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Monday 30th April is our finale but in order to write your last piece, you need the words which the group has selected.

For those who want to take part in the live finale (to listen or to share work) it will start from 10pm GMT/BST via Skype (add me ‘AngeeEdgar’). We will be able to conversate and share poetry with those we have only type-talked to during the month. Or you can enable the chat function in our Facebook Group. if you don’t have access to Skype.

I do hope you will join in, if only to listen and chat or IM (as Skype has that function too) for those without a microphone, you can listen to the rest of us and type your responses). I envision it to end around midnight but who knows we might have such a great time we carry on for a few more hours! If you are unavailable when I call out to the group at 10pm UK time, as soon as you are able to join us you can call me – just make sure you have added me on Skype and I have accepted, then you can be added to the group conversation! It really is easy!

Watch the video!

Thanks to all who voted for these words and thank you to the following group members for your word suggestions:

Zita Holbourne

Mark Paleologo

Marina Bayley

Katie Rendon

Adam Rowland

Lana Joseph

Halim A Flowers

Your WORD POWER LIST is as follows – LET THEM GUIDE WHAT YOU WRITE, whatever it may be.

In your poem you may only use each of these 25 words once (and in any order) and please capitalise them in your poem.

  7. EXIT
  11. LOVE
  13. MYRIAD
  15. PORTER
  16. RUBBLE
  17. SHIMMY
  19. TRUST
  20. VOYEUR
  21. ZITHER
  22. ZOMBIE

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!






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  1. Zita Holbourne

    The SOCIALISTS had nothing for NACARANDA but TRUST
    But her ABSTINENCE had left her full of energy and lust
    First she would SHIMMY then grab one of them to FANDANGO
    When the ZITHER played she’d find a new partner to tango
    Her ENJOYMENT of all forms of dance was ENDOGENOUS
    But as the women watched they thought she was courageous
    Her ENTHUSIASM was contagious and IRRESISTABLE
    The women wanted to be her and the men to be with her
    Unknown to any of them she was a VOYEUR
    Cleverly disguised, sent to spy on them by the fascists
    They were unaware she was one of the extremists
    Charming and beautiful it was easy to gain their ACCEPTANCE
    Silently she laughed at how easy it was, their ARROGANCE
    Preaching their socialism, fairness and equality
    Yet letting her in as one of their own INEXPLICABLY
    It left her feeling DISCOMBOBULATED
    Not used to this sort of attention but strangely elated
    Never in her life had she been so welcomed and felt so much LOVE
    This new sense of belonging fit her like a glove

    Her father had worked as a PORTER
    And though he cared for his only daughter
    He was always too busy to give her any attention
    How her mother had died he would never ever mention
    She was only ten and after there was a MYRIAD of women
    Wined, dined, then brought home soiling the bed linen
    In the morning the majority were gone
    She never warmed to those that stayed, not one
    It left her unloved and trusting nobody
    And as she grew into a woman lonely
    Attracting men who were DISTINGUISED but CORRUPT
    They found her easy to manipulate and instruct

    This is why she had ended up with the right wing leader
    And how he’d been able to so easily instruct her
    To befriend these people she danced and smiled so freely with
    For the first time ever they made her truly want to live
    But after months of coming here and socialising with them
    Tonight she felt strangely sad she’d never seen them again
    She indulged in one last dance then reluctantly
    Took her EXIT, hit by the shock of the reality
    Of what she was about to do now
    And suddenly she didn’t know how
    It was she had allowed herself to behave so wickedly
    And as she made her departure she was like a ZOMBIE
    Nearly caught in the heat of the explosion
    She cursed the day she had been chosen
    To participate in this evil scheme
    She was forced out of her thoughts by a blood curdling scream
    She ran back not thinking about the consequences
    Or about the reaction of her accomplices

    The hall was nothing but RUBBLE when they finally found her body
    MAGGOTS had devoured all that was left but at least now she was free
    Having helped the others to escape through the secret passage way
    Her last thought was that it was only right that she should stay
    She didn’t deserve to live for what she had attempted to do
    And now her time here on earth was suddenly through


  2. For I am truly blessed____.
    By “LJ”

    Before he entered my life…
    I felt like a ZOMBIE…
    He made me feel like I was some sort of…
    ENDOGENOUS retrovirus or viruses
    He left me like RUBBLE in the sand
    I told myself “is this what I want in my forever ‘man’”?
    I felt as though I was missing a part of me…
    like a ZITHER or a SHIMMY…
    totally incomplete…
    He treated me like his hired PORTER
    I desperately wanted out of that relationship…
    I felt myself slipping away…
    The real me was missing in action

    As much as I love music…
    I withdrew into a Quiet shell…
    wanting to hear Nothing except Silence…
    I stopped Writing after he threw away my 69 page handwritten Poetry book…
    There was no longer anything INEXPLICABLY fun about writing anymore…

    This man that claimed to love me…
    and marry me…
    I painfully learned that he was DISCOMBOBULATED, CORRUPT;
    his life was full of MAGGOTS
    and he had the audacity to be full of ARROGANCE…

    I am thankful & gratful to this very day…
    that I got away…
    I danced to FANDANGO…
    and took the EXIT…
    stage left


    One day our heavenly Father connected me with someone that I felt like I had met before…
    I felt his spirit through his visual Artwork…

    The VOYEUR that I am…
    caused me to learn and observe this DISTINGUISHED King
    It’s amazing to finally have divine TRUST…
    It’s easy to practice ABSTINENCE…
    because life is full of great men..
    and great opportunities

    I am grateful to God for blessing me with a real King…
    a real man and soul-mate who loves me unconditionally…
    He’s more than ACCEPTANCE of everything that I find ENJOYMENT in…
    I have a MYRIAD of love in my life now…
    I had never experienced such ENTHUSIASM from being with a man… as I do with him…
    He accepts and respects my writing…
    and all of the artistic things that I love to do.

