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Your topic and title for Day 1 is:

“Who are u guys?”


You know what to do – get scribing!

When you have, please come back to the group and post your response as a comment below.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The Challenge begins!

Marina Co-Host



15 responses »

  1. Mark Paleologo © 1st April 2013

    ok lets get this started…

    Becoming More Evil

    i consider all i have forgotten

    roads i have traveled

    friends who have passed

    my beloved brother

    names of lovers and their eyes

    number sequences now dead

    who i actually am

    who i have been

    the swagger and the call

    narrow lapel with no vent

    silk tie and boots

    58 looming and hot

    endless pages

    of endless thought

    and endless promise

    i have been here before

    recognition folds neatly

    place cards at a table

    and the red queen

    after my head

    the uncertainty now

    reflected thru ash clouds

    and time little more

    than a mere ticking

  2. Charity Katotobwe Sikazwe © 1st April 2013

    “Who are you?”
    I’m just a simple girl
    Who looks at life in the face and does not curl
    I look at others and share
    For life is not a stare
    I’m just a simple girl
    Who believes in humanity
    Doing work in the community
    I’m just a simple girl
    With simple pleasures
    And simple treasures

  3. Slaine Montmont © 1st April 2013

    who whom am i
    The April Write 2013 – A New Era Begins

    today i am feeling fresh and clean i just jumped out of the bath

    today i am feeling healthily vibrate awake and happy to be alive

    today i am feeling loved and i am able to send it right back on the wings of angels

    today i am feeling creative strong so blessed as me again when my meds wear off lol
    no just kidding but a year ago i was not kidding i was in the grasps of a mighty depression that knocked me off my feet. i can never speck about what was with out honouring the that fact i live and breath in a well place today tomorrow can take care of its self

    today i am focused a sista with a plan a vision and no man i had to swipe out the cobwebs and that dusty of dry foot fool had to go

    today i feel lighter no unnecessary heavy load in my back pack or in my way

    i am connected to self my ancestors and all my dead relatives as they give me wings does open minded creative people and happening like this April writers month

    who am i today beloved free as an eagle sawing across the sky and money food man depression can not give me that kinda freedom

  4. Adam Rowland © 1st April 2013

    Who are you guys?

    A warming stew affords heartiness.
    Subcutaneous axioms doggedly traverse well-trodden highways.
    Yet I see them languish.
    Stoma overdue.
    Where are you guys?

    A zesty fillip strikes like a bolt through the dome.
    I writhe on the shambles’ floor.
    Sanity promenades out the door.
    Or up the chimney.
    How are you guys?

    Having played its role, I toss my now too salty potato into the garbage.
    Membranes collide violently.
    My sanguine pathos cannot be contained.
    Excoriate the multiverse.
    Who are you guys?

  5. Marina Bayley © 1st April 2013

    Day One _ Who are u guys?

    Fear burns the fire in my soul
    Tasting the rawness of the flow
    Bile in the pit of my stomach soars
    As the voices begin
    We are challengers and the challenge
    Poets, Artists, Singers, Photographers, Painter, Wordsmiths,
    Bringer, Receivers, Watchers, Seekers, Givers and Friends.
    Though 30 days we will ascend
    As this new era begins
    The April Write 2013 ignites
    Full flamed inspired bright
    It’s here we take our stand

    The question posed
    Think I have been punished, for forgotten sins
    For the answer so clear and bright
    Obvious, in the dimming of the night
    Has left me in the cold day light
    My stomach rolls
    Small repose
    A little smile
    Exclaim, small refrain
    The beauty of me fully exposed

    I am that in which the power of the universe resides
    I am the fire from whence thee came
    I am the earth from which thee feed
    I am the air that thee breathe
    I am every lake, stream and sea
    I am an apparition
    Many can not see
    I am here with thee beside me
    I am the challenger and the challenge
    Bringer, Receiver, Watcher, Seeker, Giver and Friend

    Though 30 days I will ascend
    April Write ignites
    Full flamed inspired bright
    It’s here I take my stand
    Holding on to each hand
    I am you as you are me

  6. Karen Stally © 1st April 2013

    I am black
    I am white
    Im like the day
    Thats born of night
    I am the sun
    I hold the moon
    I manifest joy
    & live inside gloom
    I am your mouth
    I am your tongue
    I possess riches
    But money-I have none
    I am a melody
    A tune
    I am a flower yet to bloom
    I am the tree
    I am the seed
    A slave that has been freed
    I am that I AM..

