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Welcome to Day 4 of the 2013 April Write – a new era begins

Today you will experience the first one of our visual prompts
so with little more to say as the selection of images you are about to see speak loudly for themselves.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to our Guest Host for Day 4 – Zita Holbourne.

Sit back, relax and be inspired.





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  1. Donna Parkinson Day 4… © April 2013

    kinship, unity, friendship, strength…..

    I fantasize in insignias so bright. So bold,
    Immersed in the sheer warmth of their gold,
    Oh the treasures these splendours hold,
    Each representation a narrative screaming to be told,

    Tales of kinship, friendship, strength and unity,
    Imageries of hope, courage and opportunity,
    The intimacy and togetherness of community,
    Captured perfectly within the canvas of immunity,

    Visions of loveliness, peace and emblematic power,
    Revelations that transcend us into our finest hour,
    A rainbow that colours the abstract ‘ivory tower’
    We hide within rather than nurturing our inner flower,

    Our Past present and future decorated in vibrant hues,
    A fertile river flowing through the heart of rich chartreuse,
    Reaching out; stirring, rousing and provoking my muse,
    Every single depiction therein igniting my poetic fuse,

  2. Zita Holbourne © April 2013

    As these are my paintings instead of a poem inspired by the paintings my poem is more a series of mini poems / verses / lines which are reflections on each of the paintings linking to the themes. April write day 4
    A picture tells a thousand words

    A picture tells a thousand words
    A tale that can be seen not heard
    Every picture tells a different story
    Every teller sees a different artistry

    Kinship is my son, my heart
    Portrayed in my art
    On mother’s day
    With the beautiful array
    Of flowers he gave me
    A day spent blissfully

    Kinship is acknowledging the great sheroes and heroes
    Of my past and roots, Ancient Egypt’s pharaohs
    Kinship is the regal women of a great civilisation
    Nubian queens, grace and beauty giving me inspiration

    Kinship is a whole village working together
    Fetching and carrying water
    To create a meal fit for a family
    Living as one in unity

    Young warriors learn the art of unity
    By growing up in a community
    A mother embraces her kin
    Whilst patiently waiting

    Sisters dance and pose not in competition
    But in unity, never vying for position

    Vuvuzelas sound loud the cry of pride
    Bursting out in unison it cannot hide

    With friends we celebrate who we are
    Standing side by side we’ll go far

    The friendships we make in childhood
    May not stay with us for good
    But the memories should

    As friends we give each other love and support
    Provide shelter and shade so we’re not caught
    By the scorch of midday sun beams
    Relaxed we share our day dreams

    Regal sisters of African pride
    We stand side by side
    Different tribe, religion, country
    But bonded by friendship in unity

    It’s said that some friends are joined at the hip
    But shoulder to shoulder creates a firmer grip

    Hand in hand they won’t fall in the long grass
    Stronger together yet still oozing class

    A circle cannot be broken
    If the secret to it remains unspoken

    Not all strength comes from routine structure
    Abstract colour and design can bring us together

    No strength can match that of a mother’s love unconditional
    Nurturing, caring, guiding, inspirational

    Loving each child equally ensures they grow up strong
    Essential to guide them, teach them right from wrong

    Strength comes when we stand together
    No means no, now and forever
    Women’s vigil protesting peacefully
    For these crimes against humanity

    A picture tells a thousand words
    A tale that can be seen not heard
    Every picture tells a different story
    Every teller sees a different artistry

    Zita Holbourne Poet~Artist~Activist – April Write 2013 Day 4

  3. Marina Bayley © April 2013

    Kinship, Unity, Friendship, Strength
    These are things that never should be spent
    Lana Joseph took time to reminds us
    These are the bond which should bind us
    Adam said in his short pose
    It does matter about the number of your toes
    We started with a question who are we
    For me it is plain to see
    We are the essence of a forgotten community
    When a hood was just to cover your head
    Not something which is supposed to feel you with dread?
    When what you wore, thought or said
    Centre on the ‘We’ not just ‘I’ and ‘Me’
    When Aunty, Uncle, was a sign of respect
    Or better yet
    Children were Children
    Deemed to carry few woes
    Not caring about the cut of their ‘playing out’ clothes
    I am reminded of all this and more
    Each image denote a score
    Each linked to the other
    Each calling the next his sister or brother
    Though the brightness or colour, texture and light
    We see our nearly forgotten community
    Built on Love Equality and Unity

  4. Debbie Golt © April 2013

    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength
    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength
    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength

    Say it loud, say it proud, a mantra for all time
    Say it loud, say it proud a mantra for all time

    Positive affirmation, confirmation, declaration of what
    It means to be human, what
    It means to be honest and how we are all linked

    The words stand strong weathering like everlasting soapstone
    The Length
    Of time

    How much more potently beautiful and encouraging to see
    Such brilliant vibrant joyous pictures showing
    Africa glowing
    Women glowing
    Love glowing

    Who better to share these thoughts
    Transform these possibilities into tangible images
    Leap the pictures off the pages
    Into action

    Zita keeps all these things to the fore
    Keeps all these things as priorities and still does more
    Mother, hearth warmer, activist, poet, artist

    All of us juggle our identities and lest I single out
    One more than another, have no doubt
    You too are recognised
    We too are wonderful

    And what better way to express
    What an opportunity to bless

    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength
    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength
    Kinship Unity Friendship Strength

    Say it loud, say it proud, a mantra for all time
    Say it loud, say it proud a mantra for all time

  5. Neapolean Smith © April 2013

    The world doesn’t see me
    I’m fighting an endless battle every moment I breathe
    I’m just trying to hold on to what I have
    Before it’s my time to leave
    And no one can see my struggle
    Its like I’m trap inside
    Living in a huge bubble
    No one else can see through
    That’s why I was surprised
    To be seen by you…

  6. Alicia Patterson © April 2013

    Blood Lines

    My people we must come
    and keep our lines crossed
    than parallel
    because you can never tell
    when time will reveal
    that no one can nurture your soul
    like your family will

    We must keep them tightly woven
    for they were chosen

    By the Divine
    To cross your line

    To test your will
    To move when you are still

    To read when you write
    To dim you
    when you’re a little too bright

    These lines were given to you
    To help find your truth

    So keep them crossed and tightly woven
    Allow them to be everything You would have chosen:)


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