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Welcome to Day 20 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

I can’t believe it! 19 days have passed our way already. I have been inspired, touched and humbled once again by the power of the writes that are posted and the truth behind the love which graces this page. We are all poets, writers, readers and painters coming from the same stance to create something wonderful in the name of creativity and poetry.

So, for today, in recognition of our love for self, others and the acts of creativity, we are all going to start the same.

The first line of your piece today will be: ‘It started with a word…’

The challenge today is: 



How you end and the direction you take is up to you, but your first line must be:

“It started with a word…”

~ Marina



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  1. Brenda Vengesa (c) April 2013

    So I’m jumping right in, first contribution…..

    It started with a word..
    And the emotions were riled up
    Like a croc infested swamp.
    They continued to come through
    Tumbling on my sensitivity
    Like a brick wall in a storm.
    I’d been here before
    But I couldn’t stop the pain
    I wanted to speak up and throw back my own
    But you get addicted to the abuse
    Your body perks up for it
    Only to slumber in defeat
    Each word is a poison dart
    Injecting a falsehood laced
    In bitter truth.
    Frozen in a place and space
    That neither wants nor cares
    For me
    But the fear of the unknown outweighs
    The verbal onslaught that’s now
    My bread and butter.

  2. Zita Holbourne (c) April 2013

    It started with a word
    He hardly heard
    He thought at first
    He had misheard
    The notion was absurd

    But in his heart he knew
    And understood what he must do
    He climbed off of her
    Looked at her lying there
    Without a care
    No remorse or fear

    He got out of the bed
    What was that you said?
    He asked her slowly
    But angrily

    She opened her eyes
    Looked at him with surprise
    Beckoned for him to lie down
    His face formed in a frown

    This time he shouted furiously
    What did you just call me?!
    It didn’t mean anything she replied
    Just an expression she lied
    He cut in – Hell No!
    You need to go!
    He took down a suitcase
    Spat in her face

    Pack your bags and leave
    I cannot believe
    That you would say that word to me
    TO ME!

    She pleaded now
    Asked how
    Could he react so
    He must know

    How much she cared
    Why had she dared
    To speak to him that way
    She couldn’t expect him to stay

    She was crying now
    Asking him how
    Was she to know
    He would react so

    That word was in the films he got
    And in the rap songs he loved a lot
    Even in the book he read
    She pointed beside the bed

    She’d heard him say it too
    When he was hanging with his crew
    So why was he behaving this way
    Just because he heard her say

    A word that he had brought
    Into her world and taught
    That it was acceptable
    Then act like it was so terrible

    When she used it in passion
    It was just an everyday expression
    He stopped to think
    Felt his heart sink

    Realising she was right
    He started to see the light
    Recognise his hypocrisy
    In using that word so freely

    Then being offended when
    The woman he loved then
    Did the same
    He felt shame
    It was wrong for him to accept
    That his race could say it then expect
    That just because she was white
    It wasn’t alright

    If he found it offensive for her to say
    How could he be around it every day
    And embrace it like it was okay
    It was unacceptable to behave this way

    And for the first time
    He thought about his historic line
    And how that word was used
    On his ancestors so abused

    Those who fought so he might be
    Able to live life freely
    Losing their lives for his emancipation
    Now look at his generation

    It was disrespectful
    Completely unacceptable
    And he made a vow never
    To use that word again ever

    Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist April Write 2013 Day 20

  3. Natalie N. Dixon (c) April 2013

    It started with a word than My mind took it and turned it into a whole vision .. so i picked up my pen and begun filing in the empty lines of my notepad with persistence. the more i wrote .. the more thoughts my mind so freely started giving . The finish line is now getting close … it’s vivid … I chose my own path although WE ALL STARTed THE SAME in the beginning

  4. Angela Edgar (c) April Write 2013


    It started with a word…
    When he spoke my name
    Then he asked me to close my eyes
    Held my face in his hands
    Drew me close
    And he gently kissed my lips
    I was suddenly in heaven
    I could breathe again at last
    So I sighed contentedly
    Because his kiss was unlike any other
    He re-lit the fire that had died inside
    And I knew I was finally home
    And he was ‘The One’ meant for me.

    (C)20th April 2013 Angela Edgar

  5. Joan Cant (c) April 2013

    It started with a word, and the word is always there, moving in and out of becoming. Glory in both appearance and disappearance. For we are both. Follow with joy the rise and fall of its breath. Worship, dance and behold it as you need to, for the word is the embrace. Behind, beyond, the word, is the source of that embrace. That source is you, before you were spoken. Visit, in silence, often, the unspoken memory of you. xxx

  6. Halim Flowers (c) April 2013

    It started with a word
    Who knew that heaven on earth could begin there?
    It started with a word
    I replied to her question about my name
    It started with a word
    When she asked me what was the meaning of my name
    It started with a word
    When she first asked me to take my shirt off in her room
    It started with a word
    As she did that thing with her tongue between my abs which lead to my ******
    It started with a word
    When I asked her if stripped of everything material who she really was
    It started with a word
    When I asked her to be with me forever
    It started with a word
    When I asked her what she saw in my eyes
    It started with a word
    When I asked her what I had to go through to win her heart for eternity…..

  7. Debbie Golt (c) April 2013

    It started with a word, which one tho? What springs to mind is ‘she’ or maybe, ‘woman’, putting paid to the notion of creation of one by the other via a ‘spare’ part – that spare rib, or banished Lilith; we females, we women, by every way you play the words always give up a part of OUR constitution to create those counter parts of the species ( he, man, males, men), tho ultimately we are merely separated by the “n”th degree and EveN , it doesn’t really matter A dam N, We all start the same… Word!


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