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Welcome to Day 3
6th Annual April Write 2013

I am known as Lana Joseph,
aka “LJ”
Lana is a character…
A name that I created for my short stories
She is Me
She’s born to create a variety of Art.
My real name is Queen A. Smith

I am a Woman, a Wife, a Mother, a Retired Classroom Teacher, a Theatre Director, a Playwright, a Short Story Writer, a Poetess, a Freelance Editor and a bit more.

I have been writing Poetry for approximately 6 years (publicly). Writing is a gift from God, and my passion. I am always grateful when someone is able to connect with my work; it is truly a humbling experience for me. Although my focus in writing is free verse poetry, short stories and play-writing, I am always challenging myself to write in many different formats. I am currently working on two books, which I hope to have published by the end of Winter 2013.

Additionally, I am Directing a new play that I’ve adapted for the stage. It is called “The Bonds That Binds.” This play have touched me deeply, due to the fact that it’s about a family that was separated for many years; and they are finally reunited by the end of the production. It touched me so, because personally, I have connected with newly found family members. I believe that it is very important to know my roots. I have a much better understanding now of where I come from.

My Topic for today is “Bonds That Bind.” Please feel free to explore this topic in any way that is suitable for you.

I will post my scribe based on this theme and posting it a little later today. I’m looking forward to reading and absorbing all of your offerings. Much Respect, Love & Peace To You All. ♥ LJ

Lana Josephguest


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