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Welcome to Day 24 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Our Guest Host for today is Zita Holbourne, poet & spoken word artist, visual artist, a community, trade union and human rights activist and a mother.


Many of us live in multicultural cities and towns – in the UK government leaders have stated that multiculturalism has failed and that multiculturalism is dead. I wrote this poem entitled ‘Multiculturalism’ in response to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech in Munich made on the same day that a far right fascist organisation were marching in a UK town Luton where he stated that ‘state’ multiculturalism had failed.

My view is that multiculturalism is very much alive and that it is strength for our societies. I have written and spoken on this topic over a long period of time and contributed to the book ‘Defending Multiculturalism’.

Culture and identity are very important to me and rather than the government’s view that I should assimilate to some fake ‘norm’ and hide the unique identity that makes me me I believe that embracing culture and identity empowers me and makes me stronger.

The topic for today is ‘identity and culture’ 

You might want to explore whether they are they an asset or a hindrance to your progression or what aspects of them are important to you and what they mean to you.

Watch Zita performing her poem ‘Multiculturalism’ here :





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Welcome to Day 23 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Today’s challenge is a bit different as we are blessed with the voice and words of our Guest Host:  Karen Stally AKA ZUWA


Zuwa, meaning ‘Sunshine’, is here to shed some light and warmth, with her musical style and unique blend of lyrical content. ZUWA has a passionate conviction that words are the seeds of life, and this is reflected in her lyrical content and expressions. She communicates through songs and poems, to inspire and challenge, provoke thought, stimulate, heal and edify. Although her artistic experience is vast, her development as a singer-songwriter has been a very personal process, making her songs intriguing and rich. 

“The first song I ever wrote and completed is called ‘Nothing to Lose’. It was recorded in 2006 and weirdly began as a rap, but the lyrics were quite different..It’s a love song, yes. One that laments love broken, love lost… And then decides there is nothing left to lose in admitting the love is missed. It’s a liberating feeling when you reach that point where you take the fear away and allow the love to just be what it is. “

The topic for today is: ‘Nothing to Lose’ 

“Have you ever felt that way, about anything? Where you realise you have nothing to lose.. Maybe because you’ve already lost something so important.. Or because you realise that the only thing stopping you is fear.. And a life lived under fear is no life at all.. Hope you find some inspiration in my ramblings… & here’s some of the rap version.. Just for fun:”

“Stress free zone was the place that I rested

My breast on your chest we caressed manifested

Could it be love it was pure

From the start and for sure

Time went on and now we both be wanting more”

Sit back relax listen to the beautiful tones or our sister and friend Karen Stally (ZUWA) 

~ Marina


APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 19 – Freaky Friday 2

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Welcome to Day 19 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins Freaky Friday#2


Our Guest Host for today is : Slaine Montgomery AKA SistaMama

Welcome one and all! Sis Slaine+Slaine Montgomery= SisStarMama is continuing her mission to heal self and others by planting and weeding her thoughts about being a Women Goddess Mother Friend Grandmother Aunty and Mentor and now parent governor. Her black is golden and making radio programmes is her ting, Black to business people. She has lived many lives and reincarnations and is a mother of five and grandmother. Working in all areas of supported housing management for over 15 years and link-working with the community voluntary sector has enabled her to have full over standing on a grass root level of what’s really going on. ‘Some of our community is in pain right now.’


“We can create a ring of love around the world By our thoughts & deeds. LOVE, can heal our self and others. LOVING one-self is the 1st step. LOVE the skin you are in. LOVING thoughts and deeds, will lead us all to a loving place. A willing cause and then The effect will be the natural out come. This Friday I intend to write or perform a new share. So, watch out will not post until the weekend. so get stuck in and get your sexy on just for yourself lol. ” ~ Slaine

Use these images below to inspire your Freaky Friday write for today.




Have fun now!



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Welcome to Day 16 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Guest Host: Zita Holbourne  

Zita is a poet & spoken word artist, a visual artist, a community, trade union and human rights activist and a mother. Zita is an award winning poet and artist and has directed poetry performance for theatre, performed on radio and tv and facilitated poetry writing and performance workshops.


