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Welcome to Day 23 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Today’s challenge is a bit different as we are blessed with the voice and words of our Guest Host:  Karen Stally AKA ZUWA


Zuwa, meaning ‘Sunshine’, is here to shed some light and warmth, with her musical style and unique blend of lyrical content. ZUWA has a passionate conviction that words are the seeds of life, and this is reflected in her lyrical content and expressions. She communicates through songs and poems, to inspire and challenge, provoke thought, stimulate, heal and edify. Although her artistic experience is vast, her development as a singer-songwriter has been a very personal process, making her songs intriguing and rich. 

“The first song I ever wrote and completed is called ‘Nothing to Lose’. It was recorded in 2006 and weirdly began as a rap, but the lyrics were quite different..It’s a love song, yes. One that laments love broken, love lost… And then decides there is nothing left to lose in admitting the love is missed. It’s a liberating feeling when you reach that point where you take the fear away and allow the love to just be what it is. “

The topic for today is: ‘Nothing to Lose’ 

“Have you ever felt that way, about anything? Where you realise you have nothing to lose.. Maybe because you’ve already lost something so important.. Or because you realise that the only thing stopping you is fear.. And a life lived under fear is no life at all.. Hope you find some inspiration in my ramblings… & here’s some of the rap version.. Just for fun:”

“Stress free zone was the place that I rested

My breast on your chest we caressed manifested

Could it be love it was pure

From the start and for sure

Time went on and now we both be wanting more”

Sit back relax listen to the beautiful tones or our sister and friend Karen Stally (ZUWA) 

~ Marina




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Welcome to Day 22 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

In different traditions the act of lighting a candle has symbolised a number of different things thought time: gratefulness, thanks, energy, hope and remembrances, to name a few. I have chosen this topic for today or a number of reasons: firstly, in remembrance of the 2 Butterflies whom I have lost, who inspired and encouraged me to ‘just do me’ as I was enough. Secondly, because of a message of thanks sent to me simply because I posted a thought for the day upon a page. Finally, because of a close friend who has just lost the physical presence of her father and at the time I had no words. Lighting a candle is for me one of those simple but powerful and sacred acts.

The style of poem I am asking you to do today reflects my first formal introduction to poetry in primary school; an acrostic poem is where the first letter of each line going down spells a word. 

So, your challenge for today is an acrostic poem and the phase for the poem is:

Light a Candle

~ Marina





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Welcome to Day 10 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.  

Today, I would like to introduce your Guest Host, for Day 10, Kamran Assadi, Freelance Writer, Performance Poet and Poetry Editor amongst many other things.

Your topic and title for Day 10 as chosen by Kamran, is ‘Loss’

 Please watch the video to read his poem which is called…

 ‘You Lost One, A Loved One’

Some of you may find this a difficult, quite personal subject to write on, so I understand if you chose not to share/post your write for today.




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