  7. Lana Joseph © 1st April 2013

    (Our Day 1 Topic & Title)
    “Who are u guys?”
    “By LJ”

    We are…
    A Phenomenal Group of an assortment of wonderful creative Artists…
    Our Mother/Creator is a beautiful Queen SisTar named Angela Edgar

    This year we are giving back to our beautiful Mum…
    by participating in “The April Write 2013,” which has just begun
    with the mind-set that “A New Era Begins” for us all

    We are blowing the bugles of ink
    and standing tall

    Who am I?
    I am she
    Lana Joseph…
    aka “LJ”
    I’ll tell you more
    on April third
    Please join me
    you’ll see
    the authentic she…

    I’m thrilled to be…
    right here with ‘u guys!’

  8. Zita Holbourne © 1st April 2013

    I am all I can be

    I am
    I am all
    I am all I can be
    I am all I can be at any given time
    In all I do I aspire to shine
    Blending words with people, causes and art
    Sometimes alone but always a part
    Of something bigger striving for more
    Searching for what’s at the core
    Seeking equality, freedom, justice and democracy
    Always looking forward but grounded in my history
    Fighting for my rights, your rights, every day
    I stand up to those who get in the way
    Of justice and equity
    I don’t give up easily
    Spiritual kin call me a griot of the struggle
    Those who feel threatened tag me maker of trouble
    I reject the labels and stereotypes they try to pin to me
    Refuse to be intimidated, express myself freely
    I am words, I am feelings, I am expressions
    Embracing spirituality not possessions
    I am colour, I am imagery, I am vision
    Striving for fulfilment not position
    I am comfortable in my own skin
    I have no desire to conform or fit in
    In all I do I aspire to shine
    I am all I can be at any given time
    I am all I can be
    I am all
    I am

    Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist AprilWrite 2013 Day1

  9. Katie Rendon © 1st April 2013


    I am a prism, the pieces of myself fragmented
    into color-coded chambers. A spectrum
    split between wavelengths of refracted inferred
    and iridescent radiance. I isolate, absorb, and reflect.

    I am a double helix, fighting upstream
    on a downward spiral. I cover-up
    my DNA make-up, try to decode
    what’s been encoded into me.

    I am a reflection.
    Not of the cellulite in my genes
    or the booze in my blood.
    Not of the grey hair and wrinkles
    that were either inherited or earned.

    No, I reflect the spectrum.
    I am proof that the rain will end,
    that chains can be broken,
    that anything can shine,
    If held to the right light.

  10. Kayla Martinez © 1st April 2013

    Who am i
    even though ive done you wrong
    youve answerd my prayers
    and even though i make mistakes
    and ive asked for forgiveness
    you never turned away

    who am I
    That you gave your son to save me
    so i can live today
    so i can see all the beauty and blessings you throw my way
    who am i that you know everything
    ive been through and you
    always got me through
    who am i
    that even when i lie you always see the truth and even when i hurt you
    and do wrong neve have you ever
    turned your back on me when i needed you the most.
    Who am i
    that when i question my life
    you give me a reason to live and change my mind and when i question your name, on why you make me feel or this pain and heartbrake when i shouldnt question your name.
    Who am I
    that you know everything about me
    that you wash away my tears
    who am I
    that you send your angles to protect me when i face my biggest fears and still i wake another day
    who am i
    that you gave me this gift to write so i can pour ny heart out in a different way
    who am i
    To call on you when i need you and some days i forget to pray
    Who am i
    That you heald all my scars and always took away the bad thought
    Who am i
    When i pick the world over your word
    And even when though i do all this i feel your love everytime i wake
    You show me how great you are and even after all my mistakes you forgave me anyways and now i know who i am and
    I am yours

  11. Alicia Patterson © 1st April 2013

    Who are you?
    I am a complex being.not wanting to simplify for you..Not wanting to exemplify for few..Only pleasing for who?
    My Lord and Savior..
    The only flavor..that stimulates my buds is honesty and loyalty and ambition and love..
    If you are lucky to be in the existence of me.Bring your A game of creativity
    Not that same ole same ole monotony.
    And I am a monopoly…i will take over your soul with wisdom and knowledge so prepare to grow.
    As I am a prepared to listen. I would like to be glistened with only good deeds only good reads..and only powerful knowledge that I can pass to my 4 beautiful seeds.

  12. Holly C Bussell © April 2013

    Who Am I?

    When I saw the title
    My eyes started to tear
    This is a profound question
    One that I have never answered

    Why couldn’t the title have been
    Who You’re Not
    Because I have answers
    for this question

    I am not a mother
    am not succesful
    I don’t have money
    heck I don’t even have a job
    and I am not stable

    Who Am I? Who I Am?
    I am a daughter, granddaughter
    I am a sister and an Aunt

    I also have two adorable dogs
    and a life that has veered off course
    stalemated in the muck
    I can’t get out of this rut
    I push and I try
    but I am pushed back
    by another life
    I speak but
    no one hears me
    in one ear
    and out the other
    as it has always been
    I don’t see a way out
    I need help and can’t live by myself
    I may scream and shout
    but repremanded and ignored
    I have no one other
    no one to hear my cries
    no one to uplift me
    when the bottom falls out
    So I will continue to not
    make a fuss
    Sit in my chair and play games
    as this is my break from reality
    I will sit and stare out
    the upper back window
    to the normal world below
    Where my life
    does not let me go
    Everyday I sit and play
    sit and stare
    Let my wills crumble
    and let my fire die
    Wait for the day
    that my body shatters
    and I am released
    from all this pain
    April 02, 2013
    Holly Bussell

  13. Donna Parkinson © April 2013

    Who are you guys?

