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Here you will find and be able to read and take part in the 2013 April Write Challenge… A new era begins.

AWC 2013 Blue

Welcome to Day 1

6th Annual April Write 2013: A New Era Begins

This year is going to be a bit different as our Earth Angel is unable to lead this year, but she’s here in the background supporting and advising as much as she can.

So, rather than not have an April Write, I am suggesting that we, the members on this page give back to her what she has given to us over the years. Therefore, in this year’s challenge, the focus centres around healing and inspiring ourselves and others.
I have gone back and forth with ideas for the topic for this day one write. Then as always with most things we sit and worry about the answer which was right in front of me – Thank you Karen Stally for posting – Roll Call and for your questioning nature Craig Williams Sr. For our topic and title are based on these two things.

~ Marina Bayley, 2013 Host

Marina Co-Host****************************************************************

Want to see how it all started? Grab your signed copy of my first 3 years writes. Thank you for your ongoing support from year 1 to year 6 and beyond. If you post a poem on 25 or more days during April 2013, I will send you a copy of my book for free (this is an ONLY offer). Those 2012 participants who got their books, will be able to tell you all about it!

~ Humbly yours, Angee. April Write Host & Creator.



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