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Welcome to Day 13 of the 2013 April Write – a new era begins

Today’s Challenge is a bit different from the others. It may take us more than the day to complete and we will all have to wait for our turn.
Which means that some of us will have time to catch up on reading and exploring our own pen depth.

The guidelines for today prompt are simple:
1. Pick a turn in the queue
2. When your turn is up, you will continue the tale in whatever style of writing you choose
3. Leave the ending open, so the next person can start from where you left off

Today’s host is a ‘young man’ who I consider to be my Son, my Brother and Friend so it’s makes me very happy to both introduce him and share his words with you. ~ Marina

Our Guest for day 13 is : Stefan Jeffrey and this is what he has to say about himself;Father/writer/basketball coach & player – health enthusiast.I’ve been writing since secondary school where it all started, then hit a hiatus when I discovered girls. Feeling satisfied that I’d done enough in-depth research on the opposite sex, I picked up my pen in my mid/late 20’s and began writing blogs and short stories. I’m a bit of a ‘writing chameleon’ in that I can be inspired by anything and write in a range of genres. My favourite type of writing is fiction, often science fiction and erotica.I’m still adding work to my website: feel free to have a poke around over a warm cuppa…


One Day It’ll Come Knocking… (inspired by the movie: The Silver Linings Playbook)

I saw something beautiful tonight, I saw two people fall in love and maybe they didn’t know it completely themselves but; the way Angie and Sam danced at the salsa class, the way he seemed to be almost protecting her whilst simultaneously allowing her to be free was exactly the right ingredients for something special.

They’d only been coming a few months and were rarely partnered up due to both them being quick learners and the teacher wanting each of them to dance more with the less skilled participants to help them along. I guess it was a long time coming and seeing it made me realise that love is often waiting literally around the corner, the timing and setting for when it pounces on you are unpredictable but one thing is for sure; we all deserve it.

Mr Ramirez, our fiery and energetic instructor made them go through some steps he’d been getting the rest of class to do and ushered Angie to the middle of the floor, calling for Sam with feigned reluctantly as though he hadn’t been wanting to get someone else to demo in his place. I can only assume that I was one of a few people that saw it happen as soon as the music started, but the couple appeared to forget about all of us.

They danced into another place totally removed from the meagre surroundings of Hartwell Street Community Centre, and I think for them, in those three minutes and forty five seconds that ticked away, they were synced. The ground could have begun shaking, a storm could have ripped off the roof or a small aircraft could have crashed in the street outside – it looked from where I was observing that all of that wouldn’t have broken the slice of tranquillity that they’d cut for themselves. I had no doubts they’d figure out they have chemistry and let nature take its course – if only it were that easy for me.

I stepped out into an uncharacteristic arctic April breeze that made me want to run back inside, but I had to get home to finish studying. I think life is often about choices and if I’d have decided to head back inside I wouldn’t have walked into opportunity causing it to fall over and say:


Instinctively and more because I was feeling both embarrassed and guilty, I put out a hand to help…


Click on the image above to see what happened next…



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  1. Instinctively and more because I was feeling both embarrassed and guilty, I put out a hand to help…

    Debbie Golt (c) APRIL 2013

    …as is my wont.
    The thing with opportunity is that it is a combination of luck and being ready and able to take it further, otherwise it is pure inconsequential chance.

    So I had all the right elements in place – strength, compassion, a smile and the thoughts of what had just transpired. No it wasn’t a person for me too to fall in love with. I am very well taken care of in that respect.

    A young guy had misjudged the kerb with his spring heel mini stilts and his balance and all his bravado had left him. I am not sure who was more embarrassed, me for seeing how his expression changed or he for having lost his cool. Normally I would help him up and go my ways. However something in his look made me ask questions. I asked about his stilts, they looked not unlike those used by paralympic runners – tho in his case they were additional to his red booted feet. When you ask strangers about something important to them you are always on safe ground as they forgo the privilege of secrecy, cool and who you lookin at and share all.

    He told me where and said something that made me abandon my original plan of studying. Instead I took the address and as it was too cold for any further desultory conversation I headed off to town. It was still cold and I had to keep the thought of what could be in my head to keep warm, thoughts can do that.

    Basically what I do is put people together, broker things, not commercially, mutually beneficially and I knew that this time actually I was the link not J and P or this one and that one. So I pushed open the door and shut out the cold on entering.

    My plan was…

  2. My plan was…

    Marina Bayley (c) APRIL 2013

    My plan was to pursue a different train of thought today this was or could be the opportunities of a life time as they say. Not sure how I was going to play it yet – but boy was I going to play. If I could combine the two elements I would be on a winning streak for once. Only problem was how I was and if I could get Angie and Sam to understand my plan and get them involved they were the energy they evoke when they dance was the key to making this all work. What about Mr Ramirez, shit as his name rose in my thought, warning bells began to ring in my ears. Something told me that this all had to be kept from him. I wasn’t quite sure why but knew with all certainty, that if he found out what one plan was my life would be in danger. A cold chill ran though my body as I approached the bus stop. I knew that this had nothing to do with this weird weather we were having but something much worst. A deep sense of anxiety, fear and excitement hit me all at once. I knew what I had to do next…

  3. A deep sense of anxiety, fear and excitement hit me all at once. I knew what I had to do next…

    Zita Holbourne (c) APRIL 2013

    but I felt afraid and got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I took a deep breath and turned around, away from the bus stop – I could go to the place tomorrow – if I didn’t share my idea I would burst. Most of the class went to the bar next door afterwards – hopefully they would be there and I could get to speak to them without the Ramirez listening in and spoiling my plans. As I pulled my collar up to block out the cold my mind wondered and I began to think about all the other ideas I’d had that hadn’t come to fruition. I’d always been a creator, an inventor, always wanted to come up with something new that nobody else had thought off but with each great idea had come embarrassment, humiliation and shame. Either because it was a complete flop or it had already been done by someone else, copywritten, patented and I was too late. Too late – the story of my life but this time I would be on time. This time it was different – I could feel it in my bones despite the cold numbing them. The combination was unique – nobody could have possible combined those unique stilts with the magic only created by dancing partners who were truly in love – if they agreed we had to act quickly because the deadline for entries was approaching. As the bar – aptly named ‘The Dancing Lady’ came into view I had a sudden attack of panic. What if they couldn’t dance on the stilts? What if they laughed at me. I might be forced never to return to Hartwell again from the shame and that would be truly unbearable. The reason I had continued to go all this time was simple. I was in love with Mr Favio Ramirez. The way he danced, his fiery personality, I loved him so much – seeing Angie and Sam tonight – I wanted to be like that with Fa-vi-o – I like the way the three syllables of his name rolled off my tongue. He had never mentioned a woman in his life which gave me hope that he might like men. But that was for another day, tonight my focus must be on my idea and making it happen. The warm lights surrounding the Dancing Lady were inviting on this chilled evening and I pushed the door open with determination instead of hesitation. What I saw when I opened it stopped me in my tracks, frozen in the doorway – the warm of the inside on my face and the coldness of the outside on my back. My mouth dropped open , my head started to pound and I started to…


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