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Welcome to Day 6 of the April Write 2012 – the Poets Jubilee Olympiad.

Today, I’m most honoured to introduce Guest Host, Zita Holbourne, with her visual and audio inspiration.

Zita’s topic and your title for Day 6 of the 5th Annual April Write is “Injustice and Racism”


Please WATCH the video (link below), to hear Zita recite her poem and see her painting, which I hope will inspire your creativity today.

For the start of our new 5 day Olympic week, we move into WATER events and our first  Vent Friday.

Vent Friday’s are where you can write on what you are most passionate or angry about, to swim and dive into your deepest emotional depths.

As it’s a Vent Friday, please share your personal experiences or your thoughts and opinions on the subject of “Injustice and Racism”.





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  1. Angela Edgar (AWC Host & Creator)


    It’s the things they say
    When they don’t want you to know…


    The feebly weak excuses
    They think you’ll lap up
    Like a cat drinks milk
    Like a dog gulps water
    The why behind
    Not getting that job
    Not getting that promotion
    Not given that chance to shine

    Because you see it in their eyes
    When they lie
    This is a kind of truth

    A truth
    They can never physically hide.

    “You can’t handle the crazy folk we got.”

    “I don’t want to put you in a situation
    You’re not equipped to handle –
    It just wouldn’t be fair.”

    “You’re just not assertive enough for our needs.”

    “Oh really… Thanks for being so honest.
    (long pause)
    But, I’m sorry
    There’s no point in giving you the job now
    When you’re waiting for a date to have an operation
    That might never even happen.”

    But what they really mean is:

    We don’t think you’re smart enough
    We don’t believe you have a brain
    For you to just start and be on sick leave so soon
    It’s not fair to give your co-workers that strain
    Your face doesn’t fit
    Nor does the colour of your skin
    We don’t like your clothes
    We don’t care what’s beneath or within

    But we all know the truth
    Of this hidden racist and prejudice agenda
    The usual Corporate BS spewed from lips
    Of a political wannabee who wants their own referenda.
    (c)6th April 2012 Angela Edgar

  2. Halim A.Flowers (incarcerated)

    HURT people hurt people
    People hate because of something within they hate
    What race is there but human race
    Is it the hue that makes people
    Who made us a judge to prejudge
    Prejudice is just separation
    Ego blinded by the log in the eye pointing out specks in others
    HURT people hurt people
    And misery finds company because its a hurt unexpressed
    A rage burning riotously inside of chests
    And when the trees are burned down
    The pain is still left
    To project
    So we become creative in finding ways to protect
    The hurt that never lets us rest
    Anger unexplained
    From a legacy of hurt handed down through institutions
    Of bigotry
    So bitterly
    We see the world through the lenses of hate
    And complaints and critique
    Critically defaming when there should just be peace
    Secured within
    Hurt people hurt people
    But I don’t hate you
    Nor judge or prejudge or blame you
    I don’t even acknowledge you
    Because I know that its not you
    Not really you
    Nor hue
    That makes you man
    Loving people love people
    I love YOU
    The YOU that you never knew………

    (Inspired by the George Zimmermans and black men that have killed black men!)
    (c)6th April 2012 Halim A. Flowers

  3. Adam Rowland (fb group member)

    Injustice and racism

    She wormed her way in.
    But he ferreted his way in more effectively.
    One of them was the mole.

    He had the hump. It was clear.

    I kicked up a stink because of a perceived lack of stripes,
    Only to find out it was just a horse.

    Not overly joyed.
    I heard his face described as ‘hang dog’.

    An equal measure of bemusement and absinthe.
    Whenever I couple wormwood bitterness with confusion, I find my present state alters.

    Stoic like an ox.
    Bare arsed like a baboon.

    An unnatural red permeates.
    I am sure that it is as clear to you as it is to me.
    (c)6th April 2012 Adam Rowland

  4. Charity Katotobwe (fb group member)

    “Racism & Injustice”
    Thoughts come to mind about racism
    I experience it every day in a spasm
    It’s an uncontrolled force that comes to the fore
    It is well covered up in a grin and a smile
    But inside, the heart it is brewing with spite
    Treated differently because of colour is not right
    To have the right colour is a prequalification in some cases
    It defeats the purpose of equality amongst all races
    But you know what, it doesn’t bother me
    For I know my creator who made me, me
    I have no regrets about my colour
    I walk with my head high
    I move about with a joyful demeanour
    Knowing my God lives and he created me whole!
    © Charity Katotobwe Day 6 AWC, 2012

