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Welcome to Day 23 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Today’s challenge is a bit different as we are blessed with the voice and words of our Guest Host:  Karen Stally AKA ZUWA


Zuwa, meaning ‘Sunshine’, is here to shed some light and warmth, with her musical style and unique blend of lyrical content. ZUWA has a passionate conviction that words are the seeds of life, and this is reflected in her lyrical content and expressions. She communicates through songs and poems, to inspire and challenge, provoke thought, stimulate, heal and edify. Although her artistic experience is vast, her development as a singer-songwriter has been a very personal process, making her songs intriguing and rich. 

“The first song I ever wrote and completed is called ‘Nothing to Lose’. It was recorded in 2006 and weirdly began as a rap, but the lyrics were quite different..It’s a love song, yes. One that laments love broken, love lost… And then decides there is nothing left to lose in admitting the love is missed. It’s a liberating feeling when you reach that point where you take the fear away and allow the love to just be what it is. “

The topic for today is: ‘Nothing to Lose’ 

“Have you ever felt that way, about anything? Where you realise you have nothing to lose.. Maybe because you’ve already lost something so important.. Or because you realise that the only thing stopping you is fear.. And a life lived under fear is no life at all.. Hope you find some inspiration in my ramblings… & here’s some of the rap version.. Just for fun:”

“Stress free zone was the place that I rested

My breast on your chest we caressed manifested

Could it be love it was pure

From the start and for sure

Time went on and now we both be wanting more”

Sit back relax listen to the beautiful tones or our sister and friend Karen Stally (ZUWA) 

~ Marina



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  1. Donna Parkinson (c) April 2013

    He’s got nothing left to lose….
    Boy child yawning,
    Only 10 years old,
    But he had to be bold,
    To make ends meet,
    Mamma had always had happy feet,
    Needed to let off steam,
    A constant stream,
    Of men through the yard,
    Cos she had the trump card,
    Wet pussy, liquor and drugs,
    It drew the thugs,
    Like flies on shit,
    She thought she had a solid gold clit,
    Tic a tic a toc the Golden hen,
    Laying eggs for the gentlemen,
    Sometime nine, sometimes ten,
    But then,
    The laying stopped; the golden hen got sick,
    Infected dick,
    Put paid to her living,
    No more head would she be giving,
    HIV held her in its clutches,
    No more solid gold crutches,
    This pussy was retired,
    No longer required,
    So her son had to pick up the slack,
    He sold crack,
    On the corner from dusk til dawn,
    Cold hungry and withdrawn,
    He held his spot,
    Day in day out he would shot,
    For his mama’s medical bills,
    She needed money to get those pills,
    And he was the only means,
    A crack dealer before he even reached his teens,
    Come rain or shine,
    He was on the frontline,
    Selling his toxic wares,
    What a state of affairs,
    For a boy so young,
    Street was his mother tongue,
    And he was on his grind,
    To a life of vice,
    What a price,
    To pay,
    A day,
    In the life of a lost youth,
    This was his truth,
    His actuality,
    Dodging mortality,
    Was just a formality,
    For him, no big ting,
    All that was important was shotting,
    He had nothing to lose,
    Its not like he could chose,
    His path,
    The only aftermath,
    Was To help his mother,
    There was no other,
    He was good at what he did; streetwise,
    Better than those other guys,
    Who got busted on da regs,
    And then he would pick up their dregs,
    And take over their zone,
    He always worked alone,
    So he had no one with which to share,
    He lived on a prayer,
    And I swear,
    He was on a mission,
    Only to treat his mother’s condition,
    All the street bullshit meant zero,
    He was his mother’s hero,
    And that was all that counted,
    All the rest amounted,
    To pile of steaming shit,
    Nothing mattered except for the addicts wanting their next hit,
    He needed their addiction,
    Their affliction,
    Was his earning potential,
    And so it was consequential,
    That he was on road,
    The pavement was his natural abode,
    His habitat,
    Imagine that,
    A 10 year old the best crack dealer in town,
    You can frown,
    If you want, but this was a day in life of this juvenile,
    This unsuspecting boy chile’,
    Was living the penalties of his mama’s decisions,
    Life in the projects meant divisions,
    There were no choices,
    Only unheard, hungry voices,
    Hell half the time food was an indulgence,
    Hunger was a sixth sense,
    But he made sure his mama was fed,
    And that she had her meds,
    As that was all he could do,
    He had to pull through,
    He had nothing to lose,
    It’s not like he could chose his path,
    The only aftermath
    Was another day in life of a boy pushed to the very brink,
    It was always swim or sink,
    And he was determined not to drown,
    He wouldn’t let anything knock him down,
    So he hustled,
    He bustled,
    To make ends meet,
    Night after night on the cold dark street,
    Until 1 morning at early dawning,
    Whilst innocently yawning,
    He arrived home with enough dough,
    To supply mums meds for a month or so,
    Happy as hell he called out,
    But mama was sprawled out,
    On the floor with the needle still in place,
    He would never forget the look on her face,
    And as he bent to hold her,
    He repeated something he’d told her,
    Long ago,
    I love you mum I hope you know,
    But she couldn’t hear; she was already too far gone,
    And it wasn’t long,
    Before she died right there in his arms,
    And the ghetto alarms,
    Were ringing,
    As he left the house clinging,
    To days gone by,
    And with a sigh,
    And a tear,
    And memories of yesteryear,
    He left his mother to her truth,
    And this was just another day in the life of a lost youth,
    He had nothing left to lose,
    It’s not like he could chose,
    His path,
    Now he would live the aftermath….

