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  1. This was one of the very first poems I ever wrote and was featured in my first published poetry book “Inspired”.


    I do not fear
    What waits for me around the corner

    I do not fear
    What lies in store

    I do not fear
    I know it’s best for me

    I do not fear

    Because with God by my side
    I can do so much more.

    (c) 10th March 2007 Angela Edgar

  2. Zita Holbourne (c) April 2013

    Fear Less

    They called her fearless
    Thought she couldn’t care less
    Did what she wanted to do
    Went where she wanted to go
    Never cowardly
    She acted bravely
    Stood up to her oppressors
    Always focused ignoring detractors
    She was outspoken and bold
    No bullies could get a hold
    On her to intimidate
    She disregarded their hate

    They never knew that she grew up in fear
    Bullied daily but no one could see or hear
    The pain she endured physically
    The scars that remained mentally
    Crying herself to sleep each night
    Trying to keep the bruises out of sight
    Raised on ‘tough love’ by her mother
    With parents who didn’t respect each other
    Victim of bullies in the school playground
    She’d take each beating without making a sound
    There was no escape school and home
    She was isolated and so alone

    Some days she wished she was dead
    But each day she arose held up her head
    Carried on and made it through the day
    Somehow surviving finding a way
    Grabbing what moments of happiness she could
    Amongst the bad she sought out the good

    And as she grew older
    She grew stronger
    Developed a tough exterior
    Refused to be treated as inferior
    Stood up to power abused
    Refused to be manipulated or used
    Asserted her right to live with dignity
    Stood up against inequality

    But as tough as she appears
    Just like all she has hopes and fears
    And every now and then all she wishes for
    Is that someone would open up their door
    Take her in and hold her tight
    Tell her that everything will be alright
    Allow her to relax in their caress
    Let down her guard and fear less

    Zita Holbourne,Poet~Artist~Activist, April Write 2013 Day 17,

  3. Marina Bayley / Cheyenne Bailey (c) April 2013

    I was catching up on and was looking for piece I started and find one which my youngest wrote for a school project so though I would share it with you guys again:

    Come and face your fear
    Own your fear
    Use your strength to conquer your fear
    Realise your fear and take it over
    Accomplish your fear
    Give yourself bravery
    Encourage yourself

    by Cheyenne aged 9


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