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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 25 – WISDOM

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Welcome to Day 25 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Our Guest Host is the Author, Poet, Teacher and Mentor: Vernon J. Davis Jr.


Vernon J. Davis Jr. has been writing poetry since the early seventies. He was first inspired by Langston Hughes’s poem “Impasse”, which started his journey and adventure into the world of poetry and the spoken word. He is inspired by and in awe of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. His Idols.

Vernon’s very first published poem, “Beautiful Black Woman” (the basis for his poetry book), came out in 1978 in a magazine called Black Forum. His creative collection of Love poems, “Love,is, the Beautiful Black Woman” is his 1st book. Vernon’s 2nd book of poetry – “The Emosewa Woman” – was released 14th February 2010. He is currently working on his 3rd Book of Poetry, tentatively titled, “Her, She, Woman” (Her, She – Hershey(Chocolate) Woman).


The Topic for today is: Who Or What is Wisdom to You?



“WHERE IS WISDOM” by Vernon J Davis Jr

He looks for Her…Everywhere
He does not see Her…Anywhere
He steps down from the Sky
This Giant
This King
His Footprints all over His World
Impressions left of His search for Her
He asks…Has anyone seen Her
Has anyone found Her
Kept her safe…For Him
His Voice bellows Her Name
Carried by the wind spiralling deep within our minds
Of Her Relationship with Him
Without Her…Who of us is saved,
But He
She was with Him…Always
But not Always with us

Where is Wisdom…Have You found Her?




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  1. Donna Parkinson (c) April 2013

    What is wisdom…

    Wisdom for me is self-education,
    It is the fundamental compilation,
    Of conclusions,
    Wisdom is brushing away the illusions,
    Created by politicians,
    With their right wing or left wing positions,
    Wisdom is seeing past the media wheeler-dealer,
    Wisdom… real wisdom is a healer,
    It can soothe the cerebral yearning,
    Wisdom is a higher learning,
    That is born of knowledge,
    Real knowledge,
    Not just the kind of textbook syllabus taught in college,
    It is thinking outside of the box,
    It is the undoing of the locks,
    That hold us back,
    It is veering off the beaten track,
    In search of the truth,
    The real truth,
    It is a quality we need to instil into the youth,
    In order to move forward as a community,
    Wisdom will bring unity,
    And freedom…it will bridge the gaps,
    That will bring forth the collapse,
    Of the cultural, sexual, racial and religious divides,
    Crossing the fundamental barriers that subsides,
    The community’s fruition,
    Wisdom is the ammunition,
    That our teenagers need,
    To succeed,
    It is essential,
    Teach your kids how to recognise their own potential,
    And that knowledge is power,
    Our youth with wisdom and knowing,
    So that they are growing,
    Into the next generation of leaders,
    Encouraging the readers,
    And the writers,
    To be fighters,
    Armed with the wisdom of life,
    Not carriers of the gun or the knife,
    But bearers of knowledge and truth,
    Teach our youth,
    That the way forward is self-education,
    So that the regeneration,
    Of our communities can be reinstated,
    Hope needs to be re-created,
    From wisdom and understanding,
    Our children must be taught that expanding,
    Their knowledge will set them free,
    We are but a generation away from liberty…….

  2. Joan Cant (c) April 2013

    Wisdom. Night sky.
    A depth of dark blue pulsating strength
    studded with shining moments of possibility.
    Some of us, here on earth,
    may reach up into this depth
    bringing back a moment of divine intent.

  3. Slaine Montmont (c) April 2013

    Topic: Who Or What is Wisdom to You? who is wisdom to me .me myself and I my mother my sister and all the sheros and hero’s before me that came and when to make my road much sweeter lighter and enable doors to be kicked. I see parts or reflexions of myself everywhere and learn from them too

  4. Slaine Montmont (c) April 2013

    WHERE IS WISDOM- in the trees in the air in the sky in the water in my environment in my feet in my hand in my heart on my head and right thought to the tips of my locks.

  5. Vernon J Davis Jr (c) April 2013

    We Writers Write With Wondrous Words Welcoming Wisdom Willingly!

  6. Zita Holbourne (c) APRIL 2013


    If I am wise
    It’s only because I open up my eyes
    Absorb the happenings of the world around me
    Contemplate who and what I can be
    I embrace knowledge like a hug
    Take in information like a drug
    People are my passion
    Studying’s like a fashion
    I see what’s real
    Even when others try to conceal
    I seek out truth not lies
    I hear the cries
    Of those who have known pain
    I seek no personal gain
    Only justice for them all
    I help others when they fall
    To rise up until they reach
    And equal footing that they might teach
    And show the way to others
    Treat each one like sisters and brothers
    My ultimate goal freedom and equality
    I recognise a different reality
    From the growing misery
    Enveloping you and me
    Some call me a seer
    and a freedom fighter
    Be it wisdom or inner vision
    I draw on inspiration
    And innovation
    To forward the creation
    Of a better world for those oppressed
    Some say that I’m obsessed
    That I should live a little more
    Rather than contemplating the what and where for
    Of a future I will never live to see
    They say that I should simply be
    But I believe we have a responsibility
    To the next generation because ultimately
    We created the world that they must now occupy
    And put to rights the wrong we made when we die
    If I am wise
    Because I open up my eyes
    And see into the future
    Then wisdom must be the cure

    Zita Holbourne, Poet~Artist~Activist AprilWrite


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