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Welcome to Day 19 of the 2012 April Write – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

We all have things that irritate or annoy us. What foibles annoy you either personally, emotionally, physically or professionally?  

Let it all out on our 2nd VENT DAY of the 5th Annual April Write.

Your topic and title for Day 19 is: “Irritation”

Watch the video to hear my poem, ‘Can I touch your hair?’






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  1. Mark Paleologo1:50am Apr 19
    pondering so
    first person rapture
    the stone to pluck
    the offending eye
    the nagging pain
    the chronic itch
    of one day wasted
    a generation
    seeking wonders
    and signs
    failing to embrace
    the miraculous
    our distance from the sun
    all the proportions
    the oxygen
    the water
    the salt
    my thumb
    my daughters
    the thought
    that i would fail
    to see the beauty
    the splendor
    my heart
    (C)April 2012 Mark Paleologo

  2. Bayley Marina

    Fuck, Fucking, fuck, fuck
    Fucking fuck, fuck fuck
    Fucking fuck
    What is it you wanted me to do?
    Simple start anew
    No it won’t take me long
    I understand you change your plan
    If only we knew, that’s true
    Fucking fuck fuck
    Three months in the bin
    Where do I begin?
    Fucking fuck
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  3. Sherryl Blu My Irritation: Your decaying breath!

    It narks me and it pains me
    That you cannot seem to see
    The devastation of your breath
    And what it’s doing to me

    I cringe whenever you’re around
    I want to run away
    I want to steer well clear from you
    I want to hear nothing you have to say

    I find your breath offensive
    The stench…it just kicks ass
    I’m baffled how you manage it
    Why does this odour last?

    Why does it continue to linger
    Several minutes after you have gone
    It impacts on me greatly
    The smell…well it’s full on!

    It reminds of a garbage bin
    Or perhaps a food waste, land-fill
    It’s got undertones and sub odours
    Reminiscent of dated pig swill!

    It reminds me of a carcass
    That’s been left in the sun for months
    Its rancid, gross, disgusting
    Heck! It really packs a punch!

    I cannot for the life of me
    Work out, or even want to know
    Why your mouth is like this
    In your stomach do ugly things grow?

    Is there a brand new life form
    That’s spawned directly from the pong
    Ones that don’t have noses
    So they just mosey on along

    Not knowing how or whence they came
    The hows, the whys, the whats
    Just existing, living in the reek
    Smelling worse than a million sweaty socks

    Are you even aware of this…
    Punishment we have to endure?
    Are you oblivious to what you omit
    Or do you really know the score?

    Are you cackling inside
    Knowing how much you offend?
    But continuing on anyway
    To not know, you pretend

    My stomach churns just thinking on it
    I seriously want to vom
    Just knowing you’ve even a wife at home
    And to her you are the one!

    Stinking breath in all its glory
    How often does she get a gob full?
    I deeply sympathise with her
    Being subjected to a rotten mouth full

    Putrid, rank malodorous
    All words I would use to show
    Just how decomposed you actually smell
    Then again you probably already know

    You mouth it irritates me
    You’re bad, you’re mouldy, you’re off
    And until you learn how to wash your mouth
    You need to go get lost!!!

    Written by Sherryl Shairi©
    Thursday 19th April 2012

  4. Lana Joseph The Uninvited____.
    “By LJ”

    No invitation…
    causes irritation…
    everytime she shows her face
    the noise level turns into a discrace

    Why would a person continue to darken your door?
    Why would they come to haunt your space…
    when you’ve clearly said before
    I will call you?

    Please don’t come to our home anymore.

    When she show’s no respect
    what does she expect?

    It’s difficult to be nice…
    when you’ve asked more than thrice.

    We are so tired of this irritation!
    Yet… I’ve found jubilation…
    because I refused to stoop to a lower level
    of aggravation…

    We’ve found a solution to this negative problem
    by simlpy ignoring the lady at the door;
    since she choooses to dishonor our requests
    we don’t not answer the door
    We are happier even more…

    by simply refusing…
    the uninvited____.

    Copyright © 2012 LJ

  5. Halim A Flowers

    I hate you so much right now!!!!!!
    But i’m going to love you later
    Do we break up
    Make fuss
    Just to make make-up love????

    I can’t stand you
    Get the hell away from me!!!!!!
    But don’t go too far
    For too long
    Because I’ll miss you like crazy
    I’ll text
    I’ll leave you a million messages
    Because even though you get on my nerves
    The most
    I love you
    The most……..
    (c)April 2012 Halim A Flowers

  6. Zita Holbourne


    Stinking arm pits on packed tube trains
    Just had your hair done and it rains
    Racists, fascists, spreading their hatred
    Insincere greetings that come belated


    Bad breath right up in your face
    People continually on your case
    Crusty feet in open toed shoes
    Moonies on the bus after too much booze


    Insincere people who always act fake
    Noisy neighbours who keep you awake
    Rudeness and arrogance
    Hiding behind ignorance

    Nose pickers
    Crotch scratchers
    Purse snatchers
    Phone hackers


    Jumpers of queues
    Rotten flus
    Cheaters and thieves
    Those who deceive


    Tory leaders
    Greedy bankers
    Fakers and liars
    Punctured tyres


    (c)April 2012 Zita Holbourne

  7. Justice Chikandamina

    Felt like punching the sky

    I did feel like
    punching the sky
    with my middle finger
    when i heard
    the priest
    from our church
    had abused children
    it did disturb
    under my skin
    irritated was i
    with the same
    middle finger
    i forced myself
    to puke
    i felt better
    when i threw up
    the sacrament and
    the alter wine…
    (c)April 2012 Justice Chikandamina

  8. Marina Bayley

    Going to work in the rain, it makes me want to weep
    Turn the covers over my head, and put the clock to sleep
    People who sit on my leg, when they can take another sit
    Meetings at 9:00 when 10:00 would have worked just as well
    Then chair that don’t chair
    Meetings with no actions
    Sitting there listening to the different fraction
    With no actions in place, we have to book another date
    Passive aggressive, who tried to manipulate you in to submission,
    Having to keep up the niceties
    When the person has just stabbed you for all to see
    Fake people, plastic people and oh yes the missionary
    All wrapped up in falseness that most people fail to see
    Arrogance not ignorance as the two are not the same
    People who play silly mind games
    Managers, who don’t manage, just cover their own backs
    Clichés and clicks
    People who have power and don’t know what to do
    People who don’t ask questions before they make a grand move
    People who backtrack, and denial their original plan
    People who ride your back, sucking from you like a Leech on your main blood track
    Going to work in the rain, it makes me want to weep
    Turn the covers over my head, and put the clock to sleep
    Drivers who see the puddle and can’t resists
    driving though, not giving a F@#K who the water hit
    Bottom of trousers getting wet
    Smoking in the rain
    No sugar for my coffee, milks gone off and all the cups are dirty
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  9. Katie Rendon – Ain’t no good

    Have n’ you here don’t do me a bit of good
    You ain’t doing any of the things you should
    Ain’t love n’ me the way you said you would
    I have a feeling that you just ain’t no good
    (C)April 2012 Katie Rendon


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