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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Thank You

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The April Write 2013 comes to an end…


I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am for your participation and your readership. For those writing, I read all your comments & pieces in response to the daily prompts and I am always left speechless, my breath taken away with the complexity, compassion, honesty, openness and sheer fearlessness of expression you feel you are able to share on these walls. You give me back hope and inspiration when I read you, because I feel that all will be well in this place and with me.


I feel truly humbled when I think back to all those years ago when I had this silly idea (which I put it down to divine intervention) and to see where the April Write has come today, and where it could go. We may always be small in number but we are a creative family… always inspiring each other. Something Halim Flowers said to me and Marina Bayley a few days prior serves to reminds me (when I forget) just how important taking part (by reading or writing) in the April Write can be and is to some of you and how it can impact in such a life-changing way.

I’m lost for words… but I read you. I feel you. I SEE YOU…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Marina Bayley for doing a fantastic job hosting the 2013 April Write! 3 Cheers and a Hip Hip Hooray!!!



“I look forward to welcoming you all back in 2014.

I’m sure it will be like coming home!”  ~ Angee


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