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Welcome to Day 12 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

I feel blessed because I realise that you, your friendship, your participation, your passionate writes, your poetic and creative spirit, the fact that you come to read what others have written are a gift to me for which my thanks is endless and the April Write is my gift to you.

And this is how today’s theme has arisen. Whatever they may be, what ever you may have given or received and why it means so much to you or the lesson you have learned as a result…

Your title and topic for Day 12 of the April Write is “GIFTS”

Please watch my video for today. Thank you.






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  1. Zita Holbourne (fb group member)

    You enticed me with your gifts so precious they couldn’t be touched or seen
    In the moment I tasted them I wanted to go where you had been
    Retrace every footprint of your life’s journey
    Every morning I’d wake up an hour early
    Just to indulge myself in the gift of watching you sleep
    When I lay down beside you into your dreams I’d creep
    I took each gift you offered readily
    Held on to your every movement eagerly
    Each time your lips parted to speak my name
    It was like a new gift I grabbed feeling no shame
    I was like a lap dog lapping you up and breathing you in
    Accepting the gifts you gave me was like a wicked sin
    But I was out of control under your spell
    Never stopping for long enough to dwell
    On my obsession with the gifts you offered me
    I was so blinded by your beauty I couldn’t see
    That slowly but surely you were drifting away
    Each visit, a little less time you’d stay
    The gifts reducing one by one
    Until I was left with none
    When you failed to return my embrace
    I tried to handle the situation with dignity and grace
    But I was like an addict gone cold turkey
    Angry you weren’t there to hear my plea
    For one last delicious taste of your gift
    A moment of pleasure to uplift
    And make me whole just one more time
    In my dreams the feeling is divine
    I hear them saying that your gifts are cursed
    But I say they need to taste them first
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  2. Bayley Marina 11:14am Apr 13

    I gave a gift more precious than gold
    The most beautiful thing I had to hold
    I gave it willingly, didn’t know how to hold it back
    I didn’t realised it was a whip for my own back
    Used, abused, with nothing left to give
    You told me, that my gift had grown to old
    And that you needed another to hold
    Left alone with a garden full of weeds
    I put on my slippers and take up my clippers
    And created a place where my gift could be freed
    Free to me given to me.
    (C)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  3. Justice Chikandamina

    One more gift

    I have given you all
    that i thought was the best of me
    as our love has ripened with seasons
    I have come to realize that i have been holding back
    So my love, come here and sit on my lap
    This time here is golden and like no other
    I know i may not be The Lord of The Rings
    But for you my love, know this
    There is nothing else, out there
    That i would want to give to you
    So my dear with this gem right here
    I have become and i am giving you
    The best gift of all, take me as i am
    (C) April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  4. “GIFTS”

    Your gift to me is your presence in my life
    You lift my spirits with your words
    You hug me with your open arms of friendship
    You make life so much better for being in it.
    What more could I ask for
    What more could I want
    Except to reciprocate with a gift of my own
    Because I was raised to be good and kind
    To be helpful and thoughtful
    To go the extra mile even when it wasn’t called for.
    Then I realised
    I did that anyway when I did the things I love
    Just for you…

    ©12th April 2012 Angela Edgar


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