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APRIL WRITE 2013 – Day 25 – WISDOM

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Welcome to Day 25 of the April Write 2013: a new era begins

Our Guest Host is the Author, Poet, Teacher and Mentor: Vernon J. Davis Jr.


Vernon J. Davis Jr. has been writing poetry since the early seventies. He was first inspired by Langston Hughes’s poem “Impasse”, which started his journey and adventure into the world of poetry and the spoken word. He is inspired by and in awe of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. His Idols.

Vernon’s very first published poem, “Beautiful Black Woman” (the basis for his poetry book), came out in 1978 in a magazine called Black Forum. His creative collection of Love poems, “Love,is, the Beautiful Black Woman” is his 1st book. Vernon’s 2nd book of poetry – “The Emosewa Woman” – was released 14th February 2010. He is currently working on his 3rd Book of Poetry, tentatively titled, “Her, She, Woman” (Her, She – Hershey(Chocolate) Woman).


The Topic for today is: Who Or What is Wisdom to You?



“WHERE IS WISDOM” by Vernon J Davis Jr

He looks for Her…Everywhere
He does not see Her…Anywhere
He steps down from the Sky
This Giant
This King
His Footprints all over His World
Impressions left of His search for Her
He asks…Has anyone seen Her
Has anyone found Her
Kept her safe…For Him
His Voice bellows Her Name
Carried by the wind spiralling deep within our minds
Of Her Relationship with Him
Without Her…Who of us is saved,
But He
She was with Him…Always
But not Always with us

Where is Wisdom…Have You found Her?



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