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Welcome to Day 26 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Good morning all and welcome to the last of our Freaky Fridays in this years Challenge.





Our Guest Host today is Justice Clarke AKA ‘Flowetic Justice’


The topic for today is: Sexual Metaphor

You know what you need to do… read the ink that he has sent to grace the page – get your creative juices flowing and be inspired!  ~ Marina

“My Dictation”
by Flowetic Justice

I spoke to her through the ink of my probing pen
leaving messages of the rising libido
and the beating heart
the kind that flow sticky and wet from the start
there upon her mocha skin
the kind that are sighed on her sweet sugary walls from within
she wanted me to read to her my words
and feel them as they fell from my thick lips
upon her thick lips
wrapped in the irresistible twist of her thick hips
so I gave her my dictation
as my breath exhaled first upon her essence
warming the nether regions of her silken presence
where undergarments are lost
and tossed in the arc of the frenzied hand
as the poetry dripped wet from the mouth of the poetry man
sliding across her in sensuous ripples
enveloping her full soft round breasts
while tickling the tips of her stiffened nipples
leaving marks like hickeys upon the nape of her lovely neck
while all the time her lips so tender and juicy
ached for more of my dictation as they became increasingly wet
I spoke on long and strong
as the verses fell from my flickering tongue
as I lapped up the phrases that found their way inside her
penetrating her infiltrating her tantalizing her
as her heartbeat was rising
thighs so firm opening wider and were so enticing
so inviting for my dripping dictation
so I increased in it’s momentum
and could feel the rumblings begin to build in feathered moans
frothing in the glisten of her throbbing zone
the sensual movement coming from her smooth toned body
back arching
lips parting
scramming in my dictation as my words were shouting
until she releases in the creamy flow of a climatic crescendo
and I left her with one last lick
one last flick
one last kiss from my shining lips as a memento
forever captured in the syllables salacious sensation
along with my members inflation
and left in the last breaths of warming puffs
upon her pulsating palace of pleasure
for only she could truly measure
the girth the depth the length and the worth
of my dictation

Thoughts of a Single Man © 2013 tm




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  1. Joan Cant (c) April 2013

    Wo Ho! Wo Ho! de huzza fuzz
    How dido Fido?
    Thar wuzza Hunky Blunkett
    und furzo de Sloopy Snoo
    alla interdekerfuffle verra swettin und lime.
    Lull~~~~~~ jes fer a minnow~~~~~~~~~ entwined.
    Zeeming eternitum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?
    Nut innuendo! zis iz de troo troo Bunnies!
    Unt iz da finga lickin good.

  2. Angela Edgar ~ An old one but it fits today’s theme perfectly…


    It started with the honey I put in my tea
    An extra drip drops
    From the tip of the upside down bottle top
    Before it hits the surface of the kitchen table
    Not today I think, I’m just not able
    So I use my finger to catch it quick
    Cos I don’t want to mop up a mess that sticks

    Mmmhhh… I lick
    It tastes so good
    Mmmhhh…Then a thought it clicks

    I squeeze the bottle again
    Holding its golden entry level to my eye
    So I can watch the thick amber nectar downward fly
    Watch it glide smoothly out from its tip to my tip

    Mmmhhh… And then I lick
    It tastes so good
    Mmmhhh…Then another thought it clicks

    I squeeze again and again
    Once, twice, three times
    I savour the sweet sunny sensation
    Of sucking honey from my fingertip
    Then I imagine sucking honey
    From some other warm tip
    That’s it!
    I’m sold on that idea
    I pause
    Lost in translation
    I’m caught in a moment of hesitation
    Of plotting to make
    My fantasy your reactive reality

    Mmmhhh… I lick
    It tastes so good
    Mmmhhh… Then another thought it clicks

    I imagine your wet skin
    Still damp from a shower
    You spread out on the bed
    Ready for me to devour
    Nibble by nibble
    Kiss by kiss
    Me and the honey bottle
    There’s not an erogenous spot on you I’ll miss
    Liquid sweetness
    Enough for a triple sugar overdose
    I laugh and wonder if you are prepared
    To have honey sucked from your toes
    Then drip by drip and lick by lick
    You’ll have honey sucked from the tips of your slender digits

    Mmmhhh… I lick
    It tastes so good
    Mmmhhh… Then another thought it clicks

    Slowly, sensuously my tongue goes round
    I move my lips softly up and down
    Sucking the sweet liquid honey off your skin
    I think I might have you begging
    ‘Baby, let me come in…’

    I’ll make you weak at the knees
    I’ll have you think you’ve been smoking trees
    It’s the honey I want on your skin
    Yes, my lover, you are granted entry within

    Mmmhhh… I lick,
    It tastes so good
    Mmmhhh… Then another thought it clicks

    But I’ll be strong
    And I’ll be firm
    I want you smothered in fluid sweetness
    I want to lick you clean as you squirm
    I want to hear you writhe
    I want to hear you cry out
    ‘Baby! Please! Put something else of me in your mouth!’
    All in the name of ecstasy
    It’s just you and me
    And the squeezy bottle of aromatic honey
    Lights out, candles lit
    Mmmhhh Baby…
    Let me give you my special kind of lick…

    Oooh Baby, you hitting the spot…
    Oooh Baby, please drip another drop…
    Oooh Baby, carry on, connect my dots…
    Oooh Baby, I beg you… don’t you dare stop!

    ©2nd December 2010-21:15pm Written by Angela Edgar

  3. Slaine Montmont (c) April 2013

    The topic for today is: Sexual Metaphor gonna write a new joint for this.

    he came to me like a tightly screwed coil spring the divine unity tonight was gonna be an adventure we had both had very buzzy work weekdays and to spice things up we had been sexting all week long. and to add to it
    on Monday he send me 12 roses presented to me at my office
    on Tuesday he sent me a singing sexy telegram
    on Wednesday I book joint massages for the two of us
    on Thursday we send love sonnets to each other affirming our love commitment to each other
    on Friday with the sexting he sent me a pic of the new ropes we sent each other
    on Saturday we did an African yoga class together then when to the park and meditated sat in silence and then for a whole hour just held hands and allowed our vibrations to re connect with each other
    on Sunday from sun down to sun set we eat talked kissed cuddled make love to each other rested repeated again
    fell in a deep sleep looking to each others eyes with out talking
    and then departed from each other cool breeze. wondering when we would make time to do it all again

  4. Halim Flowers (c) April 2013


    I reached out
    And I felt her
    She felt me
    Without extending our palms
    We reached with the fingers
    That resides in our souls
    We touched each other in ways
    That thumbs could not grasp
    NO HANDS….

    We caressed each other
    Without ever having sex
    We felt each other up and down
    And around
    But it was purely platonic
    And intangible
    And when we made love
    It was no spot on our bodies that went untouched
    We make love without sexual intimacy
    We just transform our words into hands
    And heal each other
    NO HANDS….

    When she gets a little down
    I massage her breast with sweet tender prose
    Her breast being her heart (Get ur mind out the gutter)
    When I get soft
    She gets me hard
    My mind (Get ur mind out the gutter)
    So that I can overcome
    The bars, the steel, the concrete
    The noise and loneliness
    She builds me up to withstand the storm
    She gots my back and I carry her on my shoulders
    Because when she touches you with her hands
    Those spiritual hands of muse
    We are just built like that
    And touch each other
    NO HANDS…..


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