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Welcome to Day 23 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

We’re heading into the last stretch of the April Write, over 20 days through… and what a journey it’s been so far!

Please watch the video to listen to my piece which will explain why your topic and title for Day 23 is:


Why not share your own personal journey today.





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  1. Donna Parkinson (FB Group Member & Admin)

    The acceleration of my mind,
    Was allegedly, some kind,
    Of mistake,
    I was never meant to make,
    The grade,
    I was supposed to have stayed,
    Alone and afraid,
    Beaten and betrayed,
    Where my captors had placed me,
    The system had traced me,
    Back to my roots,
    And the fruits,
    Of my hard work were destined to remain unseen,
    It had always been,
    This way,
    I was expected to play,
    Dead in the shadows of my peers,
    As my forefathers had done for hundreds of years,
    But change was like music to my ears,
    And I was undergoing a transformation,
    The defamation,
    Of my character was in itself an invitation,
    At this point would have proven risky,
    I was maturing like a good malt whiskey,
    And I was going to have people intoxicated,
    By the exuberance of my verbosity; encapsulated,
    In my very soul,
    I had a goal,
    To achieve,
    And they had better believe,
    That I would reach my full potential,
    My planned growth was exponential,
    I would be the deciding differential,
    In this equation,
    This would be a ceremonious occasion,
    An unprecedented invasion,
    On their way of thinking,
    And in the blinking,
    Of an eye; like a thief in the night,
    I would bring the fight,
    To the fore,
    And open the door,
    For others like me to walk through,
    And statistically accrue,
    A voice,
    To insist on a choice,
    In matters that involved them directly,
    We had been incorrectly,
    Our infrastructure had been cabled,
    Through a web of deceit,
    But I would make sure that we took receipt,
    Of a new dawn; a new day,
    We couldn’t delay,
    We needed to collectively display,
    That mass transformation was on the way…
    (c)23rd April 2012 Donna Parkinson

  2. Halim Flowers: TRANSFORMATION

    From the seed
    To water
    The sun
    I see the clouds in you
    When you smile
    I see everything
    The lovemaking
    The ejaculation
    The swim upstream
    The ovary
    The birth
    I see the pain of child labor in you
    When you smile
    I see your first step
    Your first conceptualized intimate love
    When you cry
    I see your first heartbreak
    On the dancefloor of your prom
    When laugh
    I see your first time
    Your deflowering
    Your blossoming
    When you speak
    I see the wisdom dripping off your lips
    Like thick honey
    I see all that when I look at your curves
    That you think are too thick
    That I lust so much so often when I’m supposed to be
    But I see a Republic in you
    When you stand
    Because You are a Queen
    So regal
    So raw
    That when you speak
    You touch hearts
    You walk on water
    Minds and biases
    When you love
    You crush hate
    You are a
    (c)23rd April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  3. Joyce Ashuntantang – Death is Dead

    The pain scourged the non Christian parts of her body
    Voices from the past needling present shadows

    Yesterday already felt like “once upon a time”
    The future was a misty morning with no handshakes

    Nobody saw the mocking smirk on her face
    Save the nightmarish sun prancing the sky

    No one felt the hollow laughter in her throat
    Except the bored man in that half moon

    Pain has a way of washing the eyes
    Like an Obasinjom*, She could see clearly now

    Two shadows, the female paving the way
    The male, guarding the rear. Death is dead.

