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Welcome to Day 6 of the 2013 April Write – a new era begins
There is no set title or topic as such for today. Your challenge is to use ALL the RANDOM WORDS I have chosen, in any order and only ONCE in your poem.
word power
Please watch the video to collect the words you will need to write your poem!!!

To show that you have used those words, please CAPITALISE them in your piece.





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  1. April Writers – Hope you enjoyed the Word power clip

    The 19 Random words you have to include in your piece are:

    Betoken – Elephants – Casuistry
    Helicopter – Inconsequential – Jink
    Kingdom – Leave – Memo
    Needle – Orotund – Sanctuary
    Tautology – Universal – Family
    Villein – Zoomorphic – Sauce – Play.

    Hope you have fun playing with these words – bye for now and I look forward to seeing what we all come up.

    ~ Marina

  2. Zita Holbourne : © April 2013


    The image she created was BETOKEN of another creature
    ZOOMORPHIC in form but it felt sacred and pure
    It reminded him of ELEPHANTS and the wildlife of the Serengeti
    It was unlike her other pieces and broke the TAUTOLOGY
    He made a mental MEMO to ask her what had made her LEAVE
    The safety of her artistic SANCTUARY – was it to deceive?
    Or was the message it contained OROTUND to others?
    He felt irritated that they could PLAY like lovers
    But yet she could JINK him like he was INCONSEQUENTIAL
    CASUISTRY played no part, frustrated with his lack
    Of understanding, like seeking a NEEDLE in a haystack
    Interpretation was individual yet he felt with this it should be UNIVERSAL
    However it was as clear to him as a HELICOPTER to a VILLEIN
    Would in Medieval times have been
    He wanted to ask her outright but feared as he wasn’t FAMILY
    She’d take offence at such SAUCE and think they were not meant to be
    He stood back, closed his eyes then opened them slowly
    And like a miracle the painting spoke to him and he saw it for the first time clearly.

    Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist April Write 2013 Day 6,

  3. Marina Bayley © April 2013

    Education, Education, Education
    Was the OROTUND cry
    Supposed to be the key
    But hundreds still unable to read
    White ELEPHANTS to distract
    For the masses, the VILLEIN,
    the one who held on to hope
    Stood in line
    thinking all was fine
    a simple cross on the page
    Was all they gave?
    Never to see a TAUTOLOGY so cruel
    Put your mark here
    And not your name
    Your needs are INCONSEQUENTIAL in this man’s game
    Pawns in an unrelenting PLAY
    UNIVERSAL FAMILY just a MEMO on a page
    CASUISTRY reasoning
    JINK though the eye of a NEEDLE
    Few men standing tall above them all
    Like the cat who got the cream
    The SAUCE on your bacon and beans
    Never BETOKEN the end
    Where no one is a brother or friend
    When we heard the cry
    Should have simply taken our LEAVE
    May as well said…



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