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Welcome to Day 10 of the April Write 2013; a new era begins

I sit here this morning deciding which prompt to post for today.  Which will stop you for that one brief second and make you stop and think, feel, and stimulate your mind.  None of the ones that I have jumped out of me from the pages or files.  So I have sat here for the last 20 minutes and asked myself what makes me stop and think, what forces the word to run around and play in my head.

Then I remembered what I do each morning on the journey into work, just as the boredom of sitting still on the bus sets in, or whilst at a conference my mind drifts away. I people watch and create lives for the faces in the crowd I see.

As I think this, my mind begins to wander to the old man I saw on the bus yesterday with the 2 big bags, the young boy who looked like he was crying and the pregnant women whose bump didn’t look real.  I recall their stories of their lives of which roam around in my head.  So I have based the topic of the day on this simple idea.  I hope you take pleasure in it too.

 The Topic for Day 10: Faces In The Crowd   

~ Marina 


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