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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 15 – THE THREE R’s

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Welcome to Day 15 of the April Write 2013: A new era begins

And antipodean greetings once more!

We are almost half way through this year’s April Write and I hope that you, like me, have been enjoying the journey thus far.

The topic for today is “ungulates” … Just kidding!

No, the real topic for today is: “The Three R’s” or: “Reading, writing and arithmetic”.

Please see below for a piece from me on this topic – please feel free to use it as possible inspiration, or use anything else that may pique your interest along these lines.

You may wish to explore education policy in your country; or perhaps the divide between educational attainment of different demographic groups within your neighbourhood, country or further afield. Perhaps exploring the linkage between education and other life outcomes, such as criminality, relative wealth/poverty etc is more your cup of tea. Or the counting of how many leaves of tea are required for a decent cuppa (that’s related to arithmetic, after all…!)…

Best of luck, and I look forward to reading your pieces.





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Welcome to Day 15 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

Once again, today is a VERY special day. It’s our 2nd Free Verse day and it means you are allowed to write a poem on whatever topic you feel you need to explore. Or, you may choose to stick with the same theme that another person has shared for today.

If you have not yet been able to share a poem in our last 14 days, then today is your perfect opportunity.  But remember, no erotic poetry today please, because we have Freaky Friday’s reserved for that purpose!

When you next visit the Facebook Group, please click on the Events tab (under the logo at the top of the page) and there you will find quick links to all our previous days and videos in ‘The Month So Far’.

Day 15 of the April Write is a Free Verse Day, with no set topic to hold you back… post on this or any other theme you like.

Watch the video to hear my piece for today.





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