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Welcome to Day 18 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

As you know, my inspiration for our daily topics often comes from a variety of sources, including you. 

Last night, I was watching a BBC Television drama programme called ‘The Syndicate; about a group of five convenience store workers who are in a lottery syndicate together.

The thoughts and feelings this raised for me whilst watching, is what led me to write my poem.

Some of you may find this too personal a subject and may choose not to share today.

Watch the video to hear it:

Your theme and title for Day 18 is:  “When It All Stops…”





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  1. Halim A Flowers:

    When it all stops
    Where does it all go
    Does it get buried with us
    Or does it continue to flow
    Who knows…….

    When it all stops
    Whatver “IT” is
    Does it merge with the maggots and mud
    Does it blend with the blood and tears
    What grows………

    When it all stops
    Does it float in the atmosphere
    Does it leave the planet
    Or just permeates here
    Does it live in the minds of those who loved us
    Will it die in the hate of those who hate
    Should it come alive like Tupac in a hologram
    Will it exceed our fates
    But do we really know what “IT” is……

    When it all stops
    But who can stop a river
    Is it essential like water
    Can it grow back like a liver
    Will it live on as a legend
    Grow bigger in death than in life
    If it really is it
    Can it really die
    Or is it forever
    Who’ll show………
    When it all stops
    (c)April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  2. Zita Holbourne When it all stops

    For so long she waited
    Waited to be old enough to go to school
    Waited to be considered cool
    Waited to drive a car
    Waited for her first drink at a bar
    Waited to go to university
    Waited for the big job in the city

    Then everything went so fast
    And all the waiting became a blurry past
    Before she knew it she’d had a career
    Bought a house, settled down, her time was here
    She raised four babies
    Loved, hated, went separate ways
    Then there was the divorce
    Got her life back on course
    Opened her own business
    And she was too busy to miss
    Him or get sad
    Delighted and was glad
    As now she was a grandmother
    And the holy book became her significant other
    Between prayer classes and community
    Children, grandkids, she was too busy
    To realise when it all stopped
    When it sunk in she was shocked
    Sat down and sobbed
    Asked her self where the time had gone
    Dwelled on where she’d gone wrong
    There were so many things she’d mean to do
    Had needed more time to think them through
    Then life and living
    Coping and surviving
    Had taken over
    Her life flashed before her
    And made her smile once more
    As she realised it had all been worth waiting for

    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne – When it all stops – April Write

  3. Justice Chikandamina WHEN IT ALL STOPS

    Too much is always said about love
    Too much is always assumed about love
    Too much expectations exist about love


    I am sick and dead way tired of these love experts
    I am sick and tired of trying to fit into some love model
    I am sick and tired of you trying to please others about our love


    I did not build a wall around you just to make you mine
    I could have chosen someone else but i did not
    I am still here, just wanting and expecting you to be you
    Don’t worry about what people may say about us


    It will all stop the minute that we become true to ourselves
    Opening our eyes, ears, hearts and souls
    Forever together, together forever
    Swimming in love pools
    Floating with passion
    Singing our vows
    You and I
    Back at One!
    (c) April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  4. “When It All Stops…”

    When it all stops
    You realise what the important things are
    It’s not work or money
    But family and friendships and dreams

    It’s about recognising the love people have for you
    And you for them
    It’s about making peace, with those you may have wronged
    And being sincere and honest about it

    It’s about appreciating the simple things
    Like lying in the arms of the one you love

    It’s about appreciating all the things that make us human

    Like sobs hidden in sound of thunder
    Like tears hidden in the fall of light rain
    Like sharing smiles & laughter
    Which are only hiding your true pain

    For all your lifetime sacrifices
    Which is worse?
    To have a time ahead but no money
    Or more money than you can imagine
    But no time to spend it
    On things you’ve only dreamed of doing
    Because finally when you are set and ready
    It all stops and you might find it’s too late…
    ©18th April 2012 Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved (Day 18)


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