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Welcome to Day 11 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

As we enter into our next 5 day Olympic phase # 3 representing Air Skills, we have now completed one third of the April Write and I’d like to continue keeping you on your toes!

There is no topic or title as such for today but only what YOU come up with by using ALL of these 20 random words I have chosen, in any order and only ONCE in your poem. To show that you have used those words, please capitalise them.

However it turns out and what ever you end up writing about…

Day 11 of the April Write is about YOU using YOUR Word Power to create!

Please watch the video to collect the 20 words you will need to write your poem!!!







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  1. Zita Holbourne

    The EFFENDI bellowed ‘silence!’ as he slammed the HAMMER down
    She looked back shocked for a moment then her face turned to a frown
    Just before she SPAT in his face and took off on a familiar route
    ‘CHARGE!’ he screamed at the MYRMIDON TROUPE who SPRUNG up in pursuit
    She had to ACT fast and LEAPT up and over the wall
    Blocking out the VILE sound of their evil call

    It was REMARKABLE but she landed safely in the overgrown garden GARNISHED with Spring flowers
    Smiling at the sight of the cottage ahead illuminated with SPARKLES created by April showers
    It’s a bittersweet REUNION as she enters as she knows it’s not safe to stay
    He comforts her with a CUDDLE and gives her a pouch of DUCATS to help her on her way
    Hands her over tenderly to her guide who TRANSPORTS her to a safe place
    Isolated, confused and afraid she begins to write in this lonely place

    Creates a detailed CHRONICLE of her recent traumatic history
    Records a DEMERIT for her former captor whose actions remain a mystery
    She cries tears of freedom as she carefully removes each SUTURE
    And prays that someone will read and appreciate her story in the future.

    (c)April 2012 ZITA HOLBOURNE


    As my EFFENDI’S MYRMIDON counted a bag of DUCATS
    Which he TRANSPORTS under cover as spoils of war back home
    VILE rumours of his drink forgotten REUNION
    With his renegade TROUPE of former bandits
    Reached the ears of Paradiso’s court ahead of them

    The Queen was told that whilst in trade negotiations
    With the Royal Cousins
    He SPAT at the sacred HAMMER of Avalon as she held it
    And in her disgust, she LEAPT far away from him
    When he came trying to CUDDLE her to make peace
    In affront, she went off to sit and CHRONICLE
    Her other lovers REMARKABLE efforts in her battle diary
    Using her famed SPARKLES of gold-dust GARNISHED ink
    He waited until she was alone
    Then he SPRUNG with a mighty CHARGE at her
    And was left trying to SUTURE the wound
    She inflicted on him as part of foreplay

    Officially stated as an ACT of royal self-defense
    Everyone knew to his DEMERIT it was secretly in rage
    For his poor attempt to motion her ocean in the bedroom.

    ©11th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  3. Halim A Flowers (incarcerated)

    I’m not attached to my ego so you don’t have to EFFENDI me
    You’re lovely as well your beautiful self needs not be GARNISHED
    VILE are those who would ridiculously
    ACT as if they could come between what You and I have started
    See this had to be meant how our two seperate worlds LEAPT
    Into a SUTURE of the minds that this poetic world will never forget
    You and I are the truth and simply our own TROUPE
    They could DEMERIT our spirit so I’m tooting our own flute
    Hidden pearls like SPAT
    MYRMIDON for your love you got me trapped
    More throwback than gold and silver DUCATS
    REMARKABLE how you spread my words over the whole map
    You stood up and took CHARGE for me when everyone else sat
    Gifted me a REUNION to the world before I was even back
    You broke down these walls with your compassionate HAMMER
    Believed in me when others wanted me to CUDDLE in the slammer
    So I hope my wife can overstand how I’m SPRUNG
    Because this beautiful woman kept my CHRONICLE forever young
    She SPARKLES the darkness of my cage just like the sun
    TRANSPORTS my thoughts beyond the barbwire fences and gun……..

    (c)11th April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  4. Bayley Marina

    The true EFFENDI brought down the HAMMER,
    With great distain, with one soul aimed
    He had seen the source and it was now the time
    To let everyone know, what was on his mind
    He had had enough of their VILE contemptible game
    Reunification is a must
    He SPAT the words which no one seemed to have heard
    This TROUPE has too many MYRMIDONs
    We need to go back to a time when each ‘man’ was able to think again
    We need to stop this ACT
    SUTUREd with DUCATS of silver and gold
    fortified by the false hopes of those that are too cold
    To understand that this land is not CHARGE with REMARKABLE
    Women or men who know how our CHRONICLE will be told
    We the people must stand and be heard
    Their lies have been GARNISHED in the blood of the old
    But our voice must be heard as their words are tarnished
    Simply made to CUDDLE you tightly as you sleep
    Lies that appear to bring though great SPARKLES as your mothers weep
    SPRUNG from a false belief that
    You the people have no beliefs
    DEMERITed by a society police
    You the people cannot stand alone
    That as a people all hope has flown
    I want to tell you we are not alone
    A leap of faith is what we all need
    Faith in your own ability
    Faith that we can set ourselves free
    From their corrupt ideology
    Please I ask you to take this
    Leap with me
    This REUNION of ideas
    TRANSPORTS your minds
    And everything will becomes clear
    I have LEAPT and now I see
    All this BS that surrounds
    I urge you now to take one step with me
    Open your hearts, your minds, your inner creativity
    And set yourselves free
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley


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