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Welcome to Day 27 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Today should’ve been a Freaky Friday but I decided our last Friday of the April Write should be our 4th Free Verse day and it means you are allowed to write a poem on whatever topic you want and this time… INCLUDING erotica.

We‘re just 3 days away from our Live Skype finale on Monday. It’s free and anyone can join in to listen or to read their final poem. Go to the Facebook group for more details.

Day 27 of the April Write is a Free Verse Day. With no topics to hold you back! Let’s get this party started…

Watch today’s video to hear my poem.





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  1. Lana Joseph
    Crossroads To Grace “By LJ”

    Which way should I cross?
    Mistakes made in world’s place
    No voice carried the harsh
    God’s Mercy and giving grace
    Songs sang with the soul
    Life threw assaulting blow
    Believing victory with control
    With heart and mind forgive

    Which way should I cross?
    People Judge causing turmoil
    Benefiting whom may I ask?
    Doors open calling opportunity
    Extending distant critiques mask
    Unforgiving, as they forget
    God’s Love is everywhere

    Which way should I cross?
    With this weighted heart
    Praying to defend together
    Hoping my sisters & brothers
    Stand in strength as He
    Forgiving as the Master is

    Which way should I cross?
    Through ways of the old
    Giving life’s empowerment
    Schooling young guided souls
    recreating minds debased mold
    Glory be the Lord’s hold

    Which way should I cross?
    wrecked by wretched glamor
    Right sometimes wronged
    Train love’s light for life
    Fulfilling love’s wishes
    Grace creates new tracks
    While growing through humility
    Accepting new love’s heart
    Praising Lord’s forgiveness

    Which way should I cross?
    knowing He left me not
    Casting scattered stones
    Designed by Father’s Love
    Understanding His purpose
    Destiny rings life above

    Which way should I cross?
    Showing more than telling
    Giving more than taking
    Loving more than hating
    Authentic more than faking
    Forgiving more than judging
    Living here and now

    I see the way!

    Copyright © 2012 LJ

  2. Joyce Waters 2:57am Apr 29

    Scary It Is

    Scary it is, you see for me,
    Life’s winds whirling, twirling
    all around me

    Scary it is, for me you see,
    Sometimes my words don’t flow so free
    Stop,stop I want to shout,
    Please, oh please, I just want to get out

    Scary it is, you see for me,
    There is no doubt, life has been scary you see
    Time after time life’s winds have ponced upon me
    Rattle, tattle, Oh what a battle
    As I climb higher and higher to be free
    My Father in heaven has a smile for me

    Scary it is, no longer Life’s winds to me!
    (c)April 2012 joyce Waters

  3. Zita Holbourne


    My kinfolk make up an ever changing rainbow
    Of races, religions, classes, politics & sexualities
    Becoming more diverse with every day they grow
    Spanning four generations and twenty two nationalities

    Growing up across five different continents
    Spread across the earth
    Living lives that are all different
    Yet destined to intertwine from birth

    From rags to riches to rags I’ve seen them go
    Hard working, sometimes misguided
    Some politicised, some ‘don’t want to know’
    Some multi-faceted, some one-sided

    Some were raised with religion
    But lost it along the way
    Others had absolutely none
    But learnt how to pray

    Some are high fliers
    Daring and bold
    Some may be liars
    Some seeking a pot of gold

    Some have achieved against the odds
    Many are adventurous
    Some are like peas in pods
    Others are courageous

    Distanced geographically
    More different than the same
    Far apart ideologically
    But family just the same
    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  4. Mark Paleologo


    she turns on her heel
    walks to the trash
    with flamenco grace
    in tight skirt
    easily noticed
    from where i stand
    arms crossed
    in my best peter pan
    i throw my head back
    crowing confident
    you make that silk
    come alive
    cigarette wrapper
    falling and
    so am i
    your return
    heralds a new epoch
    that smile stretches
    down miles of ocean
    while your head
    finds my shoulder
    the silent proclamation
    in the name of the queen
    you said you were
    a sucker
    for a girl
    that could wear
    a skirt
    and i am wrapping
    fingers in hair
    back arching
    midnight wonder
    offering praises
    and devotion
    to all seen
    to all unseen
    (c)April 2012 Mark Paleologo

  5. Beloved by Flowetic Justice Clarke

    Run to me
    come to me
    fall free into my arms
    let me hold you close and warm you
    and keep you safe from harm
    on the days so chilly
    when the frost knocks at your door
    let my ink cover you in its heat forever more
    as we soar
    the endless sky is our desire
    as the clouds themselves form symbols of our love
    the eternal flame is our fire
    beyond the pen where lies the kindles of friends
    the kindling of passion’s spark
    in the fires that know no end
    sweet words on the page
    let us write again
    for I can still hear you
    reading my words from before
    wet on your lips
    as the phrases dripped
    from your breasts to your hips
    as I touch your inner core
    I breathe now
    and I inhale you from your essence
    feeling you in my chest
    as if you were dancing to my heart beat
    I waited so long to feel complete
    and now you have come to me
    the final piece of the puzzle in my mural of love
    found i the mist that flutter above
    where I hold you in my tender embrace
    as we float
    softly above the feathered clouds of night
    bathing in the light of the full moon
    as the cloak of the evening covers us
    ans we are gratefully lost there
    as we become one with the shadows of our desire
    you are the last great adventure
    in my journey from pain
    as I write your name in the shifting sands
    where the winds of chance blow
    feathery shadows fall from the clouds
    as your image is held there before me
    like the shining sun
    sweet in the knowing as the water of the mind falls
    gentle yet eternal in it’s flowing
    for my passion for you knows no end
    like the words of the poets pen
    I must write
    for destiny calls to me from the ink well
    and I must hold you
    for your eyes beckon to me
    like the lighthouse in the stormy sea
    warming me and setting me free
    as my ship docks in your waiting arms
    as I stand before you
    bearing the offering of my heart in hand
    presenting to you this written girt
    held in the silent whispers
    of a humble poet’s single kiss
    found in the ears and left on the lips
    of my beloved

    Thoughts of a Single Man 2012tm


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