  5. Lauren E Delp

    Injustice and Racism

    The thought crushes
    crushes my spirit
    the words for it
    are stuck in my throat
    like a wadded up rag
    I try to breathe
    try to speak
    choking and gagging
    on the rage within
    Memory comes of
    the fight I picked
    with two marines
    when they called my friend
    a name so abhorrent
    he tried to pull me away
    my rage grew for that
    (he wasn’t really my friend
    I really didn’t like him
    but injustice is injustice
    you know?)
    raging mother
    oh my children
    how could you
    how can you
    how can I make it
    better so
    you stop hurting your
    brothers and sisters
    and today I saw 2 men
    and thought “they are short”
    and heard the thought
    and then I knew
    why someone says
    they are black
    or brown
    or red
    or white – oh yea
    and knowing
    I walked on in shame
    (C)9th April 2012 Lauren E Delp

  6. Lana Joseph

    Injustice is sin…
    Racism… no after life
    pray for the children____
    Haihu6/30 © 2012 LJ

  7. Katie Rendon

    I will humble myself before anyone
    Who proves themselves worthy of such respect
    But will kneel before no one
    Regardless of status or sect

    No degree earned or title held
    Holds any soul or mind above my own
    No orders made or demands yelled
    That could be more powerful than if equality is shown

    My voice is as powerful as your own
    And only I know the strength of my own heart,
    The vastness of my mind, the strength of my bone
    Just as I can only view others in part

    I will not claim superiority over anyone
    And expect that same respect
    Judge not by word but by action
    Submit not t to that which I did not elect
    (c)April 2012 Katie Rendon

  8. Justice Chikandamina (fb group member)

    Equality can only exist when we are all looking from the same angle, same platform, same of everything, where no one is better than the other in all respects and aspects…equality does demand that the world be perfect, everything evened out… however as human beings all we have to do is to strive towards equality as a goal…knowing that not all goals are achievable but it gives you focus and direction. Out of Equality we can find our path to Justice !
    (C)April 2012 justice Chikandamina

  9. Bayley Marina (fb group member)

    Racism and injustice

    I believe that all the people I see
    Are inherently different from me
    And this thought is not only owned by me
    It belies the truth of this whole multi- cultural society

    And it’s just not the weak and insane that have joined this game
    The teachers, police and the everyday man on the street
    All play their part, to separate anyone who fails to:
    Look like, Act like, Talk like, Dress like, Cook like,
    Walk like, Dance like, see what I see

    A game of mistrust, confusion and illusion
    You may think that this game is unjust,
    But that’s a must
    But the people who lose are not you or me
    Can’t you see it all those that are different from we

    Grounded, founded within a nations insecurity
    If you are looking for someone to blame
    This one has your name
    It is them who have caused your pain
    It is them who have caused you to go insane
    It is them that made you lose your job
    It is them that caused you to be robbed
    It is them that made your partner leave
    And if you please it was them who stole your soul and stopped you from being whole

    Should we accept this social norm?
    Should we not stand up against the raging storm?
    Should we not set all ‘man’ free?
    The HueMan in me says that all ‘men’ are born free
    Free to roam in homes not called their own
    But history has taught us a different reality

    Yet I still believe that all the people I see
    Are inherently different from me
    We were not all meant to be the same you see
    There is only one thing that is true both about you and me
    The hue of our skin, our heavenly glow does not tell me a thing
    About you or what you know.
    (c)April 2012 Marina Bayley

  10. Katie Rendon ‘One Drop’

    My daughter’s skin is the color of cinnamon.
    She’s got Bangkok black hair and a Navajo nose
    That compliments her full African American lips.
    She is the epitome of beauty.

    She is the next generation.
    So instead of one drop of this makes you that,
    She can say “Oh, I got a drop of this and that
    And this and that.

    Go ahead, try to put me into a box, label me if you can.
    Tell me which side of town I should live on
    If my skin isn’t Black or white but tan.
    Tell me again, to go back where I come from.

    I come from a drop of sweat off my great
    Grandfather’s forehead as he picked cotton in Georgia.
    I come from a tear drop my Navajo ancestors shed
    As they walked the trail of tears.

    I come from the drops of blood my Grandmother shed
    After traveling from Bangkok to give birth on American soil.
    I come from the seeds my Great grandfather carried in burlap
    across his shoulder and the Atlantic aboard The Neptune.

    “Please God, let the grass be green and the soil rich.
    Don’t let my family starve to death like back in Ireland.”
    She’ll say, “ I’m a drop of this and a drop of that.
    I’m drops of blood, sweat and tears.
    I’m drops of hope, courage, promises, dreams and despair.

    I am full blooded American. This was Indian land
    Built with slave blood and Europeon dreams.”
    When she looks around her, she’ll see Bangkok black hair
    And Navajo noses, kiss with her full African American lips

    Love with her human heart. She’ll see a drop of herself in him,
    And her, and him. She won’t see people the way her ancestors did.
    She’ll see then as drops of herself. Multiracial goddess with
    Skin the color of cinnamon.
    (c)April 2012 Katie Rendon


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