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Welcome to Day 9 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

I spent the best part of my earlier waking hours, in a state.
At around 07:25 I was just about to leave to go to work.
Last minute check nearly done; passkey √ phone √ book √ bus pass √ coat on. Decided on a route which passes a bank machine. Reality hits… where is my purse? Ooops! Only have enough cash for one bus ride. Emailed work to say that I will be extending my leave by a day. Ended up spending the best part of 3 hours turning the place upside down… then…

Have you ever been unable to find an item, when you need it most?
Strange how the absence of an item can change the course of your day or maybe even a life? 

The topic for Day 9 is: “Where did I put it?”

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
I will let you know a bit later how I spent my day and where I found my purse.





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  1. Donna Parkinson © April 2013


    Darkness prevails,
    As my heart sails,
    Into unknown extremes,
    Weathered streams,
    Pulling at my very soul,
    I aint got parole,
    And I’m on 24 hour lock down,
    All I see is gloom dressed up in a wedding gown,
    what a match made in heaven,
    And the seven,
    Years of bad luck from my broken mirror,
    Draws nearer and nearer,
    As my very being sinks ever further into submission,
    Hell not anymore,
    That ran out the back door,
    Long time,
    And try as I might I can’t climb,
    Up the ladder rungs,
    I speak in tongues,
    That no-one understands,
    And the demands,
    On my mind are out of their depths, water treading,
    For a fall,
    My all,
    Is lost,
    And the cost,
    Is too much to bear,
    The wear and tear,
    Is showing,
    My darkness is growing,
    And the all knowing,
    Clouds hover,
    I have no energy to bother,
    With resistance,
    My existence,
    Has been overrated,
    And I have berated,
    One and all for thinking any differently,
    And so gently,
    I slip into the darkness alone,
    And the unknown,
    Is my only companion?
    As I stand on the edge of a huge canyon,
    With one step between me and finality,
    My mortality,
    Drifts away on a gust,
    As I trust,
    The earth beneath me,
    Finally I am free,
    Dark clouds hovering overhead,
    That will probably follow as I shed,
    My tears…..
    I jump amidst my worst fears,
    Just as the dark cloud disappears,
    I am finally ready to Admit,
    I’ve lost my mind!!! Where did I put it?

  2. Zita Holbourne © April 2013


    She had IT going on
    Like a female don
    A warrior queen
    Always seen
    She made heads turn
    Men and women yearn
    Men wanted to be with her
    Women wanted to be her
    She was the queen bee
    She was enticingly
    It was in the way she walked
    The way she talked
    The way she danced
    The way she pranced
    It was her very essence
    That ignited every sense
    In anyone she would encounter
    They thrived off her

    So it left her stunned and shocked
    When one day the world she rocked
    Failed to notice her existence
    Disregarded in an instance
    She couldn’t understand how it could be
    Couldn’t they hear her, feel her, see?
    When she finally realised she no longer had IT
    She lost her flow and had a fit
    Collapsed on the ground after
    Whilst people passed her
    Lying in the gutter
    They heard her utter
    Where did I put IT?

    Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist April Write 2013 Day 9

  3. Alicia Patterson © April 2013

    Where did I put it?

    Losing myself in the midst of this setback is a negative. I refuse to be infatuated with decisions I made. Moves I played, or dues I paid.
    I refuse to be lost due to circumstance,
    because of idle hands and minds,
    learning experience that leave you temporarily blind.
    Situations take time.To heal. So I’ll heal.Dress that wound.
    Take care of it. Won’t let it get infected. And fester into my lovely being..
    I want to enjoy seeing the new me develop. Gaining strength in places I never could tell.Building momentum to redo this fail.
    Gaining more dignity and respect,wisdom,intellect, knowledge and power.
    So when asked where did I put it?
    The uncertainty,the haters,the critics,the devil,the fear.
    I say: they were never there.

  4. Marina Bayley © April 2013

    Where did I put it?

    Up at 5:00 feeling vitalised and alive
    Can’t wait to leave
    Get my day on the way
    Refreshed anew
    Had 4 days to lose myself
    In a self indulgent hue
    Done the required checks
    Just about to leave
    And what the PHATZ@~#
    My purse
    Is not where to be seen
    Wake the children from
    Deep slumber
    Did they tidy it away?
    Not fully aware of this is not a game to play
    Require from the Mister
    A helping hand
    This damned purse
    Just needs to be found
    In the dustbin?
    In the fridge?
    Behind toilet bowl?
    In washing machine?
    Under the table, behind, on, in the sofa, behind any of the chairs
    Place upside down but at this point, I don’t give a PHATZ@~#
    Top of cabinet/cupboard, In with laundry, under the bed
    Where oh where could it be
    Shit I need to let them know
    That the lost o this purse
    Has hampered my flow
    Emailed I wouldn’t be in today
    If anyone found my purse could they get back to me. PLEASE
    Take off my coat
    It now becoming too late
    Change my clothes
    And then I hear a small yell
    It here, found it
    To late to leave so if you please I take out the bowl
    Flour, egg, milk and yeast
    And spend the day
    Having fun
    Baking bread with my little ones.


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