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Welcome to Day 14 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Today’s subject comes courtesy of one of our AWC Ambassadors, Charity Katotobwe.

She asked: “What you think of when you are sat still for a few minutes?”

And that’s exactly what I did in order to create my write for today.

So, I’d like you to find a quiet space (if you can) and write down whatever comes to your mind.

If you watch the video, I will time this for you, followed by my poem.

Your topic and theme for Day 14 is: ” 5 Minutes Alone”

Watch & Enjoy your thoughts unravelling!






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  1. Justice Chikandamina ‎5 Minutes Alone

    5 Minutes Alone
    with her
    is what i wanted

    5 Minutes Alone
    To taste
    all of her lips

    5 Minutes Alone
    thinking of her
    i see stars

    5 Minutes Alone
    With her in view
    serendipity plunges

    5 Minutes Alone
    Births Centuries
    of her dreams!
    (c) April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  2. Zita Holbourne ‎

    5 minutes alone to think
    Saves me perching on the brink
    Of anger and insanity
    Gives me the opportunity
    To think, reflect, breathe
    Give thanks I’m able to achieve
    Appreciate where I’ve come from
    What still needs to be done
    Give thanks I’m still standing
    Still living, still loving
    Smile for the beauty that surrounds me
    Cry for the hatred that invades me
    Gather strength and determination
    To fight for the next generation
    Against the attacks they face
    Strive for them to see better days
    Appreciate my role as a mother
    A giver, carer and nurturer
    Feel blessed that I’m able to share my gift
    To spread knowledge and uplift
    Five minutes alone
    Enough to keep me going
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  3. Bayley Marina 5 Minutes Alone

    I remember the book I read
    As the noise of their joy
    Was still spinning in my head
    Five minutes peace
    Is what it said did they take the hint?
    No the little darlings didn’t even blink
    Now I have five minutes more
    What I’m I thinking, what is going through my head?
    Words of power, words of dread
    Words of courage, words of hope
    I can’t think, I need to blink
    I need to rush away the pain
    That is starting to drive me insane
    Doubled up, knowing that I should eat
    But all this motion is making me weak
    Wanting to scream, Not wanting to create a major scene
    Don’t want the false acclaim
    Are you OK, can I help? Should I call an ambulance?
    Why don’t you all just all %@~# off
    And leave me alone, wishing that I was at work and or home alone
    What I want makes no sense to me
    But please will someone call my mummy, or me
    The onset of this cramp causes me a fright and I have nothing left inside to fight
    As it reengages and rages with all its might
    What’s that here we go again braced against the morning light
    Wishing I was in better health, I wish with all my might
    Scarifying coffee, bread, peanuts and milk tea
    To this alter of pain which resides inside me
    Knowing that I should eat at least 3 times a day
    Know that this will help keep pain to go away
    Knowing that the children want to watch TV
    But the noise in my head, just wants them all to leave
    No stop what you doing, pretend to smile
    Listen to their stories for a little while
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  4. From HALIM FLOWERS: 5 Minutes Alone

    Threats from North Korea
    Potential war in the Pacific Ocean
    Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda
    Beware of the terrorists
    Riots in London
    Austerity measures revolts in Greece and Spain
    Trayvon Martin and race killings in Tulsa
    But yet still I find peace within
    Tornadoes rip the midwest
    Tsunamis in INdonesia
    Child sex trafficking in Asia
    So much pain
    SO much chaos everywhere
    I see the rainbow in the eye of the storm
    Still I find peace within
    Because its all I choose to see
    Arab spring uprisings
    Innocent bloodshed floods the earth like typhoons
    However I am happy within because I’ve found peace
    I can see the nun in the prostitute on the street corner
    I can see the rose in the pile of garbage
    Call me by my true names if you must
    No prisoner
    No felon
    No convict
    I am the sun
    And the clouds
    And the rain
    I am apart of all things apart of you
    I am atoms and energy and vibrations
    I love
    And smile
    And forgiveness during war before international treaties
    I have suffered the most
    And caused the most pain
    Therefore I can heal the suffering the most
    And relieve the most pain
    I am murder so I can understand the sinner
    I am saint so I can understand the wolf in sheeps cloth
    I am all things considered
    Call me by my true names
    Or do not call me at all
    I am
    Everything considered
    Yet nothing at all
    No image to uphold
    So no image to defend
    No opinion can hurt me
    Because I have no opinion that hurts
    Call me by my true names
    I am You…
    (c)April 2012 Halim A Flowers


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