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Welcome to Day 13 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Today is our 1st Freaky Friday, where we can get a little romantic and lovey-dovey and may even get you a little hot under the collar with some light-hearted erotic fantasy! But no need to cover your ears, as my piece is totally tame and used only to the set the scene because I’ll be leaving YOU to raise the temperature today!

Today requires some order and continuity, so, I’ll be issuing numbers to today’s thread on Facebook. It will be like taking a number to wait your turn to write so we don’t have more than one person continuing from the same place and the storyline then goes all doolally as a result.

You pick your number, by liking it and the 1st to like the number I post (only 1 like per number please), gets that position to continue the story from where the last person left off – in strict number order. Remember that people will be waiting on you to finish, so they can start their write, which can be in any form or writing style – poem, short prose, haiku etc. And remember today should be a slightly erotic/romantic write.

If there are any questions, about how to take part today because it is very different from what I have tried before, I, (and the AWC Ambassadors) will be on hand to assist and guide you.

ADVICE: When writing, keep in mind what has happened previously by a quick listen/read of the story from the beginning, and ending your write with maybe a cliff hanger or a decision or choice to be made.

So, are you ready then?

Watch the video to hear the first part of the story… then read the next part from Halim Flowers, as this is where the person who likes position #1 will continue the story from.

WATCH & Enjoy:

“The Continued Story of… The Seduction Specialist.”





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