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Welcome to Day 12 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

It’s Vent Friday 


The Topic for today is “Blessings”

Whilst reading the piece by today’s Guest Host, I was reminded that not all Vents need to be loud or in your face – some are about the quiet reality that we meet each day. So I give thanks to you for this write, on a number of different levels .  I am honoured to be in the position to share the work of today’s Guest Host: Justice Clarke aka Flowetic Justice  

~ Marina

Flowetic Justice has been working with his imagination since he was a teen. He began writing and illustrating his own original comic book stories at the age of thirteen. He dabbled in poetry a bit at fourteen but those few scripts evolved into rap. He began exploring the world of hip hop at fifteen. He has opened for legendary rap acts such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick, and L.L. Cool J.

He took a break from this while he majored in Psychology at New York University where he earned his degree . It was there that he learned that he had a knack for writing. He then spent several years working in the mental health field as a drug and alcohol counsellor and a clinical therapist. Due to a near fatal car accident, personal hardships, and emotional struggles he begin to write what he was feeling as a coping mechanism.

In 2010 Justice won the Blood Sweat and Tears poetry slam and began to concentrate on writing his first poetry book. Since then he has published six books all of which are available

So as his webpage says “Become lost in the endless rivers that flow from Justice Clarke also known as the Thoughts of a Single Man”



“A Blessed Day” by Flowetic Justice

How often do we hear people tell us
to have a blessed day
what do those words mean to you
what is your definition of a blessing
and how often do we stop and think
just how blessed we really are
there are so many hypocrites out there
who do not see the blessings around them
so many who take for granted
all that they have in their lives
and have the nerve to complain about it
I have been around so many people
who have survived so much in their lives
and are grateful
just to be able to see the conclusion of another day
I have also heard people complain endlessly
about the mundane rituals of their existence
people who have been graced by their accomplishments
who have seen their dreams begin to come true
who have put their artistic gifts to good use
and still they complain
while at the same time speaking of the blessings
they wish daily on others
you see I come from a past of abuse
physically from my older sibling
and psychological from those I grew up with
always being told I was the ugly one
the weak one
the meek one
the undeserving one
like to a spouse whose sole objective
was to make me feel that was less than a man
and child who turned from me
after I committed over half my life on this earth to her
that is no said for pity or applause
fro I am far from perfect and have my many flaws
but I have also been in a burning automobile
that should have taken my life and I am still here
and I still know that there are so many
who are much much worse off than I am
yes I have severe pain when I walk
but there are those who cannot walk
yes at sometimes I cannot breath
but there are those who will never breathe again
yes there are problems with my spine
but there are those who shall never bend or ever stand
there are those who can count their blessings on one hand
that’s is why I am grateful each day I rise
blessed that I can open my eyes
I hear those complain about their children
when so many of us wish we had ours with us
people who complain about their jobs
when there are those who wish that had somewhere to work
what is a blessing to you
do you now realize some people cannot read these words
some believe love the saying have a blessed day
is wishing others well
and that they make through another day
not for their possessions or gifts
but that they just exist for some live in a personal hell
and some have stories
they are still too afraid to share and tell
I know I am blessed to able to write sees to write
and pray my word touch at least one other being
for I know there are those who cannot write this way
and find what I write freeing
and any time I complete a poem
a song
a thought
that has been bestowed upon me to share by His grace
I can honestly say
than to me that is and always will be
a blessed day
Thoughts of a Single Man © 2013 tm


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