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Welcome to Day 26 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

We have been on an incredible journey since the start of the month, showcasing an array of amazingly talented and creative people; photographers, poets, painters, singers and authors who so kindly agreed to lead us off in our daily scribe, by sharing their talent in the form of their work prompting our topic of the day.

Today, I introduce our final Guest Host on Day 26 of the 5th Annual April Write… BREIS.

BREIS is a London-based rap artist and author, originally from Nigeria.

Watch the video below, to find out more about him, his activities and to hear him perform his piece.

Your title and theme for Day 26 as chosen by our final Guest Host, Breis…







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  1. From Halim A FLowers (incarcerated)


    One night we fall asleep
    And in our unconsciousness
    We become brave enough to dream
    To vision something that we do not have the courage to think
    When our eyes are open
    And we believe think that we are awake
    So many people convince us that we are crazy
    To give up on what we see and believe
    To kill our dreams
    So we either make plans
    Set goals
    Or let it all go down the drain
    Wash it from our brain
    A few choose to reach
    Beyond the confinements of other people’s fears
    And dare to be
    Who they really are
    (c)26th April 2012 Halim A Flowers


    It’s a fight
    You don’t want to miss
    I’m ready for action
    It’s time to do this

    Gloves off, I’m bare-knuckling
    For my dreams and my goals
    Being the visionary I am
    I refuse to sell my soul

    I’m focusing like a magnifying glass
    Left sat out in the sun
    Watch out you might get burnt
    For my positive heat will surely come

    I’m praising the blessing
    On me that’s been bestowed
    I’m feeling gratitude and being thankful
    So, every day I let my God know

    In me he planted the seeds
    Now watch US as WE grow
    Now we’ll all be able to reap
    Exactly what He has sowed.
    (C)26th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  3. Zita Holbourne

    Without dreams and goals
    We have no roles
    With them we build the foundations
    For our most personal creations
    Each of us has the ability to grow
    To lift ourselves when we’re low
    Challenge expectations
    Go beyond limitations
    Channel our energies
    On great journeys
    Propelling us to places
    Occupying spaces
    That began as we slept
    Or even as we wept
    Drawing strength to lift us out of sorrow
    So we could look forward to tomorrow
    And turn our dreams into goals
    To fill the empty holes
    Sometimes occupied with negative emotions
    Sadness, anger, despair
    And even when we couldn’t feel or hear
    We envisioned a time to come
    Where we felt the brightness of the sun
    Shining down on us inspirations
    To encompass us with aspirations
    If we didn’t strive
    We’d never arrive
    We’d wander aimlessly
    Living hopelessly
    Dare to dream and allow your goals to drive
    Dream to dare and thus keep hope alive

    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne, April Write

  4. I’m quite excited as I received Breis’s book ‘Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students’ today! I can’t wait to read it!


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