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Welcome to Day 25 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

I’m so proud to introduce the April Write’s very first (in its 5 year history) Guest Host Vocal Artist…
Singer, Adelaide Mackenzie.

Watch the video to hear it all and more…


Listen… Feel… Write…

Your title and theme for Day 25 as chosen by Adelaide is… “Music”





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  1. MUSIC

    Music, you were probably there at my conception
    Even long before the idea of my birth
    Whilst in-utero, Mummy said she played you
    To make me strong and teach me your worth.

    Music, you announced my arrival with a party
    Celebrating the wetting of new baby’s head
    Rich fruit cake with rum and Guinness punch flowing
    No Beatles I think, just Bob Marley playing instead.

    Music, you taught me emotion and rhythm
    Taught me to dance and to sing
    Standing at our old Sanyo stereo with a mic
    Practising Boney M’s ‘Brown Girl In The Ring’.

    Music, you were the song track
    To my school and college years
    On the bus, in a club, my friend’s house or sweaty shebeen
    You saw me through my love, hate and many tears.

    Music, you are my peacemaker
    You calm me when I am tense and fraught
    Music, without you there’d be many lessons
    My poor broken heart wouldn’t have been eased by or taught.

    Music, you’ll be there forever
    Making me laugh, cry and always wanting to sing
    Music, you are the best friend I could ever want or have
    Please accept my friendship commitment with this ring.

    Music, you’ll be there at my own wedding,
    My babies birth, graduation and there, when I finally pass
    Music, I could never do without you because…
    You can always lift and shift the dark shadows that life has cast.
    (C)25th April 2012 Angela Edgar


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