Zita is elected to the National Executive Committee of the Public and Commercial Services Union, the Trades Union Congress Race Relations Committee and the National Executive Council of Action for Southern Africa (successor organisation to the Anti Apartheid Movement). She is the co-founder and national co-chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) uk, a campaign group set up to respond to the disproportionate impact of cuts on black workers, service users and communities and deprived communities.

Zita is a writer and guest contributor to a number of publications and regularly contributes as a writer to the Voice Newspaper, a national newspaper for the black community in the UK. In 2012 Zita beat thousands to win the Positive Role Model for Race Award at the National Diversity Awards.

Zita works for equality, freedom, justice and democracy through her work as a poet, artist, writer and activist.

The theme for today is ‘Whilst the rich grow richer, the poor die’

Zita wrote this poem and made the video to support the campaign for justice by South African gold miners who are seeking compensation for silicosis, a lung disease caused by working in the mines. When they are too ill too work their entire families suffer. She was struck by the increasing number of pawn shops and cash for gold initiatives growing in the UK – gold so sought after by many, rich and poor is now being exchanged for cash by the poorest in the UK who are being driven into deeper poverty every day through the Con-Dem coalition’s austerity measures whilst the country is run by a government Cabinet of millionaires. Whilst companies profit from melting down the gold through the misfortune and poverty suffered in the West no thought is spared for the miners and their families dying of poverty to mine the gold.

Please click on the link or the image below to watch and listen to the video entitled

‘Blood Stained Gold’

You are free to interpret the theme any way you want to – it doesn’t have to be on the topic of South African miners or on deepening poverty in the UK but you may wish to explore the theme of rich and poor divide and the effects of poverty. ~ Marina



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Welcome to Day 13 of the 2013 April Write – a new era begins

Today’s Challenge is a bit different from the others. It may take us more than the day to complete and we will all have to wait for our turn.
Which means that some of us will have time to catch up on reading and exploring our own pen depth.

The guidelines for today prompt are simple:
1. Pick a turn in the queue
2. When your turn is up, you will continue the tale in whatever style of writing you choose
3. Leave the ending open, so the next person can start from where you left off

Today’s host is a ‘young man’ who I consider to be my Son, my Brother and Friend so it’s makes me very happy to both introduce him and share his words with you. ~ Marina

Our Guest for day 13 is : Stefan Jeffrey and this is what he has to say about himself;Father/writer/basketball coach & player – health enthusiast.I’ve been writing since secondary school where it all started, then hit a hiatus when I discovered girls. Feeling satisfied that I’d done enough in-depth research on the opposite sex, I picked up my pen in my mid/late 20’s and began writing blogs and short stories. I’m a bit of a ‘writing chameleon’ in that I can be inspired by anything and write in a range of genres. My favourite type of writing is fiction, often science fiction and erotica.I’m still adding work to my website: feel free to have a poke around over a warm cuppa…


One Day It’ll Come Knocking… (inspired by the movie: The Silver Linings Playbook)

I saw something beautiful tonight, I saw two people fall in love and maybe they didn’t know it completely themselves but; the way Angie and Sam danced at the salsa class, the way he seemed to be almost protecting her whilst simultaneously allowing her to be free was exactly the right ingredients for something special.

They’d only been coming a few months and were rarely partnered up due to both them being quick learners and the teacher wanting each of them to dance more with the less skilled participants to help them along. I guess it was a long time coming and seeing it made me realise that love is often waiting literally around the corner, the timing and setting for when it pounces on you are unpredictable but one thing is for sure; we all deserve it.

Mr Ramirez, our fiery and energetic instructor made them go through some steps he’d been getting the rest of class to do and ushered Angie to the middle of the floor, calling for Sam with feigned reluctantly as though he hadn’t been wanting to get someone else to demo in his place. I can only assume that I was one of a few people that saw it happen as soon as the music started, but the couple appeared to forget about all of us.