    (c)April 2012 Joyce Ashuntantang

    *A speaking mask with the gift of prophecy

  4. Marina Bayley

    She wanted to be different
    She wanted to be set free
    She wanted to be transformed
    She wanted to be reborn
    She was not the person she was supposed to be
    Or was she
    False perceptions surrounded
    Maggots feasting, on her disguise
    Her mask could no longer hide her inner sighs
    She held them close
    And shut herself inside
    Thriving on the last of the light she held inside
    She was not this person
    The person that you see
    The person she is – has a different reality
    Yet still the lies would grow
    Confusing her, was this her all the time
    She began to doubt her own mind
    She tried to let you see
    You were simply letting your inner fears roam free
    Your insecurity on her back
    A load too heavy for one tohack
    She screams for help
    Pen to page
    Then you really heard her rage
    Loving, Hating, blaming wanting to be
    Thinking she was the cause of this false reality
    Confused and used in this puerile insensibility
    Where no one really gains and she is being driven insane
    Inside out, outside in was the only way, she could contain the fear that rose from within
    The loathing and self-hate, slowly approaching her gate
    Pulling her apart, wondering when this started
    How it could be stopped
    Yes stop, that what she would do
    She would no longer play this game with you
    But wait
    She realised something that was so deep and true
    This was all about her and not you
    She wanted to be different
    Wanted to be new
    And all she had to do
    Was be herself
    If only she knew
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  5. Zita Holbourne

    She was born out of devastation
    Raised in destruction
    Fed on deprivation
    And nurtured with rejection

    Blamed for existing
    Punished for growing
    Rejected for knowing
    Abandoned for caring

    Transformation was her only chance to survive
    But first she had to recognise she was alive
    Accept that she wasn’t to blame
    Sweep away the shame

    Of first abuse, then neglect
    Swallow pride and reject
    But her emotions were intense
    Her life made no sense

    At first she wandered aimlessly
    Each step taken painfully
    Searching for answers to questions never asked
    Trying to achieve actions not yet tasked

    She bore the wounds and scars
    Like glowing stars
    Unashamed and defiant
    Determined but quiet

    Exposed her vulnerability
    Because she didn’t have the ability
    To adapt to each social setting
    Sinking into depression

    When people turned away
    In shock and dismay
    Confused or embarrassed
    Sometimes inexplicably astonished

    She was like a warrior
    And the rejection didn’t worry her
    Because she was used to being alone
    Having to hold her own

    But the expression in her eyes
    Part angry, part crazy, part surprise
    Told him she was on the edge
    Hair dishevelled like an untrimmed hedge

    But beyond her exterior
    He saw she was far from inferior
    Could see the beauty shining through
    The tattered edges of her rue

    At first she shunned his affections
    Guarded against a history of rejections
    Part curious, part bemused
    And then tortured and confused

    By the possibilities
    And securities
    That love might bring
    And as she felt her heart sing

    She collapsed under the weight
    Of her changing fate
    As she felt herself falling
    She heard him calling

    But failed to recognise her name
    But who could blame
    It had never been spoken
    In the voice of tender men

    In the moment that he caught her
    It was like a supporting pillar
    Had been removed from her spine
    And the sensation was divine

    It tantalised and tingled
    Like tiny moonbeams sprinkled
    Creating a warm glow around her heart
    She clung to him like she never wanted to part

    From the refreshing sensation
    Of his intense attention
    He carried her to a safe haven
    Of hope and salvation

    Slowly and steadily
    She underwent readily
    A transformation
    Blossoming into creation

    Of a strong sensitive
    Loving, wanting to give
    Pleased to receive
    Ready to conceive

    Human being
    For the first time seeing
    The undeniable beauty
    Of love, guilt free

    He witnessed her transformation
    Eagerly without hesitation
    He was painfully aware
    So would not dare

    To bask in the glory of it
    He couldn’t claim one bit
    Because her transformation
    Was not born from his invasion

    Of her heart
    He played no part
    It was not because of his love but in spite
    Because all she needed to feel alright

    Was not to have his love – but the sensation of love itself.
    In it she discovered a new found wealth
    And made the transition from being alive to living
    And embarked on her new beginning

    (c) April 2012 Zita Holbourne, AprilWrite

  6. Justice Chikandamina

    Transforming into a light emitting diode!

    When u came through the door
    I did glow in your radiance
    Causing much needed vibrations
    That transformed me positively
    To roam as a light emitting diode!
    (c)April 2012 Justice Chikandamina


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