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  1. Slaine Montmont Sistamama (C) April 2013


    personal growth
    spritial growth
    renwal of ones value
    renewal overstanding afirming of my values
    renewal and shading of ne and old things and friend groups
    renewal of my old skin and thepending ras season whein if finally settles and gets here
    shine bright and or even brighter
    shinning stars and moon child children sistar and sistarmamas not for getting fwllow creatives and da brothers

    stand out
    stand up for your right and the rights of others maat’ balance in all things
    stand strong
    stand firm
    blossom the name of one of my fav aunties that had passed due to the breast cancers in the female line of my family. this one is for you iyah.keep watching over me and guilding me with the rest of my ancetors and dead relitives and school friends thta have passed due to ill health or mental illess and all the brothers i know thta are just dropping dead fi real in their 40’s
    blossom everyone yesterday was a given tomorrow is never for always or for everyone

  2. Donna Parkinson (c) April 2013

    My season, My desire…

    Awaken me with your fruition,
    As all that is new blooms,
    Bursting into fresh life,
    Spring has come at last,
    Bringing me joy and laughter,
    Dragging me from the depths,
    Of my hibernation…

    My days are longer and packed with fun,
    Full of hot, sticky desire,
    And Sun-drenched beaches,
    The smell of heaven,
    Dances inside my heart,
    Oh summer my favourite season,
    You have come at last…

    Run through the leaves with me,
    Kicking up Autumns vibrant hues,
    And let the breeze cascade through my hair,
    Your orangey, golden colours excite me,
    Yet they evoke the unsympathetic cold,
    Reminding me that winter beckons,
    And I will once again withdraw…

    Oh summer hold me close in this icy wind,
    Never let me go,
    For winter has cut me deeply,
    Taking my breath away,
    In its blustery onslaught,
    Fill me with your temperateness,
    And warm my soul once more…

  3. Lana Joseph (c) April 2013

    Poetic Blossoms…
    “By LJ”

    I love Poetic Blossoms…
    It’s National Poetry Month
    What a fantastic way to spread our wings and soar…
    Writers Write On!

    I love reading all of the wondrous creations…
    that Poets/Poetesses share with the world
    It’s so wonderful to take such emotive journeys
    emotions felt sometimes bring sadness
    at times the writer evokes romantic passion
    quite often a reader is taken to new heights
    no matter what the scribe is…
    it’s a universal piece of literature that can be shared
    it’s a work of art that can be felt by all

    As a writer myself…
    I adore the April Write Challenges!
    I feel like an Autumn flower blossoming

    the Poetic Atmosphere fills me
    It’s fulfilling in many amazing ways…
    I awaken to inspiration beyond this galaxy

    at times it’s difficult to explain
    one just has to be connected to this crazy intoxicating world

    it’s like an exhilarating carnival ride that you wish could go on a bit longer
    it’s like spending time with out of town friends/family and wishing they could stay
    it’s like meeting one’s soul mate and waking up together everyday

    I love poetic blossoms…

    Copyright © 2013-09-04 LJ
    All Rights Reserved.

  4. Marina Bayley (c) April 2013

    Wanting, Waiting, Watching,
    Change to take hold
    Pulled though
    The autumnal hue
    Betoken the warning
    Death and renewal
    Blues instigated
    Mood slings designated
    Euphoric glow put on hold
    Murky gloom,
    No happy go lucky flow
    Don’t want to disagree
    But please just get the fuck away from me
    Each day commences
    Different but the same
    No distinction
    Sun and Moon
    Day and Night
    Pleasure and pain
    No High or low
    No shades of gray
    Black and white
    All or nothing
    The time just passes by
    And all the while
    Arms stretch open wide
    Waiting, watching, wanting
    For the change about to take hold
    Burst into flames
    Elevated, lifted, renewed
    From a melancholic mood

  5. Zita Holbourne (c) APRIL 2013


    Shy, withdrawn, lacking
    In confidence, attacking
    Her constantly
    Had caused her to be
    Timid and afraid
    She would fade
    Into the background
    Not utter a sound
    Until everyone forgot
    Her – No forget me not

    It was an overnight phenomenon
    She woke up one morning and shone
    Brought out her beauty
    Curves developed in all the right places
    Her ‘pretty’ blurred out all the other faces
    And with that came an air of confidence
    That gave everyone else the sense
    That she was someone they needed to know
    All desiring a piece of her ‘glow’
    And with her new found fame
    She blossomed without shame



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