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Welcome to Day 13 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Today is our 1st Freaky Friday, where we can get a little romantic and lovey-dovey and may even get you a little hot under the collar with some light-hearted erotic fantasy! But no need to cover your ears, as my piece is totally tame and used only to the set the scene because I’ll be leaving YOU to raise the temperature today!

Today requires some order and continuity, so, I’ll be issuing numbers to today’s thread on Facebook. It will be like taking a number to wait your turn to write so we don’t have more than one person continuing from the same place and the storyline then goes all doolally as a result.

You pick your number, by liking it and the 1st to like the number I post (only 1 like per number please), gets that position to continue the story from where the last person left off – in strict number order. Remember that people will be waiting on you to finish, so they can start their write, which can be in any form or writing style – poem, short prose, haiku etc. And remember today should be a slightly erotic/romantic write.

If there are any questions, about how to take part today because it is very different from what I have tried before, I, (and the AWC Ambassadors) will be on hand to assist and guide you.

ADVICE: When writing, keep in mind what has happened previously by a quick listen/read of the story from the beginning, and ending your write with maybe a cliff hanger or a decision or choice to be made.

So, are you ready then?

Watch the video to hear the first part of the story… then read the next part from Halim Flowers, as this is where the person who likes position #1 will continue the story from.

WATCH & Enjoy:

“The Continued Story of… The Seduction Specialist.”






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  1. “The Continued Story Of… The Seduction Specialist”
    By torchlight she read the advert
    ‘No experience necessary’
    ‘Full training provided’
    ‘Everyone accepted.’
    ‘Everyone accepted…’ The girl breathed a sigh of relief
    (‘Desperation opens many doors.’ Her father once said)
    With bills due and rent late
    She needed something… anything… quick!
    She needed to put hot food on her plate
    Circling the ad she would call them the following morn…

    When she did, a pleasant young lady answered with a yawn
    ‘Oh I’m sorry Miss, it’s been a long night
    Some of our Executive Trainers just got in off a flight
    Can you come in? You can? Oh, that’s great!
    Please be here at 11am and don’t you be late!’

    The young girl arrived at the address she was given
    Not wanting to be late,
    In a cab early, she was driven
    She stood in front of huge, carved wooden doors that lay straight ahead
    She smoothed down her new suit
    But in her stomach she felt a sense of dread
    In her mind, her thoughts they sprinted
    If only this was a job that could make me super minted…

    Everyone accepted? Really? How could this be?
    Or is this a con that would end up fleecing me?
    Ten to the dozen, more thoughts raced in her head
    She took a deep breath, then walked forward like her feet were dead
    Pushing the door open now, under a grand arch was where she stood
    Who would’ve thought such luxury existed in my neighbourhood?

    The job it sounded perfect, so local and near
    In a good part of town – so what was there to fear?
    A man in a penguin suit
    Greeted her with a crystal glass full of champagne
    He then looked at a list and ticked her name off
    Pointed to another man, who proudly puffed up his chest
    ‘If you follow my colleague Ma’am, he’ll lead you to the rest.’
    Secretly winking, his parting remark was, ‘I know you’ll be one of our best…’

    Confused, awed and dazed, she followed behind
    Along golden guilt-work corridors, like a maze in a mine
    Finally arriving at her supposed destination
    She faltered at this newest threshold, filled with trepidation
    Penguin No 2 said, ‘Go in, they’re waiting just for you!’
    She closed her eyes and yielded…
    And walked on through…

    (Like the dance school audition scene from the movie Flashdance)
    She moved towards the head table, as if in a kind of trance
    As five model stunning women sat, giving her a short nodding glance

    ‘Please take a seat up at the side, here with the rest.
    We’ve got a few exercises, which will form your entrance test.’

    One model begun, ‘Do as we do and do as we say.’
    Another model added, ‘And soon we will have you on your way.’

    Praying her nervous fear wouldn’t last
    This newest young girl sat down very fast
    Next to four other girls well groomed
    Who all looked just as confused…
    ‘What are we doing here?’, one visibly shook
    ‘I only came here because I wanted a look’
    Another timidly asked to no-one, ‘Can I go home?’
    The girl next to her elbowed her
    Hushing, ’It’s too early to moan!’

    One model beauty with brilliant afro-flaxen hair
    Turned to her answering simply, ‘Not yet, no.’

    ‘You have been chosen for this opportunity
    A special sets of skills we’ll impart on you under scrutiny
    You will learn how to live with impunity
    And, finally… you’ll become… financially free.’

    ‘Ok, that sounds interesting,’ said Girl #4
    Girl #3 said, ‘I was just about to rush for the exit door’
    ‘What are we learning?’ asked Girl #2
    Girl #1 asked, ‘Do I have time? Can I nip to the loo?’

    Head model said more seriously,
    ‘Enough with the niceties, here’s the deal
    We’re giving you a new spin of fortune’s wheel
    We know you need to get out of rut
    So please listen now,
    Give us no ifs, ands or buts
    We are the 3 Graces and 2 Muses of Fate
    We’re about to give you the power
    To command men on a plate…’

    Young girls and fellow models, all eyes on their lead,
    She stood up and continued to proceed
    As silence now abounded in this vast embellished hall
    ‘But we need you to honestly give it your all
    Close your eyes and listen closely to me
    If you do, I’ll show you what you were really meant to be…’

    ©13th April 2012 Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved (Day 13)

  2. Halim Flowers:

    Just take my lead and follow the ropes
    I’ll show you a world beyond your greatest hopes
    Sexiness is an attitude so guard how you think
    The guys will be showering you in diamonds and draping you in minks
    Confidence is the key and it’s all in your strut
    Walk foxy in your highest heels and stick out your butt
    See girl #1 had to pee
    But she was on the edge of her chair hanging on to every word just like me
    The head model said, “In the palms of your hands, you’ll grasp every man’s heart,
    You’ll have them by their balls where you can build them up or tear them apart,
    Demand what you want, be sassy and blunt …
    Make them believe that their dreams lie in between the squeeze of your…!”
    © 13th April 2012 Halim A. Flowers

  3. Zita Holbourne

    The girl turned away face blushed
    Starting to think she shouldn’t have rushed
    Should have checked them out first
    Perhaps she’d truly been cursed
    First losing her job then ending up in debt
    She never should have placed that first bet
    No! She wouldn’t accept the label addict
    It wasn’t as though she had a habit
    If she could just make a bit of money fast
    She could put her debt and gambling in the past
    Get her life back
    Get her plan on track
    She had dreams, ambition
    This place -that woman -weren’t part of her vision
    Her thoughts were abruptly interupted
    By the one with the heels, looking disgusted
    ‘Hey dream girl, this is a one time only opportunity’
    ‘You haven’t even been listening to me’
    ‘You’ve got the look that he desires one hundred per cent’
    ‘Otherwise I’d boot you out this instant’
    She flicked her whip inches from the girl’s eyes
    The other girls sat watching in surprise
    ‘Now all of you observe and learn’
    ‘I’ll only show you once, then its your turn’
    The music started to play real low
    Head Model started to moan real slow
    She opened up her gown one button at a time
    Gyrating her body in a slow ‘whine’
    As she opened up her gown to reveal her body bare
    The girls recoiled in shock and fear
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne


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