    Behind these bars I permeate my subliminal existence,
    Re-walking that path of least resistance,
    That was once so fucking inviting,
    At the time my actions were exciting,
    Nail biting,
    Man that shit was Igniting,
    A flame so intense,
    That my common-sense,
    Was pushed beyond its moral limitation,
    My ideation,
    Was expanding,
    And I wasn’t thinking about no crash landing,
    I was re-branding,
    Changing into an upgraded and improved ‘yours truly’,
    The thing was….I liked the newly,
    Established me that I was seeing,
    I was metamorphosing into some sort of ‘super being’,
    That for once was being heard; respected,
    I was no longer neglected,
    There seemed no end to the esteem I could evoke,
    People actually took notice when I spoke,
    But subconsciously I wondered if it was my imagination speaking,
    Whether hallucinations were wreaking,
    Havoc with my genuine views,
    Was I more of an antagonist than a muse?
    I had only ever wanted to be somebody,
    But the ill-treated kid I had left behind,
    And slowly but surely I realised in my mind,
    That in my perpetual quest for approval I’d ended up ‘in too deep’,
    Moreover, the self-loathing began to seep,
    Out of every pore,
    I had so much shit to answer for,
    I was no longer the abused; I was the abuser,
    No longer the accused; I was the accuser,
    No longer much of a victim more of a victimiser,
    Inside I was the biggest self-despiser,
    My conscience was starting to nag,
    Life suddenly had this massive price tag,
    I abruptly grasped that I’d devalued it excessively,
    Shit!!! I was progressively,
    Becoming what I had always detested,
    My understanding was massively infested,
    It was crawling with a new type of exasperation,
    That was about ready to do battle with my so-called regeneration,
    My embryonic inner selves were emerging at last,
    But they, were at odds with my past,
    Present and future personalities,
    All of my abnormalities,
    Were fighting to be dominant at one time,
    Christ! Vengeance would be mine,
    But which one of ‘me’ would be victorious,
    On this glorious,
    Day, would it be the notorious,
    Self-professed self-important pseudo king,
    The part of me that was hell bent on conveying,
    Some sort of paranormal power,
    Or would it be the battered child that would finally have his triumphant hour,
    Rather than recoiling in a distant corner of the room,
    Praying to be dragged back into the womb,
    Of the woman he was ashamed to call mother,
    Where he could murder his psychosomatic brother,
    And put us all out of our misery,
    Consequently avoiding the imminent delivery,
    Of a creature of evil and immoral breeding,
    But unfortunately there would be no conceding,
    To that particular beast,
    That fight had long since ceased,
    Then there was the hidden adult that I’d always wanted to be,
    The man that sat dormant, incarcerated, deep down in me,
    Just dying, just screaming to be heard; to be recognised,
    Known only to my subconscious as the fool that had disguised,
    His true persona for so many years,
    The guy whose fears,
    Had strongly outweighed his self-assurance,
    The real one suffering this endless durance,
    Sitting behind these imaginary bars permeating my subliminal existence,
    Surviving somewhere in the middle distance,
    Of my mind’s eye,
    Oh God I’d watched him cry,
    I had bared witness to this guy,
    That sat deep within the ‘ I’
    That I so wanted to develop,
    Yet all he did was envelope,
    Himself in darkness and gloom,
    He kept himself locked in a room,
    With no key,
    Just staring out the window looking at me,
    Waiting for the day when he would grab his victory,
    Will he prevail; will he ever win?
    Or is he destined to forever sit behind these bars within,
    Keeping company with the many façades I call ‘me’,
    Wading through the debris,
    Of my past indiscretions,
    Whilst listening to the confessions,
    Of a lunatic gone good,
    I guess so cos these are the memoirs of a man so desperately misunderstood…..

  14. Debbie Golt © April 2013

    i am coming late to this, only looking now, force majeure, sometimes I am so far ahead with what I do, when others catch up they overtake and look like originators, other times i find it’s all been said and done before I reach. i know I am here to make a difference, a positive difference, so my time is now without past agendas or comparison

  15. Priyashmita Guha © April 2013

    I am? I am who I enigma for some and an open book for others..a strict disciplinarian for some and a fun girl for others..a heartless authoritarian for some and the kindest friend for others..I am who I am..which sliver of me you see depends on you


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