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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 19 – Freaky Friday 2

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Welcome to Day 19 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins Freaky Friday#2


Our Guest Host for today is : Slaine Montgomery AKA SistaMama

Welcome one and all! Sis Slaine+Slaine Montgomery= SisStarMama is continuing her mission to heal self and others by planting and weeding her thoughts about being a Women Goddess Mother Friend Grandmother Aunty and Mentor and now parent governor. Her black is golden and making radio programmes is her ting, Black to business people. She has lived many lives and reincarnations and is a mother of five and grandmother. Working in all areas of supported housing management for over 15 years and link-working with the community voluntary sector has enabled her to have full over standing on a grass root level of what’s really going on. ‘Some of our community is in pain right now.’


“We can create a ring of love around the world By our thoughts & deeds. LOVE, can heal our self and others. LOVING one-self is the 1st step. LOVE the skin you are in. LOVING thoughts and deeds, will lead us all to a loving place. A willing cause and then The effect will be the natural out come. This Friday I intend to write or perform a new share. So, watch out will not post until the weekend. so get stuck in and get your sexy on just for yourself lol. ” ~ Slaine

Use these images below to inspire your Freaky Friday write for today.




Have fun now!



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  1. Slaine Monmont / Sataftwc Sataftwc (c) April 2013

    lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy dem

    it was clear from a very early age that she was gonna be a curve girl.
    her mama would say rock it girl and enjoy your shape. be aware that nuff man will be attracted to you but not all man is fi you or your things sweet heart.

    things she thought to her self her mama never made it clear as a 7 yr old what that mean. as she got a bit older between 10 and 11 yrs old she exactly what her mother was talking about. lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy dem.

    her mother new exactly what she was talking about as it was her girl child gift to the world for a while and her mother had to walk in the same shoes with out anyone preparing her about this fact.

    her mother encouraged her to walk tall with pride as nuff man and women will love lust after you. getting a real well fitting bra gave her the outer confidence she needed and grow to honer her own supper power. when she walked pow pow pow man would just stop in dem tracks and try it. whats good browning mi loves you yu know girl. in her mind she would just kiss her teet and smile real hard with the mental thought for the rest of her life man was gonna tak the blood clart piss. and she would have to defend it run and physically remover her self from that energy lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy demy.

    as she grow tall and then taller she became status 6 foot tall in stockined feet. her mother new she would be able to protect her self not like she had to endure. not being able to distinguee between lush and love at a very young age. her heart and soul was broken so many times and yes a school teacher sexually abused her too. her mother vowed to her self she would be open and honest with her and always have an open door policy so she could and would talk to her at the drop of a hat with out judgement or distain. lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy dem.

    the beautiful princess new that it was not men that rock her world or made her kitty kit o so wet. lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy dem. her earth mother is not in this dimension any more but the advice she was given in a very loving open caring served her well. she is now a very confident well rounded grounded sexy super power house and has just finished her phd has travelled tasted new tastes and writes about eroitic and had 12 books under her belt. lots of princesses sisstarmamas goddess have curves and enjoy dem.

  2. Halim Flowers (c) April 2013

    I love the sight of her even though I can’t see her
    I love the feel of her even though I can’t touch her
    I love the seasoning when she is spicy even though I can’t taste her
    I love the sound of her lust dancing in my ear even though I can’t hear her
    I love her because she is LOVE!!!


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