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Welcome to Day 15 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

Once again, today is a VERY special day. It’s our 2nd Free Verse day and it means you are allowed to write a poem on whatever topic you feel you need to explore. Or, you may choose to stick with the same theme that another person has shared for today.

If you have not yet been able to share a poem in our last 14 days, then today is your perfect opportunity.  But remember, no erotic poetry today please, because we have Freaky Friday’s reserved for that purpose!

When you next visit the Facebook Group, please click on the Events tab (under the logo at the top of the page) and there you will find quick links to all our previous days and videos in ‘The Month So Far’.

Day 15 of the April Write is a Free Verse Day, with no set topic to hold you back… post on this or any other theme you like.

Watch the video to hear my piece for today.






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    by ZITA HOLBOURNE, POET, ARTIST on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 10:39pm ·

    She was born in the land of the ancestors, raised in the city of Angels, lived her early adult life on an island made of dreams, pursued by a government intent on dominating the world, imprisoned in a jail situated on stolen land, tried in a court room built on the backs of enslaved peoples torn from the land of the ancestors that was her birth.

    She was deemed guilty until proven innocent, labelled before they knew her name, persecuted with no crime to charge her for, taken despite refusing to surrender her freedom, demonised because of her religion, misunderstood because of her multicultural upbringing, rejected because of her ancestry, disregarded as a human being and seen to be entitled to no rights upon this earth.

    She refused to break when they tortured her, denied them the pleasure of seeing her weep when her heart was breaking, refused to let them see her turning crazy when she felt herself losing her mind, between the beatings, as she lay in solitary confinement for days that were the same as nights, , she comforted herself with the recollection of words spoken by great philosophers and poets and memorised verses created out of the depths of her soul about the injustice of justice, remained resilient, determined and brave, held on to her belief that the truth would one day set her free because she’d been raised to value her worth.

  2. From Halim Flowers:

    Always rushing
    But never seeming to get anything done
    Always loving
    But always fearing when
    Or how
    It will end
    Before it ever began
    Always breathing
    But never really conscious of every breath
    Always complaining
    But never really looking at all that we have not to complain about
    Always in the past pains
    Always in the future mystery
    But never enjoying the present moment
    Always something…….
    (c)April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  3. Lana Joseph My Free Write Scribe is a Dedication Piece that I wrote for a friend and his beautiful wife for their new baby girl. In addition… it is for all parents. I hope that you”ll enjoy it even if you’re not a mother or father (yet). I will attach the FB URL at the bottom of my piece… because I believe that (one can enjoy it a bit more more in depth with the images that accompany the scribe.). Thank you so much for your time! Love & Blessings Always… ♥ LJ (((((((((( A Soft Touch in 12 Haikus ))))))))))
    “By LJ”
    ~(Dedicated to Brother King Tshombe & Queen Dedre…
    for their newborn Princess ‘Nina Kai’)~

    Precious baby girl,
    your soft touch brightens our world;
    we love you small soul.

    A child’s laughter rings
    to souls turned deaf, let them heal;
    touch the golden skies

    Gently we hold you,
    as we carry you through time;
    we are always there.

    Beautiful babies,
    we hear your sweet soft curdles,
    enjoying play time.

    Sweet angel hello
    You are love’s message from God;
    hope rains for mankind

    Your soft hand in ours,
    holding on so tight… with force;
    petite, yet, so strong.

    Dear beloved Lord,
    protect our sweet love babies,
    Jesus Christ our shield.

    In silence God hears
    touching souls… like flowers bloom;
    hearts kiss sun’s good fruit

    Pray with our children
    they are our most treasured gift;
    babies trust our love

    Taste life’s born breaths air
    dancing gardens whisper love;
    earthly bonds bind souls

    sparkle eyes… aware… bright light;
    fascinating gift

    Mom Dedre… Dad Tshombe;
    Welcome Nina Kai

    “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” -Rabindranath Tagore

    I pray…
    For my children
    For your children
    For all children in this world
    I love you & God bless you beautiful souls.
    ♥▬▬▬♥▬▬▬♥ LJ

    Copyright © 2012 LJ *12Haikudedicationscribe*
    MCNLN69321960-QADJS All Rights Reserved.

    to see the images that accompany this, ensure you are logged into facebook first, then visit:

  4. MaggieandAlan Moore WAKE UP

    Political Anarchy
    Government run free
    Of civil liberty
    As we
    Stand by
    Like three monkeys
    Ears, lips and eyes
    Sealed with complacency
    While they oversee
    The masses
    Creating laws
    That should emancipate us
    A government
    For us and
    By us
    Instead they forge the chains
    That bind us
    Blind us
    To the truth
    As media brainwashes our youth
    Technological devices
    Occupy their minds
    With ebonic texting
    Celebrity scandal
    And lies
    Upon lies
    So that every moment
    Of every day is wasted
    Before they realize
    They have been de-socialized and
    To adapt to the needs
    Of the elite and
    A new subculture
    For them to scrutinize
    Though proud men and women
    Bled and died
    For the liberties you take
    For granted
    Their honor supplanted
    By a generation stranded
    And placid
    There is a new form of slavery
    Your minds are now the property
    Of the scholarly
    While you live in devised poverty
    Through well planned marketing strategies
    They have built a hidden
    Faithful to the Deity
    Of Currency
    (c)April 2012 MaggieandAlan Moore


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