like all was well

    Internally, it became

    The death of Michelle.

    Trust level shot to rubble

    I sanctioned the trouble

    Inviting the devil

    To enter the huddle.

    I match the enemy with faces

    (one I’ve even been to church with)

    Regularly conversed with

    And see on a daily basis!

    If I said it?

    I meant it!

    —No disrespect intended—

    But, the only one who should be

    Offended is me!

    The reflection is a grim reminder

    This daughter of Zion

    Can’t arise and

    Put the past behind her!

    Lowering my head…

    Ashamed to even

    Call His name

    My faith is dead!

    Pools of tears enfold me

    Cascading uncontrollably

    —just about to ease my grip—

    Hands trembling nervously

    As I purposely load the clip…

    Fatigue is setting in—

    Knuckles poke my chin—

    I bend my knees…

    And with a resounding plea—

    I close my eyes

    And ready to die

    I remorsefully pull the trigger!

    —this new light starts to flicker—

    I catch my breath!

    A tortured soul laid to rest…

    —change is ammunition—

    For those who are driven

    To extreme depths!

    So, with one prayer—

    I killed my flesh.

    “The Missing Ink”
    All Rights Reserved ® 2008

    My piece is actually old, but the minute I saw this topic, I had to revisit it because it is truly is one of the most deeply personal and intense pieces I have ever written. I thought it was so befitting & I hope you all won’t mind that I shared it here. Everything else I’ve posted so far, was off the top of the dome. – Chelle

    And this is one of the reason’s I’ve included it here. Powerful write. Angee ( AWC Host)

  9. Justice Clarke

    For My Brother Daryl by Flowetic Justice

    You were always there
    when I was such a young by you
    you watched me laugh cry run and play
    held me in my fear and shared in my joy
    though we were years apart in age
    you always took time to talk to me
    to ask me own I was
    no matter what personal business you were engaged in
    and paved a way for me in private school
    and taught me that mamma didn’t raise no fools
    you were so cool
    I admired you so much
    and it hurt me when I found out you were ill
    and I prayed that I would not lose you
    we were just starting to become so close
    and I was old enough to go where you went
    to the clubs and such
    for I was a young man entering college
    perusing the knowledge on the field of the mind
    and how you taught me no matter the actions of others
    to still be gracious and kind
    I wish we had more time
    I still cry when I think of you suffering in that hospital bed
    the image seared inside may head
    and on this day I wish you a happy birthday
    and I know mom is doing the same as me
    as see you through our tears
    and feel you too in our hearts
    in truth we are never apart
    for I love you and always will no matter what may come
    I know you are there watching over me
    and at times I may not have been at my best
    and I still do wrong
    and feel ashamed
    but I remember what you told me
    and how I chose my name
    the essence in the real meaning of Justice
    and how to treat others
    and so I thank you
    and I am so grateful to have known you
    to have grown with you
    to have shared a home with you
    my love always and forever to you
    my dear brother Daryl
    Sincerely ,
    your little brother Craig

    Thoughts of a single Man 2012tm

  10. Justice Clarke
    Just Another Day Without You by Flowetic Justice

    I waited for you to come but you never came
    I had hoped to see you
    so I could finally know if what was said was true
    did you feel about me the way I felt about you
    but you never showed and so the door in me closed
    and the heart lights were shut off
    the key was tossed away
    and day by day the pain wore on in me
    blaring in unheard decibels
    the howling roaring on a path to a road of solitude
    as i tolled the tracks of my life
    waiting for a train to come that carried you back to me
    I wonder at times
    do you still think of me when the soft breeze catches your cheek
    do you feel the whisper of my breath
    speaking humble words of unrequited love
    when the sun is shining and the warming rays touch you
    do you think of the warmth of my touch
    the mental rush
    and the hot spark that was the connection between us
    what happened to us
    where did we go wrong
    we were writing a epic song that spanned so much farther
    and ran so much deeper
    than mere ink pun the pages
    dearest mine
    I still think of you at times
    when the bed seems too large in the dead of a frosty night
    how I wish you were there and I could hold you tight
    for it is then I feel like the last man on Earth
    alone in a n endless crowd
    weeping silent words never spoken aloud
    you are so far away from me now
    why did you have to go
    could you not have stayed just a little bit longer
    could we not have made our bond just little but stronger
    I bled dark water upon the empty scroll
    in public view
    of my intentions for you
    and I felt yours for me were true
    was it all a game or a lie
    or where you just a bird that needed to fly
    so many unanswered questions of the why
    the when and the how
    but I cannot not relive the past just live in the now
    just know that if you ever want to return to me
    the locked door still has a key inscribed with your name
    the spark still flickers
    and can became a roaring flame
    held warm in the palms of love
    but if I do not hear from you
    if there is no message no reaching hand
    then all I can do as poet and as a man
    is continue to write and bleed my soul
    in the hopes to warm me of my inner cold
    just remember my love was true
    and as I wake each morning
    attempting to navigate this awkward lonely road
    and survive
    another day without you

    Thoughts of a Single Man 2012tm


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