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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 21 – FREE VERSE 3

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Welcome to Day 21 of the April Write 2013: A new era begins

Today is our third free verse Sunday. There is not a topic for today so you can write about any subject which comes to your mind. All we ask is that no erotica is posted today and it is saved for its space and time on Freaky Friday. ~ Marina



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  1. Katie Rendon (c) April 2013

    (Inspired by the sewn up rose photo from Day 18)

    Before the Petals Fall

    You, my seed
    are blossoming into a woman.
    You are Baby’s Breath
    with Rosehips.

    While you push
    petals open
    I cup my hands
    In the shape of a bud
    And pray…

  2. Mark Paleologo (c) April 2013

    walking the right of way

    curses fly through

    forests of frustration

    not caring to roost

    in branches of

    an unfinished life


    then abandoned

    on another siding

    overgrown and tangled

    run thick with

    necromantic incantation


    and pictures that fade

    amidst synaptic discord

    there are many ways

    he looks over his shoulder

    watching her

    as she finds the only flower

    daring to brave the gravel bed

    for a soul to commit suicide

    her knees bend as

    she touches the petals

    one only needs

    to keep on living

  3. Zita Holbourne (c) April 2013

    They call it free verse Sunday
    A day of freedom to say
    A day to just go freely
    For you and me to be
    In touch with our souls
    Our hearts, our goals
    Our deepest thoughts
    Expressions not taught
    But learnt each time
    We pen each rhyme
    They say we’re free
    But is anyone really?
    Why freedom on Sunday?
    Why not Friday or Monday?
    In some cultures it’s a day of rest
    In some religions they put on their Sunday best
    Some call it the week’s end
    So now we must transcend
    Create poetry and spoken word
    No matter if inspirational or absurd
    The possibilities spin with elation
    Anticipating our next creation
    No guide like other days of April Write
    No theme, no start
    No image, no art
    Just what our minds create
    FreeVerseSunday – it’s a virtual date!

    Zita Holbourne

  4. Zita Holbourne (c) April 2013

    Twenty Years On, RIP Stephen Lawrence
    by Zita Holbourne, Poet,Artist,Activist

    Twenty years on
    how far have we come?
    What has been done?
    There’s too much still wrong

    Stephen Lawrence talented and bright
    Aspiring architect killed one night
    For nothing more than colour of his skin
    Justice sought, fought for by his grieving kin
    Challenging institutional racism
    Exposing police failings and discrimination
    Race Relations Amendment Act was created
    A public sector duty against such hatred
    Yet still no justice as the killers walk free
    Black communities are quite rightly angry
    Lawrence family continue to fight on
    Inspiring others determined and strong
    To challenge racism blighting Lives and futures igniting
    Campaigns to bring about equality
    Hopeful that through them eventually
    A change would come
    Now fast forward on
    Twenty years on to the present day
    Has racism really gone away?

    Now how far have we come?
    What more must still be done?
    Twenty years on and progress is being reversed
    By a Government intent on seeing us cursed
    With poverty and deprivation
    Injustice and discrimination
    Scapegoating of black communities
    Encouraged by the Coalition’s policies
    Making cuts that are ideological
    Trying to make it impossible
    For progression on equality and race
    As they reverse not just slow the pace
    Stopping, searching, demonising
    Barring, blocking, ostracising
    Cutting jobs and communities
    Failing on their responsibilities and duties
    To eliminate race discrimination
    With their deliberate division
    Between the rich predominately white
    And the poorest who have to fight
    Just to stay alive
    Just to survive
    Disproportionately poor and black
    With evil smiles that say ‘if you’re black get back
    Twenty years for partial justice served
    Whilst some still don’t get punishment deserved
    Twenty years and a family are still grieving
    While communities still grasp on to hope of believing
    That a different reality is achievable
    And that an equal society is possible
    Yet even as they dream shedding tears of sorrow
    It’s unbearable not knowing if this tomorrow
    Will come during their or their children’s time on earth
    Even whilst recognising their own great worth
    Feeling the pain of being treated as if they’re worthless
    In a land ruled by those who couldn’t care less
    That the disease of racism is reducing their life chances
    And instead of progression and advances
    They face a life of prejudice and discrimination
    In this supposedly great nation.
    Twenty years later we all deserve to live at ease
    Twenty years later Stephen you deserve to rest in peace


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