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April Write 2011

‘I am filled with deep gratitude for having found the AWC when I just discovered poetry… it has given me the support, love and friendship from poets all over the world! Angela has now become my Mentor and wonderful Friend. I would like to thank her personally for all the love, energy and hard work that she is putting in this amazing April time and this without any expectation from anyone, except participant’s development and confidence in their writing!!! I am truly honoured and grateful.’ Guest Host – Rachelle Moulai

‘Angela Edgar has created an open forum with the April Write which is unsurpassed on the internet. By providing a loosely knit framework, enough prodding is available for the budding writer to get started as well as for the seasoned writer to not feel overly constrained. Fueled by an obvious passion for poetry and a dedication to encourage the sharing of the profane art, Angela shares her own verse with the participants as a colleague more than a moderator. This coupled with an air of acceptance, free of judgement and petty associations make The April Write my favorite place on-line to share and discover other writers. Three Cheers for Angela, so say us all…’
Mark Paleologo

‘It was something that I have never taken part in before but was open to the event, which open my eyes the posting touched and inspired me, would I take part again? Hell yeah.’  Marina Bayley

‘My gosh it was so full of emotions. Many times while perusing a poem my eyes would well up, or my throat would feel as though choked from the sheer angst, love, lust, anger, or fascination that the writers adeptly exhibit. People certainly grab your attention and can hold it captive. So many emotions felt, explained, or meted out. I love the ‘APRIL WRITE’! No matter where you are in the world, there is another out there who feels as you do, and can put it to words. Merci Earth Angel, Angela Edgar, for waking up literary skills in all of us. We all have something to say….YOU have allowed us a ways and means to say it. ♥’ CChocc Savoire

‘Everyone was enlightened and well expressed, I never thought I could flow the way I did during the event and I must say, it inspired a part of me that I never for once realized lives in me!! All thanks goes to you Angela Edgar, you’re one true and blessed leader supported by Almighty God! And yes I’ll do it again and again and sure it’ll be more fun on the next to come!’  Bolaji Ade

‘The April Write has allowed me to expand as an artist and see another side of myself that I had yet to discover. It’s therapy for the soul and that reflects on all my endeavors. The self I found in the April Write has played a part in me putting my heart into hip hop and my line of Good Hair products.’ Rockie White

‘It is very educative and entertaining.’ Guest Host – Charity Katotobwe

‘AWC is such a positive experience, where you can express your words and learn from others. I can’t wait till next year!’  Guest Host – Holly Bussell

‘AWC is the place to be! Just click “Like” and join the rest of us that Love to Read & Write. You will thoroughly Enjoy, the Challenges we are given, while simultaneously meeting new fellow Artists, Writers & Poetic Friends. <<>> ♥ LJ♥’ Lana Joseph

‘Magical.’ Slaine Montmont

‘AWC not only stands for the April Write Challenge but the Acquiring Writing Crafts needed to release one’s self lyrically. Writers, non writers, readers and the like will definitely love the arrangement of topics, and the views of their readers… Amazing environment…’ Jordan JahRize Vital

‘As a host you might want to give your insight into your own work as a point of view that is edged in stone, but you have to let go and find the other voices of those that view my work give it life also….at that point I learn something about myself.’ Guest Host – Gordon Alexander

‘In the month of April I had many words to share each day. Exploring myself in the topics I found there, I was blessed to read the scripts of so many others as I wrote of passion, pain, sun and rain, stains of life and lovers. I encountered topics I myself would not have found like the waters that run still and that silence has a sound. Thankful to be a part of a challenge that stood so grand and to forever be remembered as the Thoughts of a Single Man.’ Guest Host – Justice Clark

‘Not knowing what to expect, I looked forward to reading each piece daily. I was always pleasantly surprised, whether it was about life, love or humor. The April Write 2011 was a Mental Massage – Simply Brilliant! Best Wishes Angela.’ Natalie Silvera 

‘It’s such a tense excitement just before the APRIL WRITE begins! The first day brings writers from out of the woodwork and every corner of the world. Each brandishing their own flavor of thoughts collected and recalled. So compelling. The APRIL WRITE is truly eye candy!’ Briasa Savoire

‘It’s always amazing to cross paths with fellow lyricists. That’s what a poet is to me. Someone who creates or composes these wonderful symphonies of lines to help the reader grasp the realities of life. Granted, everyone has their own interpretations of your works, but that’s the beauty of poetry. It’s a variation of topics through a universal language. Thanks so much for including me and I look forward to contributing majorly in next year’s write!!!’ 🙂 Chelle Lee

‘With the April Write, Angela Edgar provides an international forum for free independent thought. Through thought provoking and unconventional daily writing topics, poets are challenged to grasp for the breath of God spontaneously, which prevents rehearsed and stale ideas to this fresh event. Never before has an online entity provided such a unique collage of thoughts that spans so many borders but yet embraces all who encountered its presence. Angela has really gifted the universe of poets with a genius outlet to express powerful and inspiring words.’ Guest Host – Halim Flowers

‘I discovered The April Write via a Facebook posting. The idea of writing something new each day for a month on a different topic was novel to me; and scary. It had been many, many years since I had penned anything new, let alone had my work read by people I did not know. I approached The April Write with equal measures of anticipation and trepidation. endeavouring to set aside my anxiety of returning to prose, plus the prospect of publicly posting my work, I dived straight in and wrote on the first day’s topic. I posted it. I read everyone else’s piece’s for the day. All aspects of the process were thoroughly engaging. I didn’t post each day, but read others’ work on most. Come the end of the month, I had written and posted eleven new pieces that I would not have otherwise written. And read hundreds of others’ pieces, of varying styles, that I would not otherwise have read. I was surprised at the strong sense of community I felt with others participating in The April Write, the vast majority of whom I had never met, and who were half a world away. Participating was a very rewarding experience. One I would certainly do again.’ Adam Rowland

‘MY THOUGHTS ON THE APRIL WRITE: Having the opportunity to be a part of the April Write 2011, focused my mind around my potential to write, the hub of creativity and lyrical eloquence spurred my determination to put fingers to keyboard. The April Write is a fantastic font into which one is encouraged and inspired to plunge the reflection of their spirit in their own words. Thank you Angee for the masterful way in which you drive and manage the April Write. Kisses :o)’  Lady Paulette


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