    Morning guys this is an adpated version of the first chapter of my fifth book but it fitted so aptly here that i couldn’t resist.. sorry its not a new piece xx

  2. Marina Bayley (c) April 2013

    She realised that she had nothing to lose
    Only to choose
    To drop the noose from her neck and fully stretch
    Drop the shackle
    She try to compromise
    But was to strong to bend and bow
    Would not break
    Leaving it to late
    Not to be tamed
    Order and control
    With a chaotic asshole
    So with his arm at her throat and the threat
    In her ears
    This man frame was going to hear
    What she wanted and how she felt
    In the briefness of moments
    The words seep out
    I have nothing to lose
    And I no longer choose you
    I want you gone
    In the briefness of moments
    The pain in the eyes
    Blood boiled
    Anger raised
    One hand on her chest holding her against the wall
    One hand behind his back
    Do you want me to shoot you is what she hear
    Her heart step back
    Time stood still
    In the briefness of seconds and against her will
    She said, she said
    Go on then
    From somewhere deep inside
    The lioness began to arise
    The mournful roar
    Ready to rip, this shit
    Then just as it began
    A tiny voice was heard
    Mummy, mummy you ok
    Against her will
    In full control
    Go back to bed Hun, I’m alright
    Just changing things around tonight
    Backing off in full shame
    She looked at him with totally distain
    I have nothing to lose
    Except you

  3. Zita Holbourne (c) April 2013

    I SEE A RAY OF HOPE by Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist

    Look at the world around me and ask myself why
    Try to stay strong but can’t help but cry
    I see people living homeless hanging on to life by a thread
    Children abused or worse abandoned or dead

    I see those at the top, void of compassion for humanity
    Those at the bottom finding relief through insanity
    Those in power feasting on corruption and greed
    Disregarding the dying in their hour of need

    I see hatred exemplified through violence on the street
    Children taking the lives of children gone in a heart beat
    I see poverty and deprivation caused by a government who don’t care
    Playing on the confusion caused by ignorance and fear

    I see once strong people fighting just to stay alive
    Trying to hang on to the last traces of dignity and pride
    Humiliated by a system that has taken the little they had
    Then demonises them as lazy, hopeless and bad

    I see babies born into poverty whilst mothers abandon hope
    As they try to juggle 3 jobs and family knowing they can’t cope
    Trying to make ends meet living day to day
    Living hand to mouth, struggling on low pay

    I see a Cabinet of billionaires laughing at our demise
    And a media amplifying their myths and lies
    Causing confusion and disarray
    Whilst increasing numbers have lost their way

    I see equality stripped away and discrimination increasing
    Whilst more give up hope and stop believing
    That justice is a possibility accepting this as fate
    Instead of recognising they need to wake up before it’s too late

    I also see the people that think there’s nothing left to lose
    And overnight they become just another statistic on the news
    Some turning to drugs, others to alcohol or crime
    No longer caring that their living on borrowed time

    I see so much anger and despair
    Tearing at my heart it’s so unfair
    Those responsible unrelenting
    Ripping out the souls of the living

    Until it’s so painful they forget who’s to blame
    Turn on their own in anger with no shame
    Destroying aged and established foundations
    Built through blood, sweat and tears by previous generations

    Whilst those who created this situation
    Look on and laugh with elation
    Waiting for us all to self-destruct
    Killing each other from mistrust

    Not of those responsible for their misery
    But of those who used to be
    Their allies, comrades, sisters and brothers
    Shunning each other like scorned lovers

    If there’s nothing left to lose now it’s all been taken away
    There’s nothing to lose in trying to find a way
    To put aside minor differences and focus on what’s at stake
    Unite to resist the attacks we face, if not for your own sake

    To rebuild a future to bequeath to the next generation
    Our children are suffering from a life not of their own creation
    We owe it to them to pass on a foundation that’s strong
    Take responsibility for correcting all that’s wrong

    Focusing our energies not on hatred towards each other
    But working as a loving family hand in hand together
    To defend what’s left and fight for what’s been taken
    So the next generation is not forsaken

    If I look hard enough through the chaos, fears and tears
    I see a community that is loving, brave and cares
    I see the ability for us to work together and cope
    As we resolve and thus heal, I see a ray of hope

    Copyright 25 April 2013


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