    Even if I’m writing scribes about SOCIALISTS, NACARANDA or working on Word Power Lists..
    My soul-mate/life-line/beloved King & husband is always commending…
    and loving.

    For I am truly blessed____.

    Copyright © 2012 LJ

  3. Bayley Marina

    You can feel it in the air
    The calm before the storm
    The silent that all too loud
    That something in the air
    Of which we are all too aware
    Sitting there DISTINGUISHED and proud
    The PORTER of our woes the gatekeeper of our souls
    As raises his hand
    Then there’s an INEXPLICABLY sound
    It starts as slow melodious beat
    Echoing his name
    Signalling the time for change
    It SHIMMIES though the air
    Calling the ABSTINENCE of all fears
    A returned to where we begun
    When we know to LOVE, ENTHUSIAM was a general buzz
    No SOCIALIST, Communist, Capitalist, Ruler or King
    Rich man, Poor man, beggar or thief
    A time before we were all seduce by the VOYEURS of the CORRUPT
    A time when we know the truth
    A time before we became ENDOGENOUS drones
    Yearning for the ARROGANCE of a DISCOMBOBULATED few
    Whose only goal was to plant IRRESISIBLE MAGGOTS in your soul
    The beat grows louder and a second sound is now heard
    The strings of the ZITHER is a beauty to behold
    Signalling the start of the song for which we have waited so long
    Where we were a few MYRID of ZOMBIES now obscure the view
    The ACCEPTANCE of the beat as it touches their souls
    They begin to wake and move
    Total ENJOYMENT ensues
    As the people learn to TRUST anew
    As the beat picks up we realise that it’s not his name
    But a beat of a heart that we once knew
    The dance of the FANDAGO runs in your blood
    Eager to meet her greet her once more
    We start to remove the RUBBLE from our own doors
    Ready to EXIT and be whole once more
    (C)April 2012 Marina Bayley


    I woke up feeling like a ZOMBIE
    An itch under my skin
    Like MAGGOTS were settling in
    As much as I tried ABSTINENCE
    To curb being a VOYEUR
    I can’t be without the ENJOYMENT of my crime
    It was just too much to bear
    I was told I was CORRUPT
    I told them I couldn’t TRUST myself anymore
    But still they let me dance…

    Sat in the hall and laughed at my ARROGANCE
    I danced carefree
    As the PORTER played his ZITHER
    Their strings he plucked
    And they sounded their beautiful sound in response
    My SHIMMY ultimately DISCOMBOBULATED them
    My MYRIAD twirls held my audience INEXPLICABLY captive…

    In their ENTHUSIASM
    Their eyes closed and their mouths fell ajar
    As I had always planned their ACCEPTANCE of me
    They chanted my name aloud in their dance-fuelled ecstasy
    Whilst I thought
    Just don’t get me mixed up with the tree
    As much as I LOVE their PURPLE flowers in the summer..

    With the removal of my last veils
    I danced the FANDANGO for the last time
    Crumbling them to the RUBBLE I knew they should be
    I made my EXIT.
    ©30th April 2012 Angela Edgar


    Often lacking TRUST
    In our relations
    Wanting it
    But afraid because of the MYRIAD of
    MAGGOTS who fed off the pain from her dead heart
    LOVE lost forever
    When she left him DISCOMBOBULATED
    Yet he feels compelled to her pull
    Is IRRESISTABLE to the hunger pangs in his stomach
    That craves for the ARROGANCE of her touch
    His scent so pure to her carnal intentions
    Yet so CORRUPT because when he enters her valleys
    She feels pain when her soul anticipates
    The inevitability of his EXIT
    He swears in anger
    For he has been wounded one too many times by her
    DISTINGUISHED sweet words of nothing
    That leaves voids instead of filling them
    Like VOYEUR she travels deep into his hurt
    And exposes his insecurities to the coldness of the public
    Then divides his rich secrets to the universe
    With such seductive equality
    Like SOCIALISTS with Bolshevick aspirations
    He sets off a RUBBLE in her volcanos
    When he leaves after their often-repeated arguments
    Is how they make love
    And make-up sex just to find peace
    Two wounded lovers
    INEXPLICABLY crazy in love
    Like ZOMBIES walking dead into each other
    Lusting to bite one another
    And perpetually drawing cold blood
    Such ENTHUSIASM for war after love
    Why do we love this way?
    How did we grow to this level of ACCEPTANCE
    To accept this
    Way we love each other in this crazy world
    Where we find ENJOYMENT in seeing each other cry instead of smiling
    Why do we play each others dreams like a ZITHER
    Stringing her along with a false promise of commitment
    Doing the SHIMMY with our vows unspoken
    Like a PORTER
    She brings her baggage into each new love engagement
    Fear projectified from an endogenous condition
    Trying to find love in the wrong places like
    Them both trying to find the hidden meaning in the NACARANDA
    Like a drunkard doing the FANDANGO
    To a German melody
    They love off-beat like that
    Wanting to heal but still hurting
    Each other………
    (c)APRIL 2012 Halim A Flowers


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