They danced into another place totally removed from the meagre surroundings of Hartwell Street Community Centre, and I think for them, in those three minutes and forty five seconds that ticked away, they were synced. The ground could have begun shaking, a storm could have ripped off the roof or a small aircraft could have crashed in the street outside – it looked from where I was observing that all of that wouldn’t have broken the slice of tranquillity that they’d cut for themselves. I had no doubts they’d figure out they have chemistry and let nature take its course – if only it were that easy for me.

I stepped out into an uncharacteristic arctic April breeze that made me want to run back inside, but I had to get home to finish studying. I think life is often about choices and if I’d have decided to head back inside I wouldn’t have walked into opportunity causing it to fall over and say:


Instinctively and more because I was feeling both embarrassed and guilty, I put out a hand to help…


Click on the image above to see what happened next…



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Welcome to Day 4 of the 2013 April Write – a new era begins

Today you will experience the first one of our visual prompts
so with little more to say as the selection of images you are about to see speak loudly for themselves.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to our Guest Host for Day 4 – Zita Holbourne.

Sit back, relax and be inspired.





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Welcome to Day 3
6th Annual April Write 2013

I am known as Lana Joseph,
aka “LJ”
Lana is a character…
A name that I created for my short stories
She is Me
She’s born to create a variety of Art.
My real name is Queen A. Smith

I am a Woman, a Wife, a Mother, a Retired Classroom Teacher, a Theatre Director, a Playwright, a Short Story Writer, a Poetess, a Freelance Editor and a bit more.

I have been writing Poetry for approximately 6 years (publicly). Writing is a gift from God, and my passion. I am always grateful when someone is able to connect with my work; it is truly a humbling experience for me. Although my focus in writing is free verse poetry, short stories and play-writing, I am always challenging myself to write in many different formats. I am currently working on two books, which I hope to have published by the end of Winter 2013.

Additionally, I am Directing a new play that I’ve adapted for the stage. It is called “The Bonds That Binds.” This play have touched me deeply, due to the fact that it’s about a family that was separated for many years; and they are finally reunited by the end of the production. It touched me so, because personally, I have connected with newly found family members. I believe that it is very important to know my roots. I have a much better understanding now of where I come from.

My Topic for today is “Bonds That Bind.” Please feel free to explore this topic in any way that is suitable for you.

I will post my scribe based on this theme and posting it a little later today. I’m looking forward to reading and absorbing all of your offerings. Much Respect, Love & Peace To You All. ♥ LJ

Lana Josephguest



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Welcome to Day 2
6th Annual April Write 2013

And greetings from the antipodes!

For those of you who do not know me, I am Adam and I have been involved with The April Write for a number of years now. I am pleased to virtually meet you all. I live in Australia’s national capital, Canberra.

The theme for day two of The April Write 2013 is: “Ungulates”.

That oft scoffed repository of human information, Wikipedia, introduces us to ungulates as being:
‘a diverse group of large mammals, most of which use the tips of their toes, usually hoofed, to sustain their whole body weight while moving. The term means, roughly, “being hoofed” or “hoofed animal”.’

Animals most often associated as being ungulates include horses, rhinoceroses, camels, hippopotamuses and deer. However, you may be surprised to learn, as I was, that ungulates are widely accepted to include such animals as sperm whales, narwhals and porpoises. I implore you to explore for further information:

You are free to explore this theme in any way you wish. For example, the following questions may release the tap on some creative juices:
– If a camel is really a horse created by a committee, then what is a narwhal?
– Why does a tapir look so funny?
– Why is an elephant’s skin so thick – is it because of a need to repel heinous insults?
– When asked to think of an ungulate, how come most people would only think of examples such as deer, elephants etc and would rarely, if ever, include dolphins, porpoises etc in their response?
– And given this preceding question, to what extent does popular convention dictate reality? For example, when is an ungulate not an ungulate?

You may wish to explore a light-hearted version of this theme, or ponder it as more of an existential quandary.

I will be writing a piece based on this theme and posting it a little later today.

I look forward to reading your pieces.

Adam Rowland


Adam Rowlandguest



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