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Keeping with tradition, our finale piece of the April Write 2013 will be a Word Power challenge. However, unlike the previous Word Power exercise, these words will be chosen by you.

ImageIn order to do this, we need a word or words which currently describe or sum up your experience of this month, which we will all then use to create our finale April 2013 write with.

So, your task if you should accept it, is to add your word/s below or like the ones which have been added by others and I will let you know on the 30th which words will be used for the finale challenge. ~ Marina





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  1. WORDS CHOSEN SO FAR & which I will update as they come in…

    Debbie Golt ~ Reawakening (of my writing spirit)

    Zita Holbourne ~ Multiculturalism

    Kerrin E Pringle ~ Love All, Serve All…

    Angela Edgar ~ emotional … releasing

    Joyce Waters ~ Hearsay

    Mark Paleologo ~ swirling

    Marina Bayley ~ Kinship

    AlanandMagdalene Moore ~ fear

    Donna Parkinson ~ empowering

    Bridget A. Nutting ~ challenging… cleansing… cathartic

    Karen Stally ~ Breakthrough

    Sara Russell ~ Sharing

    Will Bayley ~ frustrating

    Vernon J Davis Jr ~ Wisdom

    Bolaji Ade ~ Inspiring

    Lana Joseph ~ fusion… vulnerable…tumultuous…

    Justice Clarke ~ Aspiration

    Zita Holbourne ~ Invincible

  2. Slaine Montmont ~ challenging healing productive

  3. Shani Cruz ~ Freedom… Reconnect

    Zita Holbourne ~ Reparations


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