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Welcome to Day 8 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Today is centred on a quote from Jean-Paul Sartre’s ‘Nausea’.  So, read the quote below and bring forth whatever it inspires in you.

The Topic for today is: “And now it has started blossoming.”

 “Something has happened to me:  I can’t doubt that any more. It came as an illness does, not like an ordinary certainty, not like anything obvious. It installed itself cunningly, little by little; I felt a little strange, a little awkward, and that was all. Once it was established, it didn’t move any more, it lay low and I was able to persuade myself that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was a false alarm. And now it has started blossoming.”  ~ from Jean-Paul Sartre’s ‘Nausea’

You have a choice in how you tackle this, either use the Topic as your title or follow the general feel of the piece and what it brings forth.  Whatever you choose, please enjoy the process. 

Much Love to you ALL and many thanks to Adam Rowland for finding this quote.  ~ Marina.





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  1. Zita Holbourne © April 2013

    And now it has started blossoming.

    It was uncertain if it would even make it
    Because when the cold spell hit
    Everything was buried under a blanket of frost
    It seemed as though Spring was completely lost

    When the snow fell and settled there
    There was nobody to know or care
    Starved of both water and sunlight
    It became a never ending fight

    It might be easier to simply die
    But nature in her wisdom would not deny
    This weak and late edition
    Breaking with tradition

    Several weeks too late one Sunday morning
    At last it seemed as though Spring was dawning
    The sun came out and challenged every cloud
    Unembarrassed its rays were strong and loud

    Taking pity on the garden where even weeds had failed
    It stopped to consider what had ailed
    This once green space that had been blessed
    Indulging in vibrant colours then caressed

    By butterflies and bumble bees
    Rhythmically dancing in the breeze
    Now a barren wasteland of memories
    A damaged victim of the winter freeze

    When it reached its peak at midday
    It decided there was a need to stay
    It beamed down on one particular spot
    Until it burned a hole so hot

    It forced a small shoot to appear
    And in no time it grew without a care
    For the cold that nearly caused it not to be
    And stood up proudly for all to see

    For now it has started blossoming
    Ablaze with the glory of its blush pink colouring


  2. Donna Parkinson © April 2013

    ’’And now it has started blossoming.”
    Growing into myself,
    Emerging triumphant,
    From a sea of doubt,
    Crashing through barriers that have surrounded me,
    Pushing me down,
    Keeping me from my own recognition,
    You can’t hold me no more,
    I’m free…
    Liberated in verse,
    And now it has started blossoming,
    This feeling of worth,
    This need to express,
    This desire to live,
    To make a difference,
    And now it has started blossoming,
    This new mojo,
    This drive to excellence,
    This realisation of potential,
    I have this hunger inside of me,
    And now it has started blossoming,
    This flower within that needed but a drop of hope,
    To help it flourish,
    I am able,
    I am worthy,
    And god knows I am here…….
    Yes me!!
    I am finally here…

  3. Adam Rowland © April 2013


    No life has been brought.
    No life could be.
    A lacklustre performance.
    What are these dead and lifeless, useless strands?

    Struck by an uneasy simplicity.
    Dyed in the wool yet still fading.
    Distended conviction.
    To model and be modelled.

    ‘Do unto…’ a useless sobriquet.
    Without these locks: unremarkable plastic.
    Even with.
    Discovering the milieu.

    Most variable inflection.
    It is fixed.
    Dying embraced.
    Import assiduously ascribed.

  4. Marina Bayley (C) April 2013

    Not ready to make a choice
    yet I still continue to hear the voice
    tic,tic, toc
    slowly eating away
    parasitical demands on delay
    strength of mind controls
    deep set denial unfolds
    burning all thoughts of it away
    ultimate question delayed
    with out pity, compassion or remorse
    this thing will continue to take it own course
    fighting to survive
    continues to blossom inside
    just hoping that it will just go away
    but continue to hear the voice
    at a lost as to what
    to do
    just keeps eating at me
    hearing the clock
    tic tic toc
    comes the time when
    there is no choice
    So I stand before She
    who gave birth to me
    I utter a simple phase
    “mummy, Mummy…
    the clock stops
    her world stand still

  5. Debbie Golt (C) April 2013

    And now it has started blossoming – or inspiration from the radio
    They say “Do you hear messages from the TV or the voice of god?” when ascertaining sanity
    Those who are but one ism of a chromosome away from being the assessed part of
    The equation
    I guess the difference is what you do with the information

    As poets we are ready for inspiration
    From whatever and whichever source in the course
    Of our days
    The portal of the third eye ever open
    This morning I heard the exact words for today’s poem
    “… and now it has started blossoming …”
    In a context more than fitting

    The BBC R4 ‘Start the Week’ round table having critically
    Appraised ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and prophets’ visions Described in the bible – or the Koran
    To say nothing of the inhabitants of Gotham City
    As the bi-products of migraine
    Open to totally scientific explanation

    The next contributor spoke of genetics and a contrived evolution
    And how healing can only grow from what already is
    “And now it has started blossoming …”
    A kind of existential genesis
    He described how this translates into genetic modification
    And how new genres across species
    Are created without the knowledge and the knowing that is
    He gave us the case of Freckles

    Freckles is a goat who when she is milked
    Produces spider silk
    Spider silk from milk
    Spider silk from the milk of a goat
    Spider silk from the milk of a goat
    Dreamed of in a remote lab in the Yukraine mountains
    The thought sticks in my throat
    Stunned by the ramifications
    And the liberties taken

    I imagine this milk transformed into silk
    Is too valuable to drink
    Tho imagine
    Farmhand to cartoon super hero in three easy stages
    Graphic transmutation
    Right here, before our eyes, on the brink
    Of irreversible change to civilisation as we know it
    For once I think it wiser to close my receptors for a minute

    If it was me being interlocuted in the psychiatrist’s chair
    With my freedom at stake
    Dare I share this clear evidence of unseen messager
    Conspiring in our favour
    A warning, a message from the ether
    Comic heroes no longer the product of brain inflammation

    The messages are always there, the universe’s voice is always spoken
    It’s up to us what we do with the information
    A cognitive revolution
    We know now
    It’s up to us to act
    Debbie Golt, April 2013

  6. Lana Joseph (c) April 2013

    Poetic Blossoms…
    “By LJ”

    I love Poetic Blossoms…
    It’s National Poetry Month
    What a fantastic way to spread our wings and soar…
    Writers Write On!

    I love reading all of the wondrous creations…
    that Poets/Poetesses share with the world
    It’s so wonderful to take such emotive journeys
    emotions felt sometimes bring sadness
    at times the writer evokes romantic passion
    quite often a reader is taken to new heights
    no matter what the scribe is…
    it’s a universal piece of literature that can be shared
    it’s a work of art that can be felt by all

    As a writer myself…
    I adore the April Write Challenges!
    I feel like an Autumn flower blossoming

    the Poetic Atmosphere fills me
    It’s fulfilling in many amazing ways…
    I awaken to inspiration beyond this galaxy

    at times it’s difficult to explain
    one just has to be connected to this crazy intoxicating world

    it’s like an exhilarating carnival ride that you wish could go on a bit longer
    it’s like spending time with out of town friends/family and wishing they could stay
    it’s like meeting one’s soul mate and waking up together everyday

    I love poetic blossoms…

    Copyright © 2013-08-04 LJ
    All Rights Reserved.


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